Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wotta huge laugh! Aborigines to get home visits from nurses

These clowns in the Rudd government are making Aborigine policy with obviously not the slightest knowledge of Aborigines. The lady in my life, Anne, is a nurse who spent years nursing in Aboriginal communities and she will be rolling on the floor laughing when she hears this! What the government clowns obviously don't know is that Aborigines will say anything that they think a white person in a position of authority wants to hear. They will say all the right things to a blow-in nurse and then go on as if the nurse had never been. Even nurses working permanently in Aboriginal communities have to be pretty skilled to overcome that
The Federal Government hopes to provide more support for Indigenous mothers by funding home visits from nurses in Aboriginal communities. The extra nurses will provide women with advice during the early stages of pregnancy and help mothers who are caring for newborn babies. The program will start in two communities in Cairns and Alice Springs and eventually become available at 10 sites around the country.

Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon says it is part of a push to improve the life expectancy of Indigenous children. "It will allow services that have are already being provided to be enhanced," she said. "Particularly new mothers when they are pregnant, rather than waiting late in the pregnancy when maybe some of the health advice like stopping smoking or drinking during the pregnancy might really be too late."

Source. More details of the absurdity here. It's just pissing into the wind.

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Anonymousterry said...

Where is the due consideration for the rest of the Australian community who in some cases are losing their lives to some very shoddy medical cost cutting exercises by various state governments? Terry