Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heaven+Earth on Fire: Warmism fading in the Australian parliament

That's "Heaven+Earth", the new book by Prof. Ian Plimer debunking the Global Warming Scare, now in its 5th printing. Yes, the 5th. Already. It's out-selling the most wildly optimistic estimates.

I went to a book signing at Abbey's in Sydney and had the pleasure of speaking a few words with the great man himself. The dictionary definitions of 'humble' and 'down to earth' could have a photo of this guy in the margin.

He has been meeting with all the major State and Federal politicians in Australia recently - at their invitation. He says there has been a sea-change in attitudes to the Global Warming Scare in the political sphere. As little as a year or two ago he couldn't get an audience with any politician - now they're all calling him. In response to my question as to whether it would be worth sending a copy to Malcolm Turnbull he said he has already spoken extensively with him and has given him a copy of the book. He added, with a bit of a twinkle in the eye, that he has also had long discussions with Peter Costello. The Liberals are 80% on board with us sceptics. The Nationals 100%, as we know. A large number of Labor politicians (basically most except the caucus) are as well. Things are definitely moving in our direction and away from the alarmist's.

The book, which none of the major publishers would touch, is now planned for release in the UK and the USA. (It's being published by a tiny husband and wife publishing firm. Just goes to show how stupidity opens up opportunities). Plimer's son is getting married in Canada soon, and so he will be combining that visit with a US book tour. US readers keep watch!


Skilled migration cut back. Useless parasites welcome

There is a very high rate of welfare dependency among "refugees". None of them are in fact genuine refugees. They could have claimed refuge in any of the several countries they passed through on their way to Australia.

SKILLED migration will be slashed in the next year, but the Government expects the number of migrants to reach record levels in the long term. Net migration could reach up to 230,000 arrivals a year, well above the 180,000 expected in 2009-10.

Expectations of more boat people arriving on Australian shores means greater border protection, fewer skilled immigrants and a revamp of the country's biggest mainland detention centre. While the Rudd Government has tried to play down the recent flurry of people smuggling boats in Australian waters, the Budget highlighted a change in direction.

Border protection measures included $1.3 billion to increase patrols in Australia's northern waters, including another boat. Two more aircraft will boost aerial surveillance, while more than $100 million has been set aside to strengthen relationships with neighbouring countries and improve co-operation on people smuggling laws. Airport security and international counter-terrorism efforts will be increased, with the Australian Federal Police given an enhanced international role. The Defence Department has earmarked $1.5 billion for an extra 700 Navy recruits.

The skilled migrant intake has been slashed to 108,000 from the Government's previously planned cap of 133,500. New skilled migrants will need a better grasp of English and will have to meet skills testing targets. But an extra 1000 people will be welcomed to Australia under the humanitarian program and there will be another 3800 places for families.

Overall migration for 2009-10 will fall just short of 169,000 places -- down 21,600 on the planned level. The Government said it was planning for the long-term migrant intake to range from 150,000 to 230,000 net arrivals a year.

The Immigration Department has also set aside $40 million over the next four years to further combat people smuggling, specifically those coming from or through Indonesia. Some of this money will help the Indonesian Government manage its detention centres to relieve pressure on Australia's border patrols.

An extra $12.6 million has been tagged to help Asia-Pacific countries strengthen anti-terrorist measures.

The Immigration Department predicts it will save about $160 million over the next four years through slashing programs and increasing efficiency.


Greenie opposition to evolution

Reduction of native species by "invasive" species is just evolution speeded up: With the fitter dispacing the less fit. It is a completely natural process that man has simply speeded up

RESIDENTS across NSW may be asked to put traps in their backyards to capture and eradicate pest birds. About 30 councils and 35 community groups will meet to discuss a plan to reduce numbers of Indian myna birds.

The territorial pests drive protected native bird species from nesting hollows, kill chicks and destroy eggs.

Efforts to reduce myna numbers - including one council which spent $5000 and caught two - have failed. The main group to have been successful in slashing numbers, the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc, will tell the conference in Nowra tomorrow how it succeeded.

President Bill Handke said traps in 620 backyards took the birds from third most common to 12th in three years. Residents lured the birds with dog food into a wire trap where pest controllers destroyed them.

University of Western Sydney native and pest animal unit biology lecturer Dr Ricky Spencer, who worked with Blacktown City Council on a $48,000 trial, said councils would need to employ a professional to handle the birds, then humanely destroy them.

Mynas were first known as the "farmers' friend" but soon after their release into NSW in 1862, they became the "cane toad of the sky". Like the ugly amphibians, they were brought in from the subcontinent to eat cane beetles but bred out of control.


Stupid government thinks it can repeal the law of supply and demand

It didn't work in "Prohibition" America of the '20s so why do they think it will work anywhere else? It's not the suppliers who are responsible for the high prices that Aborigines pay for alcohol. It's the government that set up the stupid system in the first place

GROG-runners are preying on Aboriginal communities by charging up to $400 for a bottle of bourbon during bush gatherings such as funerals and ceremonies. The practice is common in remote parts of the Northern Territory, according to Katherine Police Commander Jeanette Kerr who has described the perpetrators as "social parasites''.

Her comments follow the seizure of a large amount of booze ahead a large funeral in the Arnhem Land community of Ramingining. Police were tipped off last week ahead of the gathering about 500km east of Darwin. The information prompted them to mount a major offensive, dubbed Operation Haricot, aiming to disrupt the trafficking of alcohol and illicit drugs into the community.

Cmdr Kerr said five bottles of Jim Beam bourbon were discovered in luggage on the plane that was transporting the deceased back to the community for burial. "Following debriefs with people found in possession of alcohol, it was discovered that third parties were purchasing alcohol, then on-selling to other community members for upwards of $400 per 1.125ml bottle of spirits,'' she said.

"The people who organise the mass purchase and distribution of alcohol and cannabis to take advantage of people coming together for ceremony and to express grief are social parasites. "Even more offensive is the drunken behaviour and violence that results from the trafficking of alcohol, effectively diminishing the significance of funeral ceremonies.''

Police on the fringes of Kakadu National Park searched more than a hundred cars and netted about 84g of cannabis, 40 cans of VB, 50 litres of spirits, 22 litres of port and 20 litres of cask wine. Two vehicles were seized, one drug infringement notice was issued, two arrests were made and 11 summons issued.

"There is often a problem with grog-running into these dry communities, but when we are told that people are paying as much as $400 for a 1.125ml bottle of Jim Beam you can see just how big a problem it is,'' Cmdr Kerr said. "People will try almost anything to bring it in and others will pay almost any price to drink it.''

But, she said, grog running was not just a matter for police. "Community members also need to take some responsibility,'' she said. "It must be obvious to everyone when an increased amount of grog is coming into the communities. "In the case of Ramingining it's clear that everyone knew that large amounts of grog were expected.''


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