Thursday, November 26, 2009


In his latest offering, conservative Australian cartoonist ZEG thinks that conservative leader Malcolm Turnbull is a useless pustule (I paraphrase) -- given Turnbull's determination to support climate change laws.


rloader said...

If Turnbull is replaced it will be his own fault. He has proved to be utterly unable to listen to any of his party and is determined to inflict this monstrous green tax on Australians. It is his way. He is not a people person. It may be the way he was brought up but he does not know how to compromise and should go and join Rudd's Party. If there is no Opposition in Government who is for the people?. Rudd did not get a mandate to use taxpayers money to give Billions of dollars in compensation to industry. The climate change theory has been proved to be tainted by pro change scientists faking the figures and therefore why should Rudd insist on getting such spurious legislation through the Senate in a few days. Malcom may be a clever man but he is not a politician. He does not please anyone except Labor. If he stays after this the Liberals may as well close up shop

Paul said...

Not that you would know about the corruption of the science outside of the Net, because Australian media is studiously ignoring the Climategate emails (as instructed).