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Crooked and totally incompetent Muslim doctor suspended for only 6 months!

How can they be considering unleashing him on the public again? We all know that doctors defend doctors but this is criminal. Is this another example of special privileges for Muslims?

A PERTH doctor has been suspended after a litany of medical errors, including failing to recognise a terminally ill patient needed treatment.

Mohamed El Rakhawy continued to practise in WA for nearly six months after he told the state Medical Board he would stop pending an investigation into his skills. He tried also to register as a doctor in other Australian states without disclosing he was being investigated for incompetence.

The Medical Board of WA told the State Administrative Tribunal that Dr El Rakhawy made a number of errors in early 2007 while working as a GP at a Midland medical centre and a Boddington clinic.

The board said that in March 2007 Dr El Rakhawy sent a male patient home without prescribing any treatment even though the patient had been losing weight for months and had difficulty swallowing. The next day the patient was taken to Royal Perth Hospital's emergency department and admitted. He died in RPH a month later.

The Medical Board said Dr El Rakhawy made several other mistakes about this time.

Among them were:

-Giving penicillin to a patient who specifically told him he was allergic to it.

-Ignoring a lump in a female patient's breast that was possibly cancerous.

-Injecting more than five times the amount of medication into a patient, causing swelling and bleeding.

-Failing to prescribe treatment for a patient suffering temporary blindness, and

-Misdiagnosing a patient who had been in a traffic accident.

In August 2008, two doctors wrote to the WA General Practice Training board claiming that Dr El Rakhawy was "deficient in his practice of medicine".

Dr El Rakhawy undertook a voluntary understanding with the Medical Board of WA that he would stop practising medicine pending an investigation into his skills.

However, from October 2008 to June 2009 he practised in breach of this undertaking.

He also tried in or about August and September 2008 to apply for mutual recognition as a doctor in other Australian states without disclosing his dealings with the Medical Board of WA.

Dr El Rakhawy admitted all the allegations made by the Medical Board of WA to the SAT.

The SAT found that Dr El Rakhawy should be suspended from practising medicine for at least six months.

He was also ordered to complete a number of medical training exams before he is allowed to practise as a doctor again.

Dr El Rakhawy will also have to pay $15,000 in court costs to the Medical Board of WA.


Creationism to be taught in Queensland classrooms

Well, Queensland IS bigger than Texas

CREATIONISM and intelligent design will be taught in Queensland state schools for the first time as part of the new national curriculum.

Creationists dismiss the science of evolution, instead believing that living things are best explained by an intelligent being or God, rather than an undirected process such as natural selection.

The issue of creationism being taught in schools has caused huge controversy in the US, where some fundamentalist religious schools teach it as a science subject instead of Darwin's theory of evolution.

In Queensland schools, creationism will be offered for discussion in the subject of ancient history, under the topic of "controversies".

Teachers are still formulating a response to the draft national curriculum, scheduled to be introduced next year.

Queensland History Teachers' Association head Kay Bishop said the curriculum asked students to develop their historical skills in an "investigation of a controversial issue" such as "human origins (eg, Darwin's theory of evolution and its critics"). "It's opening up opportunities for debate and discussion, not to push a particular view," Ms Bishop said. Classroom debate about issues encouraged critical thinking – an important tool, she said.

Associated Christian Schools executive officer Lynne Doneley welcomed the draft curriculum, saying it cemented the position of a faith-based approach to teaching. "We talk to students from a faith science basis, but we're not biased in the delivery of curriculum," Mrs Doneley said. "We say, 'This is where we're coming from' but allow students to make up their own minds."

But Griffith University humanities lecturer Paul Williams said it was important to be cautious about such content. "It's important that education authorities are vigilant that this is not a blank cheque to push theological barrows," Mr Williams said. "I would be loath to see it taught as theory. "It's up there with the world being occupied by aliens since Roswell."

Ms Bishop said there were bigger problems with the national curriculum.

History teachers are planning to object to repetitive subject matter, such as World War I being a major part of the Year 10 course and repeated in Year 11.


Australian academy rejecting global warming

Australia's former chief scientist, Professor Robin Batterham, is embroiled in a bitter dispute over climate change within one of the nation's elite science academies. As president of the peer-elected Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Professor Batterham faces demands by members to drop plans for the academy to issue a policy statement supporting climate sceptics.

Documents obtained by The Canberra Times show Professor Batterham has indicated support for a statement clarifying the academy's position on climate change.

Professor Batterham is overseas, and could not be contacted. The academy's deputy chief executive Bill Mackey refused to comment on the growing rift within the academy over the contentious wording of the statement. "When we have something to say on this matter, we will say it," he said.

A two-page draft, posted on a password-protected section of the academy's website, said the academy "does not believe the science is settled" regarding climate change. It said many scientists believed "climate changes are nothing unusual, based on past geological records".

An exchange of emails shows the statement has sparked anger and alarm among members. More than 50 of Australia's top agricultural and environmental scientists are among those objecting to the statement. A letter signed by 12 climate scientists has also been circulated to members.

An alternative policy statement, drafted by academy member and Melbourne World Climate Research program director Professor Ann Henderson-Sellers, has been emailed to members. It says the academy will "continue to foster open and reasoned debate on all aspects of climate change" but sees "little point in promoting debate based on belief rather than evidence".

In a recent lecture to the University of Western Australia as academy president, Professor Batterham warned of the dangers of a political over-reaction to climate change. He said there was "still much of the science that is uncertain" and used data in an academy-badged slide presentation that claimed investment to create green jobs in Spain had resulted in the destruction of nearly 110,500 jobs, or 2.2 jobs for every "green job" created.

According to a report of the lecture published in a mining newsletter, Professor Batterham said despite scientific uncertainty, "we need to drastically reduce CO2 or face runaway temperature rise".


More criticism of proposed national history curriculum

Since the curriculum was designed by a well-known Marxist and former member of the Communist party, this was all foreordained. Macintyre's extreme Leftism has of course given him a charmed life in academe but Rudd knew what he was doing when he appointed him

THE new draft national history curriculum has been attacked by leading historians and educators as "politicised", "dumbed down" and pushing an agenda. The Opposition said it was a Labor-designed manifesto in the latest salvo in what has become a fresh break-out of "history wars". Its creators said the curriculum reflected changing values in society.

Prof Geoffrey Blainey said the draft curriculum appeared to represent a "left-wing view of Australian history". Prof Blainey said he was uneasy about the curriculum's treatment of Aboriginal Australians. He said it did not address the failures of pre-settlement Aboriginal society.

Education consultant and former history teacher Dr Kevin Donnelly said the new curriculum had put indigenous and Asian content and perspectives ahead of Australia's Anglo-Celtic tradition, the debt we owe to Western civilisation and the importance of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Dr Donnelly said the curriculum contained 118 references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, culture and history - with grade 5s studying White Australia and grade 9s Aboriginal massacres and displacement. There is just one reference to Parliament and none to Westminster or the Magna Carta.

Curriculum chief Prof Stuart Macintyre said the new course was not politically motivated.

Last week, this newspaper quoted a historian by the name of Andrew Garvie about the history curriculum. Andrew Garvie is a pen name used by senior Australian academic Dr Ian Pringle, who now works in sensitive parts of Asia as a teacher and consultant and is an economic history expert.


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Hayat Faqeer said...

I am writing to report abuse at Rakhawy Hospital in Egypt.

I was admitted to on approximate date (August 2016) and remained for about a month.

I was involuntarily admitted as it was claimed that I lost consciousness and a decision by mother and aunt was made to take me while unconscious to Rakhawy Hospital.

The hospital decided to make me stay due to a mental illness that needed treatment. They did not tell me what the condition was called.

On day I was taken to a non-friendly room and was asked to take off clothes and upon refusal I was threatened to be given an injection after which I lost consciousness. However, I felt I was half conscious and I could see the nurse and the cleaner both put their hands down. When I woke up, I found myself in a room where I did not know if it was day or night. I was all wet and was told by the cleaner that ‘you peed on yourself’ while sleeping.

On day 2 they moved me to a different better room and was given Quitapex 100 which I threw at first but had to take it later along with three other medications (One stated to treat Parkinson and claimed to reduce side effects of the anti-psychotic drug) out of fear of more severe treatment.

Later on I was asked to sign that treatment may include electric shocks.
On all days, I had to watch television from about 9:00 am until 2:00 pm that show programs not of my interests (Films and social problems series).
No counseling was provided and diagnosis was based on mother testimony which includes connection to God, reporting pedophilia, past abuse experiences which were claimed to be fantasy.
One of the so called activities is to group read newspapers headlines and try to recall them despite feeling dizzy and sleeping due to medication side-effects.
Another not scientifically based activity explained to be originated in Yemen where people after noon time called ‘Qailulah’gather to smoke ‘Qat’ and sing, solve riddles and joke. The activity was named ‘Maqeel’. We did a replica of the activity multiple times.
It was not a happy experience.
My impression is that I was given wrong diagnosis and treatment. I met patients who have been at hospital for over 20 years for the basis of treatment and no knowledge of when it could end. I was worried the whole time as to when my nightmare will end too.
Yahia El Rakhawy and his daughter Mona El Rakhawy are two of the most prominent psychiatrists by which recent graduates and others are taught. They have a building which they name “The Arab Building” where patients from other Arabic speaking countries are admitted. The weird thing is I visited other rooms where drug addicts are admitted and found that heavy smoking was allowed despite the presence of non-smokers.
I think their treatment methods are out-dated and ideologically motivated. Can you help me claim compensation?