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In his latest offering, conservative Australian cartoonist ZEG is disgusted by the sham "independence" of Rob Oakeshott

A strict Christian background excuses pedophilia?

This is crazy. It's an insult to Christians. There are many millions of people from a strict Christian background and almost all develop normal relationships and marry. It's the individual who is at fault, not the religious background.

I was very religious in my teens and so was something of a late-starter with male/female relationships but it did me no harm and probably protected me from a lot of follies

A teenager who sexually abused four girls aged under six has been released without conviction because of his sexually repressive upbringing in a family of charismatic missionaries.

In an unusual judgment in the Northern Territory Supreme Court yesterday, judge Judith Kelly accepted psychiatric evidence that the lifestyle and religious attitudes of the parents had distorted the "normal psycho-social development" of the accused, who was 15 when the offences occurred.

Quoting a psychiatric report, Justice Kelly said: "The normal developmental sexual curiosity of an adolescent boy was artificially constrained by his parents and his church culture.

"In particular, there was a taboo against normal sexual experimentation with peers. "That has resulted in (the defendant) pushing to one side what is usually a much stronger taboo in relation to sexualised contact with much younger children. Whilst that might be described as psycho-pathological and a distortion of normal psychological development, it is not a psychiatric illness phenomenon and readily reversible should the external circumstances be changed."

Justice Kelly told the defendant to get an apprenticeship, start making friends with girls his own age and "just grow up like any other normal boy".

"You are not sick. You are not abnormal. You made a very bad mistake and did some very bad things," Justice Kelly said. "It appears you did not fully realise the effect your actions could have on the little girls. "I accept that you are very sorry. You need to put it behind you now and move on with your life."

Justice Kelly said it was sad the family of one victim were grieving because they believed their little girl's innocence had been "destroyed".

She rejected a prosecution submission that the defendant be sentenced under the adult Sentencing Act rather than the Youth Justice Act because at least one of the victims was subject to "stage-two grooming".

The offences occurred at various locations between September and December last year and involved the defendant placing his hands and fingers on the vaginas and bottoms of the victims. There was no evidence of penetration and the accused had told police: "I just wanted to find out what it felt like."

The psychiatric report urged the defendant's parents to be involved in joint counselling.


Nanny knows best: Right-to-die ad banned from Aussie TV

Why can't people be allowed to hear all sides of a political issue? This is gross censorship

An advertisement which calls for a government re-think on euthanasia cannot be shown on Australian television following a "last minute" backflip by a classification body.

Pro-euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke was informed of the revised position of CAD (Commercials Advice) this afternoon. Filming for the ad was completed earlier this week.

The ad, which was to be shown as part of a $60,000 advertising spend, was scheduled to air across several Australian cities in late-night TV slots from Sunday.

"This has really gutted our program and we're pretty annoyed," Dr Nitschke said. "It has happened at the last minute ... We only went ahead with the project after we received CAD approval. The ad agency wouldn't have even embarked on this without that approval."

Dr Nitschke said he was in talks with the Council of Civil Liberties in a bid to have the decision overturned. "This is an attempt to stifle the debate about this vexed issue," he said.

The ad was inspired by the ABC's spoof marketing program, The Gruen Transfer, which recently aired two fake advertisements making a fictional call for mandatory euthanasia.

Dr Nitschke employed one of the ad agencies that had contributed to the ABC program. He said the resulting serious ad was "urging political change" and was not "convincing people to commit suicide". "It shows a person saying I didn't choose to be terminally ill, all I want is choice," Dr Nitschke said. "It says 85 per cent of Australians want this choice, why isn't the government listening?"

In an email to Dr Nitschke, CAD said it had withdrawn its earlier approval on the grounds the advertisement did not comply with the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice relating to the "promotion or encouragement of suicide". "CAD has discussed the advertisement with the television networks and they are of the same view as CAD," the email said .


Fired for stating the obvious

The new "nobody must be upset" gospel

THE editor of a regional newspaper has been stood down after allegedly posting insensitive comments about the killing of a young policeman on his Facebook page. The publishers of the Glen Innes Examiner, a Fairfax-owned newspaper, released a statement today saying editor Matt Nicholls had been stood down following the incident.

Mr Nicholls is alleged to have written on his personal page that the killing of Constable Will Crews, who was born and bred in Glen Innes, would boost circulation of the paper. He is also alleged to have suggested the Glen Innes Examiner would "make the most" of the tragedy in which the 26-year-old officer was shot dead during a drug raid in southwestern Sydney on Wednesday evening.

The ninemsn website has reported that Mr Nicholls denied making the posts, but today the publisher of the Examiner announced he would be stood down as editor.

"The actions of Matt Nicholls, editor of Glen Innes Examiner newspaper, were totally unacceptable and we deeply regret any hurt caused to the family and friends of Constable Bill Crews and the Glen Innes community," Allan Browne, the CEO and publisher of Australian Regional Publishing, Fairfax Media, said in a statement today. "Mr Nicholls has been stood down from his position as editor, effective immediately."


Another incompetent teacher -- dangerously so

When you make classrooms such stressful environments that only dummies or desperates would take a teaching job, this is the sort of result you have to expect. The damage wrought by the Left-inspired destruction of discipline is immense

TASMANIAN taxpayers could be up for millions in compensation if any of the high school students involved in a dodgy science experiment contract a potentially lethal blood virus.

It comes as the State Government yesterday refused to confirm whether the Dover District High School teacher who took blood samples from 18 students using the same needle had a science degree. The Mercury reports a recent report by the Tasmanian Auditor-General found that just 51 per cent of a sample group of science teachers had a university science degree.

Five per cent of teachers taking science classes had no science knowledge and were simply teaching the subject because "there was a shortage of science staff" and 10 per cent were physical education teachers with a Human Movement degree which included some science-related content.

It has also been revealed that the blood experiment is not within the Tasmanian science curriculum.

The students and their families now have a nervous six-month wait as they are tested to ensure they have not contracted the blood-borne viruses hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV.

During the experiment the teacher used the same needle to collect the samples from the 18 students to test blood pH levels, and dipped it each time in methylated spirits. Medical authorities say this would not have been sufficient to disinfect it.

Australian Lawyers Alliance director Greg Barns said the State Government could face a multi-million-dollar lawsuit if any of the students test positive to a blood-borne virus.

"The State Government stands to face a massive prosecution here and we are talking millions," said Mr Barns, also a Mercury columnist. "Essentially you are looking at the medical expenses of the child for the rest of their life, damage as a result of a loss of income for the rest of their life and the psychological damage that has been caused to them."


Note that I have a special blog on Queensland cops, there is so much misbehaviour among them. A lot of entries recently.

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