Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy days are here again; The sky is blue, let's cheer again!

The sort of election result that conservatives can normally only dream about has just happened in my home State of Queensland. The conservatives obliterated the outgoing Leftist government -- with a provisional 75 seats in the parliament for the conservatives versus only 6 for the Leftists.

Much was owed to the charismatic leader of the conservatives, Campbell Newman. I know him slightly and have always been impressed by his helpful attitude. He is a former military man too, a graduate of Duntroon, Australia's equivalent of West Point. He reached the rank of major during his service. So he knows about decisiveness and leadership.

My State is now in good hands. It is bigger than California and Texas combined so it is of some significance. It has gigantic natural resources, particularly coal

The first thing Newman said in his victory speech was "Thank you for voting for change" So much for the puerile Leftist claim that conservatives are opposed to change. It is only Leftist changes that they oppose.

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Paul said...

I remember when Joan Kirner in Victoria received her richly deserved electoral flogging (she deserved the other kind too) and this result for Newman makes even that one look like a cliffhanger. I think Bligh's big mistake was the CMC bit. That was just dirty, and blew up in her face. I don't think the sheer gall of abusing a body like the CMC for political gain was lost on the voters.