Saturday, April 21, 2012

KY Pete?

It looks like slippery Peter is even slipperier than we thought

If you've got a strong stomach, the allegations against Peter Slipper are here


Paul said...

You can't tell me this side of Peter Slipper wasn't already well known within the circles. Something has made them finally decide to go for the nuclear option to get rid of him. About time too I might add.

Unfortunately, ambiguous sexuality and its concealment is often a ticket into the tent of politics because it allows a means of control through blackmail, thus good people miss out while sleazebuckets get pre-selected. I suspect Slipper had got to thinking he was untouchable (which he certainly is in other ways). What gets me is that they really seem to think they won't get busted.

Paul said...

Sink the slipper, put the slipper into him, give him the slip(per), Just going to slip(per) one in...

let the headline games begin.