Wednesday, May 09, 2012

W.A.: Inquest to look at  boy's death after hospital sent him home

It's my impression that homosexual egotism was behind the high-handed  treatment of this boy.  From my observations, excessive ego is very common among homosexuals.  This nurse would appear to have seen himself as akin to a doctor  -- while having only marginal skills and knowledge.  Male  nurses are notoriously homosexual  -- though there are some exceptions, of course

A CORONIAL inquest into the death of 16-year-old Andrew Allan, who was given Panadol and turned away from Northam Hospital without an examination, begins today.

Nearly two years since their son died in his bed just hours after being seen at the hospital, Kylie and James Allan will hear evidence from the nurse who treated Andrew.

Mrs Allan took Andrew to the hospital in Northam, 97km northeast of Perth, in September 2010 when he was running a 40C fever, sweating, and wheezing.

CCTV footage from the hospital showed Andrew struggling to walk and being supported by his mother as they entered the hospital.

During the 13-minute visit, a male nurse handed them junior-strength Panadol and hydrolyte sticks, but did not physically examine Andrew or refer him on to a doctor or a more senior nurse, despite a doctor standing metres away.

Andrew died hours later at home.  An autopsy later revealed he had swine flu and staphylococcal pneumonia.

No medical record of Andrew's visit existed until after Mrs Allan rang the hospital the next day to tell them her son had died.

The nurse was later sacked by the Health Department for not co-operating with a review into the circumstances surrounding the death.


New curbs on ammunition sales passed in NSW Parliament

Stupid clutching at straws that will undoubtedly do more harm that good

TOUGHER controls on the sale of ammunition were passed by state parliament last night after a day of tense discussions with coalition MPs and the Shooters and Fishers Party.

The government was supported by the Greens and the opposition to pass the new laws, after stalling the vote since February. It means firearms dealers will have to record the names, addresses and licence details of who they sell ammunition to, and people will only be able to buy ammunition for guns they have licences for, unless they are given written permission from the owner.

It passed the upper house following emergency meetings between the Nationals and the Liberal Party. It is understood the Nationals MPs were furious about the new regulations, which they say will affect farmers more than bikies.

Police Minister Mike Gallacher said the new "stringent" ammunition restrictions would have an effect on gun crime in NSW, as part of a wider crackdown on bikies by the government.

"(The bill) will assist our law enforcement agencies in their combat of organised and other crimes," he said.

Premier Barry O'Farrell said he was pleased about the passage of the new laws. "These tough new powers will help the NSW Police Force crack down on organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs. This is more bad news for bikies."

It marks a breakdown in the relationship between the government and the Shooters and Fishers Party, which voiced strong opposition to the law.

Shooters MP Robert Borsak said the new laws would do nothing to stop drive-bys, and meant the cooling of relations between the parties - a problem for the government given the Shooters and Fishers Party holds the balance of power in the upper house.

"It will make no difference to crime. They have joined with the Greens," Mr Borsak said. "We are going to be looking a lot more carefully at what is put in front of us from now on."

Mr Borsak said recording the details of people buying ammunition was giving criminals a "shopping list" of where to steal guns from.

"Our constituents are petrified about that. All the submissions of sporting shooters and farmers have been ignored. The 'consultative process' was a sham," he said.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said he expected the ammunition laws to have a minor impact, "at best" on crime.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard risks losing majority

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard risks losing her wafer-thin parliamentary majority with two key independent MPs signalling they may support a move to oust disgraced former Labor MP Craig Thomson.

With the Government hanging by a thread - and Labor MPs openly discussing another leadership change - the Thomson scandal threatens to derail Ms Gillard's already precarious hold on power.


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Paul said...

"From my observations, excessive ego is very common among homosexuals."

I think you may mean "overcompensation".

BTW that thing about male nurses and gayness, it really is nothing like it once was, probably due to the rise of the service economy generally changing the jobs profile of this country. Straight guys seem more drawn to it since the presence of Management and specialization streams became apparent.