Sunday, June 29, 2014

A moral story

In Macquarie Fields, NSW, a 4-flat housing trust property was destroyed by a fire.

A Maori family of 9, all welfare recipients and gang members, lived on the right first floor flat. They died.

An Islamic group of seven welfare cheats, all illegally in the country from Pakistan , lived on the right ground floor flat. They, too, all perished.

Five Aboriginals, all ex-cons lived on the left ground floor. They, too, died.

A white couple lived on the left first floor flat.  The couple survived the fire.

Various multicultural agencies were furious!!They flew into Sydney and met with the fire commander. On camera, they loudly demanded to know why 21 Maoris’, Muslims and Aboriginals all died in the fire and why only the white couple lived?

The Fire Commander said, "They were at work."

Old ideas for a medium sized country

The Australian cultural elite seems dangerously disparaging of democracy - particularly when the public dismisses  fashionable faiths such as global warming. From last night’s Q&A under the heading: "Big Ideas for a Big Country".  The participants in the "debate" were Leftists like Mark Latham, Leftists who haven't had a new idea since Karl Marx.  Excerpts:

MARK CARNEGIE: Well, I certainly think that we’ve got to explore other ways of thinking about democracy. I think the silent majority of Australia feel incredibly disillusioned and disengaged…

I’d say is, having been to sort of summits and other things that are meant to be taking the great and the good to get them together to find some way forward, I would - all I would say to you is anything that we try is likely to have a better chance than what we are doing at the moment.

Even worse:

MARK LATHAM:  ... one of the greatest success stories in this country over the 23-year period, has been a policy model along those lines with the Reserve Bank of Australia independently professionally setting official interest rates and I think there must be scope to extend that model to other contentious areas of public policy. The most important long-term issue for the country is climate change, for the planet, is climate change but it’s the worst level of political debate. Surely there is room, at some point, perhaps under a Turnbull-led Liberal Party, to have an agreement about an independent policy-making authority to look after these contentious issues. Take out the partisanship. Take out the scare campaigns. Take out the low-level party politics. And so, too, in framing the Budget. Tony has been involved in this but the Budget debate in this country is just horrible. Again, full of scare campaigns and political opportunism. You could use a model in macro economics similar to what we have got with the Reserve Bank in monetary policies…

TONY JONES: ...a non-elected body where the power…

MARK LATHAM: To make the decisions.

TONY JONES: make the policy is delegated, as with the Reserve Bank on monetary policy.

These people really want you unable to vote against the carbon tax. Really:

MARK LATHAM: That modern politics doesn’t handle big issues very well and we’ve now got to the point, effectively, of policy gridlock, where you can’t expect an Opposition Party like Labor to put forward carbon pricing at the next election for fear of Tony Abbott’s scare campaign.... That’s why I say that you have to think about alternative mechanisms of policy making that are independent, that are non-partisan…

That’s the first step, for both sides to acknowledge that, really, you won’t get much done in this area if you open it up to political scare campaigns. The Reserve Bank model for monetary policy has been phenomenally successful in this country and Australians now have got accustomed to the idea this is how it’s done. So it can be applied in other areas of policy.


Shock jock Michael Smith dumped for telling the truth about Mohammad

Broadcaster Michael Smith has been dumped from a guest slot on radio station 2GB after he referred to the prophet Muhammad as a paedophile.

Smith had been booked to present Chris Smith’s  afternoon program for three weeks starting Monday.

However, he has revealed on his website that 2GB’s program director, David Kidd, phoned him on Friday evening and allegedly said: ‘‘We won’t be needing you, you can’t call a Deity a paedophile.’’ [Mr Kidd is a blasphemer at that rate too.  Mohammed is not Allah.  2GB is in the hands of an ignoramus]

Mr Kidd declined to comment when approached by Fairfax Media on Saturday.

Smith’s controversial outburst came during an on-air exchange with Ben Fordham on Thursday. ‘‘The prophet Muhammad was a paedophile, a pederast, a sexual offender, a man who promoted the idea that it was OK to marry a six-year-old and consummate the marriage when the little girl was nine. And that’s written into their books, it’s part of the philosophy ... the Koran.  It’s factually correct,’’ he said.

Smith remarked that he was legally permitted to make the comments having previously been cleared by an Australian Communications and Media Authority investigation, following an almost identical rant when he was the 2UE afternoon host in 2011.

But his latest blast triggered a barrage of angry calls from listeners, and led to scathing criticism from veteran presenter Ray Hadley at the start of his program on Friday morning.

‘‘I value the worth of this station in the community ... and sometimes I’ve been guilty of tarnishing its reputation ... for that I’ve apologised,’’ he said.   ‘‘... I want to go on record today and completely distance myself from Mr Smith’s comments as well.  Yesterday I was insulted by what was said ... and I’ve got to speak out against it.’’

Smith, however, is refusing to apologise for the comments.

He said on his website on Saturday:  ‘‘I’ve thought about what I said in answer to Ben’s question.  I think it’s wrong for a man in his 50s to have sex with a nine-year-old child.  It is wrong, it’s a crime and it should be called out for what it is’’.

Smith told Fairfax he stands by his on-air words and the comments that followed on his website. He said he was unsure whether he had also now lost his guest slot on Fordham’s show in the future.

‘‘The short answer is I don’t know ... but regardless, Ben’s a top bloke and we’ll remain the best of friends no matter what,’’ he said.


Abbott working towards financial deregulation

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott is holding secret trade negotiations to fundamentally deregulate Australia’s banking and finance sector, according to a report citing WikiLeaks documents.

Foreign banks would be given greater access to the Australian market, local bank accounts and financial data could be transferred overseas, and foreign financial and information technology workers would be free to flood the workforce under proposals being discussed by Australian trade negotiators, Fairfax media reports.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb has dismissed experts’ warnings that the proposed changes could harm Australia’s ability to deal with future financial crises independently, saying the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations are a “key focus” of government policy.

The details have emerged in leaked WikiLeaks documents — specificially a confidential negotiating text provided to Fairfax by WikiLeaks.

Mr Robb reportedly says his department’s policy is to “open as many doors as possible” to encourage the nation’s financial sector to export its services.

“Financial services are a key part of the negotiations for us, given the strength of our sector in areas including banking and wealth management, particularly in the major, growing markets of Asia,” Mr Rob said.

The report says 50 World Trade Organisation members are involved in the TiSA negotiations.


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