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Finding: Gillard's ex-boyfriend should face corruption charges

Bruce Wilson, ex-boyfriend of former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, should face corruption charges, according to the Royal Commission into Trade Union corruption.

The first report into the year-long inquiry report was released on Friday, recommending prosecutors charge former union official Bruce Wilson and also Ralph Blewitt but also suggests some information can never be made public because it would place people in danger.

During the hearings, Mr Wilson, a former union official had denied ever giving Ms Gillard 'wads' of cash and accused fellow witnesses of lying.

Mr Blewitt and Mr Wilson have been referred to Victorian and West Australian prosecutors by the royal commission.

It says that prosecutors should consider charging both for obtaining financial advantage by deception and conspiracy over an infamous Australian Workers Union slush fund.

They are among a range of union officials the royal commission has concluded could be charged. 239 witnesses gave evidence across eight months.

At the centre of the controversy were claims that Mr Wilson paid for renovations to Ms Gillard's house, when the two were in a romantic relationship in the early 1990s.

It also recommends the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions consider criminal charges against a range of CFMEU officials, in relation to various acts of intimidation and coercion.

Also listed are recommendations that ASIC consider charges against the Queensland state secretary of the CFMEU for breaches of the Corporations Act.

It says the Commonwealth DPP should also consider criminal charges against a range of Health Services Union officials for making false statements contrary to the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

And it further recommends the Victorian secretary and assistant secretary of the CFMEU be considered by the Victorian DPP for prosecution for blackmail.

Employment Minister Eric Abetz released two volumes of the interim report at Parliament House in Canberra.  A third volume dealing with serious criminal matters is confidential and won't be publicly released because 'disturbingly' it poses risks to the safety of certain individuals.

'The conduct which is part and parcel of the third and confidential report reveals grave threats to the power and authority of the Australian state,' he said.

The report also identifies several areas of concern about union election slush funds - namely their 'secretive' operations, deficient or non-existent record-keeping, and that contributions to them may not be voluntary.

Other concerns were that candidates often pleaded ignorance on funding sources, expenditure and debts incurred and that slush funds disproportionately advantaged incumbents.

'There is a culture of wilful defiance of the law that appears to lie at the core of the CFMEU,' the report found.

Senator Abetz said that proved the powers of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) must be restored. No objective reader of the report could doubt the urgent need to strengthen governance through the establishment of a Registered Organisations Commission (ROC), Senator Abetz claimed.

Legislation to set up the ABCC and ROC has been stymied by parliament.

'I would have thought that anybody that is committed to the trade union movement would want to see a clean trade union movement - one where there is not criminality, where there is not thuggery, where there is not funny money dealings going on,' Senator Abetz added.


Dhimmitude in High Places in Australia

There are several ways an enemy can be successful. One is to launch an all out assault. Another is to get the other side to simply capitulate and surrender. A third is a combination of the two. We see all of these being utilised by Islam in its war against the West.

It is obviously doing plenty of direct attacks, through missiles or suicide bombers or various other forms of bloody jihad. But equally concerning is how many Western leaders are falling over each other as they attempt to placate, appease, and mollycoddle up to Islam.

All over the West we see various elites, leaders and politicians bending over backwards to ingratiate themselves to Islam, often while denigrating and slamming their own Christian heritage. In the US Obama has of course turned all this into an art form.

As I have documented time and time again, there is absolutely no question that Obama is the most pro-Islam and most anti-Christian POTUS ever.

But consider the latest case of him grovelling to his Islamic buddies. Just a few days ago he released this official statement:

As Muslims throughout the United States and around the world celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to them and their families. This last month has been a time of fasting, reflection, spiritual renewal, and service to the less fortunate. While Eid marks the completion of Ramadan, it also celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity and reinforces the obligations that people of all faiths have to each other, especially those impacted by poverty, conflict, and disease.

In the United States, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy. That is why we stand with people of all faiths, here at home and around the world, to protect and advance their rights to prosper, and we welcome their commitment to giving back to their communities.
On behalf of the Administration, we wish Muslims in the United States and around the world a blessed and joyous celebration. Eid Mubarak.

What!? Common values? Achievements and contributions? Blessed celebration? Only a fool or a dhimmi could come up with those appalling remarks. Umm, no, we do not share common values at all. One side values freedom, democracy, pluralism, and freedom of religion, while the other side does not.

One side respects the role of women, of conscience, of the rule of law, and of properly understood separation of church and state, while the other side does not. One may as well have made similar statements during WWII, praising the Nazis for holding similar values and beliefs.

As one commentator said:

"Since he’s taken office, Obama has made it a tradition to annually celebrate Ramadan at the White House and has increased the focus on the Muslim faith, while downplaying the Christian faith. For a man that claims he is a Christian, why would he go out of his way to celebrate another religion’s main holy day?
In May of 2012, Obama’s pastor of over 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, stated that Obama was raised as a Muslim and “knew very little about Christianity.” He went on to say that he “made it easy for him to not feel guilty about learning about Christianity without turning his back on his Islamic friends.”

We’re all used to the continual pandering and glorification of Islam by this man. But to actually say that Muslims have built the fabric of our nation is absolutely preposterous.

Quite right. But Obama is not alone in this grotesque appeasement and capitulation to our enemies. Closer to home we have rather similar displays of dhimmitude and utter cluelessness about the reality of Islam, also made by our leaders, some of whom also claim to be Christians.

Consider the bizarre kowtowing of NSW Premier Mike Baird. Here is how one newspaper reports on his complete surrender to Islam:

NSW Premier Mike Baird has fasted to mark the end of Ramadan, and has told the state’s Muslims they have a strong friend in government after controversial comments by Community Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff.

Speaking at the annual Iftar dinner to mark the end of the Islamic fasting period, Mr Baird, a Christian, received a loud applause when he said he used the experience of a day’s fast to reflect.
‘You think … of everything we take for granted,’ he said on Thursday night. ‘Multiculturalism is alive and well in NSW. It is something of which we’re very proud.

‘And as I reflect on Ramadan, it just is a reminder of the need to protect that, to ensure we do everything we can to protect it.’
The Muslim community had a strong friend in government, Mr Baird told the gathering of community leaders in the Strangers Dining Hall at state parliament. ‘I truly believe everyone who has come here tonight is a friend,’ he said.

This guy obviously does not know a thing about Islam. He clearly does not know much about the Christianity he claims to represent. And he certainly knows nothing at all about what Ramadan actually is all about. How in the world can we celebrate a political and religious event which is known for implementing violent jihad?

Baird is completely clueless here. If he ever actually wanted to know what Ramadan in fact signifies, I would invite him to read here:

As to the Alhadeff issue, Baird is also to be condemned for saying his resignation was the right thing to do. What was his crime? All that Community Relations Commission chairman Vic Alhadeff did was to say that Israel had a right to defend itself, and that it was seeking to operate with “care to avoid civilian casualties”.

That is all one hundred per cent correct. So why in the world should he have been forced to resign over that? Evidently multiculturalism in NSW only goes so far. Jews are not welcome it seems, but Muslims will be embraced with open arms and bowed down to in total subservience.

I prefer what one commentator said about all this. His headline is spot on: “After throwing the Jew under the bus, NSW premier Mike Baird promises Eidolaters in Lakemba to be a good serf.” He went on to say, “All things considered, I find Premier Maike Baird’s brown nosing offensive and repugnant. You don’t go schmoozing with the enemy when our people are being murdered all over the world, in the name of Islam.”

Sadly, Baird thinks such appeasement and dhimmitude is the way to go, just like Obama in the US. And plenty of other examples of such craven dhimmitude on the part of Western leaders and politicians could be offered here.

As I said, an enemy can win in various ways. Letting the other side self-destruct in appeasement and surrender right before your very eyes is certainly one good way to succeed


Online appeal calls for boycott of stores which 'objectify women' in adverts and products

Online campaigners Collective Shout has released their annual 'Cross 'em off your list' candidates, revealing the retailers they claim objectified women and used sexual exploitation to sell products throughout the past year.

The grassroots campaign movement is calling for shoppers to boycott the stores when purchasing gifts for Christmas, sending a clear message to the companies they allege used marketing which glorifies violence against women, rape, and pornography.

The list includes retail giants Myer, Bonds, Ultra Tune, General Pants Co, American Apparel, Schick, and Priceline, some of whom Collective Shout spokesperson Melinda Liszewski said are repeat offenders.

'Many companies are more than wiling to engage in dialogue about how they are being ethical towards the environment, but seem disinterested in talking about how they are contributing to a toxic cultural environment,' Ms Liszewski told Daily Mail Australia. 

'What we’re wanting to do is shine a spotlight on things that might seem fairly benign, so that people will begin to discuss what it is that they are really buying,' she said.

'Collective Shout has a role in bringing forward the public impact of these campaigns on women and girls, to make people more conscious and to motivate people to speak out and challenge the marketing practices of companies who exploit women for their own profits.'

One of the companies Collective Shout has identified is 'repeat offender' Cafe Press, who came under fire earlier in the year for selling baby clothes with pornographic content and merchandise which activists say promote rape.

The online retailer, which specialises in user-customised products and gifts, had items for sale on their website printed with the slogans, 'You Smell Like Porn,' 'F**k me like a porn star,' 'Awesome butt sex,' and 'Retired XXL porn star,' among many other similar products.

132 items were available in a category labelled 'Adult Sex XXX Porn Baby Clothing', including baby and toddler onesies, shirts, bibs, and blankets.

City Beach was also selling belts with explicit images printed on them.  The site has also been accused of promoting rape culture and trivialising sexual assault, by selling a shirt with the slogan, 'No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal'.

'Café Press has a long history of this kind of behaviour. Many designs are porn inspired, and despite persistent communication the company has continued on with same behaviour,' said Ms Liszewski.

A spokesperson for Cafe Press released a statement which said that the company was an automated design community, and that the user-designed products varied in topic, taste and opinion.

'At times, users may upload designs that others find distasteful or offensive. It has been recently brought to our attention certain content on our site that may be considered offensive,' the statement said.

'We have taken action to extensively remove the offensive content and will to continue to review for other designs that do not meet our content usage policy.'

Recently added to the list is retailer Big W, which Collective Shout has condemned for continuing to sell the controversial Grand Theft Auto V, which depicts women being brutally murdered as part of the game.


The bums of Afghanistan

One would think displaced Afghans re-settled in Australia by successive Labor and Liberal governments would be eternally grateful to the Australian people and nation for accepting them, giving them an opportunity to start a new life in a peaceful and tolerant nation. Instead, this kindness and generosity is being repaid with acts of violent anti-social behaviour usually emanating from dysfunctional Muslim males.

Western Sydney with its high concentration of Muslims has created a volatile, dangerous and segregated place with all the unsavoury trappings of a third world ghetto. Most of Australia’s Muslim population has settled in Western Sydney with many of them languishing on welfare or disability payments with limited skills in a declining job market. It is hard to see any real net benefits accommodating people who contribute very little to our economic, social or cultural wellbeing or development.

On the social and cultural side, many of the children of Afghan refugees struggle with an identity crisis as they are taught to shun Australian cultural norms and principles by their parents, religious and community leaders. The appeasing mainstream media and federal government are in constant denial, living in la-la land pushing a recycled victim’s narrative that Australians do not believe. No doubt the weight of a tribal Islamic culture has been transferred to the streets of Western Sydney with almost daily news reports of gang violence, bashings, stabbings, shootings and increasing incidents of sexual assault and rape.

Most of these dysfunctional youth in Western Sydney are either Australian born Muslims or Muslim teenagers from refugee or asylum seeker parents. Many of their parents are publicly complaining that their children are vulnerable to radical Islamic teachings with many wanting to join different Sunni or Shia factions in the warring Middle East to prove their misguided newly found manhood. The negative influence on these young ‘sons of Afghanistan’ should be laid squarely at the teachings of the Koran and also their parents for encouraging their children to isolate themselves in Muslim communities and mistreat others with total disdain and disrespect.

The ‘sons of Afghanistan’ should be renamed the ‘bums of Afghanistan’ due to their dangerous and dishonest behaviour mimicking the violent archaic tribal cultures of their Islamic homeland. Many gang members of various Afghan groups refer to themselves as “soldiers” and take pride in glorifying violence, with many of the gang members carrying weapons and pictures of AK-47 rifles set against the Afghan flag.

The ‘sons of Afghanistan’ is another addition to the fabulous Muslim gang culture that encourages its young male members to embrace extreme violence. The ‘Fourtwozero (420)’ gang boast of being Hezbollah soldiers from mainly the Afghan Hazara community. According to media reports, there are more than 10,000 Hazaras living in Western Sydney.

Last week, Sydney newspapers and media outlets were abuzz with yet another party gatecrashed resulting in a young male stabbed. A party in a Merrylands hall was gatecrashed by a large crowd of Muslim males from the ‘420’ gang looking for a fight. The fight spilled over into a nearby oval in Merrylands involving 50 to 60 Muslim gang members, which resulted in one male being stabbed. Police said the victim would have died had Police not managed to fight through a sea of drunken, violent teenage gang members to render first aid.

The ‘bums of Afghanistan’ representing different gangs and factions are notorious for posting graphic images on social media, especially Facebook. The images usually display young and cranky looking males with large swords drawn across their necks in gestures reminiscent of recent events in the Middle East.

One mindless Muslim community leader said, “They are copying other groups like the bikies”. Furthermore he said, “For all the community it’s a very, very big warning. These people don’t practice Islamic norms. They are just street boys”. Oh really? Muslims have continually shown they are incapable of accepting the truth about their violent and demonic ideology and instead prefer to play the victim’s narrative or use lies to justify the violence. Violence and terror are part and parcel of the failed, criminal Islamic ideology.

Street boys of all backgrounds exist in lower socio-economic suburbs of Australia’s big cities but none equal the barbarity or glorification of intimidation, violence, rape and criminal behaviour of Muslim street gangs. The growing menace of Islamic street gangs is yet another shining example of Labor and Liberal’s failed multicultural policy.


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