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In his latest offering, conservative Australian cartoonist ZEG says the media are deserting liberty

Prayer sessions at schools 'to be investigated'

Politicians, police and Muslim leaders have planned a meeting to discuss the civil unrest and the growing divide between religious and right-wing extremist Australians.

NSW Premier Mike Baird will meet with NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and around 10 Muslim leaders on Sunday in response to growing concern over youth radicalisation and Islamic extremism.

The meeting had been arranged following the terrorist shooting last Friday, Daily Telegraph report, when 15-year-old Farhad Jabar shot dead Curtis Cheng outside Parramatta police headquarters in western Sydney.

They have reportedly invited 10 Muslim leaders to a meeting to respond to the growing concern over youth radicalisation and Islamic extremism

Government sources had reportedly told the paper that the meeting would just be 'a catch up'.

Neil El-Kadomi, chairman of Parramatta Mosque, where Jabar had visited shortly before the shooting, is said to be one of the Muslim leaders invited to the meeting.

It's believed Jabar had come from Parramatta Mosque before committing the attack.

Following allegations a student had tried to influence others to adopt his extremist views at Epping Boys High in Sydney's north west, Mr Baird also announced an audit of prayer sessions at public schools,Sydney Morning Herald report.

Friday prayers had reportedly been suspended in Arthur Phillip High School in Parramatta, the school where Jabar attended, in September.

The suspension of the prayers may have influenced Jabar to attend the Parramatta Mosque, where he reportedly was handed a gun by one of four other men who were arrested in counter-terrorism raids on Wednesday.

Malcolm Turnbull had previously announced he would convene a summit with Federal, State and Territory agencies in Canberra next Thursday to discuss extremism.

'While Australia is a world leader in countering violent extremism, we must continue thinking about innovative and creative solutions to this proble,' Mr Turnbull wrote in a statement on Friday.

'We must continue exploring the causes of radicalisation to help us devise new approaches and strengthen existing ones.'


'If you don't like Australia, leave', Muslim leader tells worshippers

This message is very rare from Muslim leaders.  It would appear that the various anti-Muslim rallies have got him freaked

The chairman of a Sydney mosque has told worshippers that "if you don't like Australia, leave" during his first sermon since a teenage extremist who attended the mosque shot dead a man outside NSW Police headquarters.

The comments were reported in Sydney newspapers earlier this morning and Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi has told those attending Friday prayers that he stands by those comments.

Last Friday's shooting of police accountant Curtis Cheng outside NSW Police headquarters in Parramatta has prompted several agencies to investigate how the 15-year-old killer became radicalised by Islamic extremists.

A week on from the tragedy, Mr El-Kadomi addressed worshippers who gathered for Friday prayers.

Outside, he questioned why police shot dead the 15-year-old gunman, saying it was unfortunate the boy died because now there is no way of knowing his secrets, particularly who gave him the gun.

He also said extremists unwilling to live by Australian standards of peace and tolerance should leave the country.  "You should not abuse the privilege of being Australian, which is very important," he said. Mr El-Kadomi added that those who do abuse the privilege should "get out".  "We do not need scumbags in the community," he said.  "We have to lift our heads up as Australians.

"We live in this community, in this society.  "We have to accept the good and bad and the ups and downs in this society."

Mr El-Kadomi also urged Muslims in Australia to appreciate how lucky they were to be able to practice their religion openly.

"We live in Australia - people are coming to Australia on boats, they die on the way," he said.  "You didn't have to do that, you are here ... Australia gives us a lot of benefits – you're here and can practice your religion freely."

He told today's congregation a tiny proportion of the community are giving Muslims a bad name, and that parents need to take more interest in their children's lives to prevent radicalisation.

He said that anyone seen acting suspiciously at the mosque would be reported to police.

Jeremy Jones from the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council placed flowers at a police memorial before visiting the mosque to lend his support to Mr El-Kadomi's message of tolerance.

The Parramatta Mosque was searched after Farhad Jabar's attack on police headquarters at Parramatta on Friday.  Police also said some of the people later arrested in relation to the attack were known to attend the mosque.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten endorsed the comments of the Parramatta Mosque chairman.  "Australians, it doesn't matter what religion - if you really hate Australia, well then you should go," he said.

"But I don't think though that that advice is confined to people of one particular religious faith."


Islamic terrorism a culture of hatred

Piers Akerman

THE twin curses of multiculturalism and populist pseudo-psychoanalysis have totally confused any rational discussion of the very real presence of Islamic terrorism in Australia

Too much time has been spent debating whether the Martin Place siege was the act of a madman or a “lone wolf” or an Islamist.

Now self-proclaimed experts are asking if the cheery bureaucrat and family man Curtis Cheng was murdered a week ago by a rebellious teenager, or a new convert to radical Islam, or an individual making a monstrous political statement about a hate-filled centuries old division within Islam, or an idiot who believed he was oppressed, or just a disturbed kid who had fallen in with a bad bunch hanging out at the local mosque?

Let’s forget defining the niceties of this murderous ­individual’s personality.  This act was committed by a criminal, first and foremost.

If any one of the ensuing inquiries and talkfests finds otherwise or offers the now too-familiar excuse that the young man was an isolated, angry and marginalised manipulable malcontent, it will have been a total waste of time and money.

He clearly identified himself as a member of something called the Muslim community — though Muslims are themselves divided into such a confusing number of identities that it can hardly be claimed there is such a community, and it is impossible to find a single readily accessible Muslim religious leader who speaks with any real authority on any Islamic issue.

As a follower of Islam’s tortuous and often contradictory Koran, the murderer was bound to find himself at odds with the majority of Australians because it would be difficult to find an Aussie male outside the Muslim community who would believe that all women must be at all times subservient to men.

It would be just as difficult to find an Aussie who would embrace the exhortations to murder apostates, or believe that all Jews and Christians must be murdered as a prerequisite to gaining Paradise.

These are just a few of the hurdles placed in the path of Muslims who want to be fully accepted as Australians — hurdles that cannot be scrambled over or around because there cannot possibly be a duality of beliefs which encompasses both the democratic ideal of equality that frames the Western outline of governance and the supremacy of an extremely vengeful and blindly demanding worship.

Under the politically ­correct constructs of multiculturalism, Western populations have been lectured and hectored and bullied by so-called progressives toward the entirely false notion that all ­cultures have equal value.  Clearly, they don’t.

Although the Western ­feminist clique has largely been silent about the brutality meted out to their sisters in most Muslim countries, it is frequent.

Even here, there have been honour killings, forced marriages of girls to older men they have never met and, of course, there have been incidences of female genital mutilation ­conducted for cultural reasons.

Cultures that stone women to death, and lop off hands and heads, cannot be placed in the same context as those that have, after centuries of debate, decided cruel and unusual punishments should be abolished.

Nor do homosexuals get off lightly, although the Western homosexual marriage lobby has little or no time to publicise the plight of those who have been thrown off rooftops ­because of their sexuality.  Their vitriol, as with the ­bilious feminists, is focused on the Vatican.

It may well be that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Australian reject the appalling injunctions contained in those Koranic verses which most appeal to those who are seduced by Daesh/Islamic State or al-Qaeda and the ­vision of a medieval caliphate replete with slave women.

If this is so, then surely there must be one mullah, one imam, from an Australian mosque who is prepared to take a public stand.

If not, then all the claims made on behalf of Muslims by politicians pushing multiculturalism look very ­ordinary and the call by NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley for more mosques for ­"mainstream" Muslims seems totally bizarre.

Before holding hands and humming Kumbaya, our politicians and security forces should consider the first ­response Tunisia’s Prime Minister Habib Essid had to last June’s terrorist massacre of tourists to his country.  He declared that 80 mosques in which extremists had preached were to be closed down.

He didn’t quibble about ­assigning the responsibility for what was an absolute outrage to those Muslim preachers who were calling on their ­followers to join in jihad.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has belatedly come to the same conclusion and warned operators of ­Muslim schools that they will be shut down if found to be teaching extremist hatred.

“We’ve got children being taught that they shouldn’t mix with people of other religions; being beaten; swallowing conspiracy theories about Jewish people,” he said.  “These children should be having their minds opened, their horizons broadened, not having their heads filled with poison and their hearts filled with hate.”

Contemptible progressives in Australia have permitted purveyors of hate to operate here, gaming freedom of speech laws in order to silence critics of multiculturalism and those who point out the obvious inconsistencies ­within Islam.

They are the true oppressors of those who want to raise their families in an enlightened nation free from suffocating religious domination.


Turnbull ignoring the reality of Islam

During his hour long waffling Press conference today Turnbull read straight from the incompetent Security Agencies’ written instructions: “For Christ’s sake don’t say anything to upset them or they might kill someone else and, to be honest, we don’t have a bloody clue who... so don’t make our job harder.”

Turnbull’s message du jour, was an ad nauseam “mutual respect”. Well, respect is earned not gifted and certainly not to people who have no respect for us or our country. Perhaps Abbott was right to imply that Islamic leaders are liars.

Perhaps Abbott went to the trouble of reading the Koran, perhaps he knew of the law of taqiyyah where Muslims are required to lie to non-Muslims if it will further the cause of Islam.

“Muslims must lie to gain the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerabilities and defeat them”, is the advice to good Muslims.

Don’t take my word for it, ask the little grand mufti grub, he’s the expert, he knows that undertakings made to non-Muslims have no validity. He knows all that legal stuff about beating wives and razoring little girls’ genitals.

Ask him if it’s ok to have sex with betrothed babies using the thighing technique.

Oh don’t bother, I forgot, he’s required to lie if it means Islam might get some adverse publicity.

Turnbull’s “mutual respect” might start with a grand mufti who has lived here for 20 years and still makes no attempt to speak English. Nothing respectful or mutual about that is there!

Or it might start with the previous grand mufti, Sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid Hilaly who said our women were uncovered meat to be taken advantage of. Not much respect there either.

If Parliamentarians would just read the Koran they would understand what all this Islamic crap is about... they would understand why Muslims need mega mosques that harbour and encourage budding terrorists.

Even galahs like Mark Latham now agree we have a Muslim problem. But his solution is to ensure that they all have jobs, you know, keep their creative little minds occupied.

Well, at the risk of getting my arm broken, you Mark Latham, are a fornicating fool! Why do you think Muslim immigrants gravitate with their multiple wives to countries with the most generous welfare schemes? Simply because they can’t work! They don't work. They have no intention to work!... only infidels work.

You would have to be bonkers to employ a Muslim! Who needs an employee who prays five times a day and has Fridays off to listen to the mosque’s imported hate preachers before taking to the streets to set cop cars on fire.

“Oh it’s only a small minority”, they say. Well, it’s a lot more than a small minority, it’s an international movement that plunders our welfare budget and has discovered how to tax everything we buy... and it has a clear agenda that includes our eradication.

Islam needs to be named, shamed and dealt with. We must never appease Islam like our leaders suggest. Further development of mosques must be stopped and those promoting terrorism razed to the ground, as is happening in other more enlightened countries that have already suffered the scourge of Islam.

Our taxes must not be used for “education” in subsidised Islamic schools that bleed our own schools’ much needed grants.

A spluttering Mr Turnbull, under pressure, finally spat out, “It is not compulsory to live in Australia. If you find Australian values, you know, unpalatable, then there’s a big wide world out there and people have got freedom of movement”.

Did he say, “freedom of movement”? In Australian I think that means, “Either fit in or f*ck off!” We’re over it!


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