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Some typical feminist lack of perspective below

The woman below -- "Em" Rusciano -- is crying into her beer because she and other feminists cop online abuse.  So what else is new?  She should try being a conservative blogger and see what abuse she gets from her friends on the Left.  It's a two-way street Madame.

There she is!  Complete with feminist haircut.  I wonder why she is "Em"?  Short for "Emilia"?

Abuse is so common on the net that the writer below clearly has a glass jaw.  She just can't take the heat.  She is a fragile little female petal.  Is she missing the courteous way men used to treat women?  Seems like it. Does she want men not to swear in front of women the way they once did?  She needs to look in the mirror if she wants to see who has destroyed that old-fashioned courtesy.  Everybody wants to have their cake and eat it but even feminists are not going to achieve that.  They asked for equality but the writer below is testimony that they can't handle it.

But she is typical of feminists in her total lack of perspective. Feminists see only the difficulties that life throws at women.  They seem completely oblivious of the fact that men have burdens too.  Men are just braver at coping with their burdens so you rarely get any sexist whining from them. You want to know who has the bigger stresses?  Look at life expectancy.  Men die about 5 years sooner than women.

So my advice to the lady is old-fashioned to the point of cliche: "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen"

THE INTERNET is an amazing invention that has united humanity, but it has also taken humanity and given us the worst version of ourselves.

This week writer Clementine Ford reported a man to his employer for an abusive comment he wrote on her public Facebook page. After investigating the matter his employer chose to dismiss him, and at first she received overwhelming support from members of the public. Sadly, it wasn’t too long until the ever reliable troll train arrived and she was fielding death and rape threats at a frightening rate.

Hundreds of irate men smashed out angry comments, (engage sarcasm font) incensed that she’d taken away another man’s livelihood. And right before Christmas!

Stop being so sensitive sweetheart!

Grow a pair!

You can’t even get a man!


(You guys pick a metaphor would you, she can’t be both unlovable and a tart OK?)

Cyberspace has truly become the final frontier for hardcore misogyny hasn’t it?

The men who are truly opposed to feminism have been smoked out and driven to the dark corners of the universe, to be united transformers-style when a female dare stick her head up and say: “No, I’m not going to endure your bulls*** behaviour. I’m going to hold you accountable for it”.

It’s also clear to me that this is a very small minority of men, I’d go so far as to say only a few lousy per cent. None of the awesome males in my life would partake in this kind of behaviour.

When you think about it this small group of infuriated dudes have nowhere left to turn, I mean imagine if Mark shouted the thing he wrote on Clem’s Facebook page on a street corner.
Hahahahahahahaha? WHAT THE HELL MARK?

Hahahahahahahaha? WHAT THE HELL MARK?Source:Facebook
Dear Cody, I’m confused, what version of World War II were you told and my follow up question is: are you calling Hitler a sl**?

Dear Cody, I’m confused, what version of World War II were you told and my follow up question is: are you calling Hitler a sl**?Source:Facebook

Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s enough of that.

After I had finished forensically examining these men’s Facebook pages trying to gather some clue as to why they were so full of hate and rage, I released that there was a common theme among all of the comments.

I noticed their resistance to change, their worry that somehow women will rise up against them and smear the streets with our menstrual blood.

That we’re starting a secret cult that wishes to castrate them and take away their jobs, rights and lives.

We’re totally not! I just want my daughters to be paid the same as men, to not receive death and rape threats for having strong opinions and to be free from the constraints of archaic gender stereotypes.

That’s reasonable, right?

I could sit here and say that when I am attacked viciously by these people online I don’t care, that it doesn’t effect me, but that would be completely untrue.

It stings. I feel raw, vulnerable and exposed. It makes me not want to put myself out there, it makes me want to hide and protect myself and my family.

It still manages to take my breath away, the ferocity at which these men come at me, the fact that they can’t just disagree with me in a civilised manner. Is this how they handle differing opinions in their own lives? Shouting obscenities at anyone who irks them?

I’m all for robust discussions and differing opinions but having: “Die you short haired feminist c***” written under an article or column I’ve written doesn’t encourage debate, it just makes me feel sick. Let’s be honest, I’m a comedian so I’m not exactly hitting the hard issues on the regular, but I still manage to rile them by having a strong opinion on anything at all.

I don’t need to get a thicker skin or toughen up, they need to stop being aggressive a***holes.

We’re not opposed to being opposed, we just want the death and rape threats to stop.

That seems reasonable, right?

I’m here today to inform you that thousands of women are copping this kind of ferocious vitriol online from men on a daily basis.

When I sat down to write this column I was worried about putting myself in the firing line, then I realised that’s what they want and what good am I to any of you or my girls if I let that fear censor me?

I’m done with pretending this doesn’t happen.

I’m adding my voice to the growing roar of females who voice their opinions online that this behaviour is not OK.

That if you write something offensive, malicious or abusive you will be called out. That if you’re stupid enough to put your name, photo and employment details anywhere near it to expect consequences.

What I want to say to these men is that I see your aggression and I now see past it, to your fear.

You have been reduced to scared, marginalised, children having a cyber tantrum and we’re not going to put up with your s*** anymore.



A triumph for the anti-vaxxers -- a chickenpox epidemic

I hope the "caring" mothers concerned are satisfied to see their little children so ill.  They must be congratulating themselves on their wisdom. Chickenpox can haunt you for the rest of your life -- giving you shingles in your later years, which is a painful rash that can have severe complications -- so decisions about it need real thought, rather than kneejerk paranoia

CHICKENPOX has swept through a Melbourne primary school where a quarter of the children have contracted the virus in the past fortnight.

Brunswick North West Primary School, with a role of about 320, has seen about 80 students off school this week, due to chickenpox, Herald Sun reports.

The school declined to comment but Education Department spokesman Alex Munro said the department was working with the school and the Department of Health and Human Services to manage the outbreak.

In May the school’s newsletter noted that 73.2 per cent of students were immunised, compared with 92 per cent within the local postcode.

In Victoria the rate is 90.4 per cent, the newsletter from Principal Trevor Bowen states.

“In many aspects of our school life, we accommodate a range of opinions and beliefs from the parent community, and we champion the rights of parents and carers to be involved and leading contributors in their child’s life at school,” he told the Herald Sun.

“There is a variety of beliefs concerning immunising children. Some people believe it is their right to choose not to vaccinate their child, and that the vaccination program is detrimental to the health of their child.

“Others believe that immunisation is one of the best ways to protect their children and safeguard the health of others and future generations.

“After consultation with Department of Health officials, I have been advised to include the following statement in the BNWPS newsletter:

“Due to immunisation levels at our school, caution should be exercised to limit exposure for the following individuals: Recently born babies and infants, the elderly, anyone with an illness or condition which results in the diminution of the body’s immune system, children who are part or unimmunised.”

In Victoria, chickenpox is a notifiable disease and Victorian parents must provide an immunisation status certificate to their school regardless of whether their child is or is not immunised.
Brunswick North West Primary School.

But students are not excluded from school on the basis that they are not immunised.


Australia concerned over draft climate deal

Australia has 'serious concerns' over the latest form of a global climate agreement, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop warning of a challenging few days ahead in Paris.

A new draft agreement was revealed on Wednesday at the United Nations climate change conference, with no clear landing point on key hurdles of finance, ambition and differentiation.

Ms Bishop warned the document was a long way from attracting her signature.

Australia's environment ambassador Peter Woolcott - speaking on behalf a negotiating block of developed countries - told the conference the group had serious concerns about the text. 'We are deeply disappointed at the weakening of several provisions,' he said on Wednesday night.

'As we move forward we must avoid a situation where, in an effort to reach consensus, we strip the Paris outcome of its ability to be a genuine step change.'

It comes as the United States joined around 100 countries in a new alliance dubbed the high ambition coalition which vows to strengthen Wednesday's draft.

Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony de Brum said the coalition comprised countries big and small, rich and poor and would not be trading off any demands. 'We will not accept a minimalist or barebones agreement,' he told media on Wednesday night.

The coalition is calling for five yearly reviews of country emissions pledges, adequate climate finance for poor countries and a clear pathway to a low-carbon future. It also wants recognition of an ambition to limit global warming to 1.5C - below the 2C target accepted by most developed countries.

Australia isn't in the coalition and Ms Bishop couldn't confirm if it had been invited. 'I'll have to check on that, we've got so many invitations to so many events and so many groupings,' she told reporters in Paris.

She remains optimistic 196 parties will walk away with a strong agreement at the end of the talks but warns it won't be an easy road. 'Clearly, this is the beginning of the end of the negotiations and there's still a lot of work to be done,' she said. 'Our negotiators are working through the night.'

There's still disagreement on who should do what, with an option still in the draft agreement to hold only rich countries to account on action.  Australia opposes that option, calling for each country to do its part to curb global emissions. 'All countries need to take action and there should be a level playing field,' Ms Bishop said.

Earlier, the foreign minister flagged Australia's intention to sign onto a New Zealand-led initiative to boost transparency and integrity of international carbon markets.

Australia doesn't use international units, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has flagged it as an option when domestic climate policies are reviewed in 2017.


'Other priorities': Tony Abbott criticises Australia's allies for response to Islamic State

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has spoken out against the international response to Islamic State and called for the "right intervention" to defeat the terrorist group.

In a speech to the Institute for International Strategic Studies Asia in Singapore on Wednesday night, Mr Abbott criticised the strategy taken by other countries, saying while governments including the United States and France said they want to destroy Islamic State, "nearly all have other priorities".

Mr Abbott's comments follow an opinion piece published by News Corp on Wednesday in which he called for a "religious revolution" within Islam, and similar comments during an interview on Sky News on Tuesday night.

Mr Abbott's interventions in the terror debate threaten to escalate tensions within the Coalition given his tone is considerably different to that of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who holds a more moderate view on Islam and the power of Islamic State.

In his Singapore address, Mr Abbott conceded military interventions in Iraq and Libya had "ended badly".  "But not intervening in Syria has so far had the most disastrous results of all," he said.

"A quarter of a million dead; seven million internally displaced; and four million in camps beyond the borders thinking of coming to Europe; while Islamic State posts, online, for the world to see, ever more barbaric ways to kill people.

"Adding Russians-versus-Americans or Christians-versus-Muslims to Shiite-versus-Sunni and Sunni-versus-Sunni would be a new nightmare.

"What's needed is the right intervention because – left to fester – this metastasising threat to the world's peace and prosperity can only get worse."

Mr Abbott said Islamic State had a deadly "submit or die" message that he described as "medieval fantasy, but rational enough to many Muslims based on their scriptures".

He said the terrorist group was the biggest threat to the world's peace and stability.

He publicly criticised the response by the United States, France, Russia, Turkey and other countries to the Syrian crisis.

"Islamic State aims to overthrow every government; and while all governments say they want to destroy it, nearly all have other priorities," Mr Abbott said.

"The Saudis and the Gulf states are more fearful of Iran than of Islamic State. The Turks are more concerned about the Kurds. The Iranians and the Russians are more interested in propping up Assad.

"The Americans want to destroy Islamic State but not if it means indirectly helping Assad or US combat casualties. The French want to wage 'pitiless war' but not to commit ground troops.

"While every government has hard-to-meet preconditions for more effective action, Islamic State holds its key centres, inspires copycat movements in the ungoverned spaces of Libya, Nigeria, Yemen and Afghanistan and urges its supporters everywhere to kill any infidel they can."

Mr Turnbull on Wednesday declined to criticise Mr Abbott directly but struck a very different tone when asked to respond to the former prime minister's comments.

"I'm not sure what the response is other than to say that he's entitled to his opinion," Mr Turnbull told ABC radio.

"I'm not about to run a commentary on Mr Abbott but I'd simply make the observation again that the one thing we need to be very careful not to do – and I'm sure Tony agrees with this by the way – is to play into the hands of our enemies and seek to tag all Muslims with the crimes of a few. "This is very important."


Jeep owner Teg Sethi turns down $61,000 refund to raise awareness for consumer protection

This is not the first new Jeep to be found grossly faulty

FIAT Chrysler Automobiles [FCA] has offered a Jeep driver more than $60,000 to settle a long-running dispute over claims his car is faulty.

While the company said it did not agree with all of Teg Sethi’s claims about his 2013 Grand Cherokee, it had offered to buy back the vehicle for $61,000 so it could put an end to the disagreement.

But Mr Sethi, who has used the dispute to raise awareness of shortcomings in existing consumer protection laws, said he turned down the offer because the firm asked him to agree to stop “disparaging” the brand as part of the deal.

He said, while he needed the money, he felt he had an obligation to use the incident to help other car owners.

“Every bone in my body wants to take that money,” he said. “It would help my family so much. But I can’t do it.”

An FCA spokeswoman yesterday said it was “not an unreasonable request” given it was trying to finally resolve the disagreement.

Mr Sethi said he would continue to use the case to call for stronger consumer protection laws, adding he was encouraged by a new ­report by Queensland parliament’s legal affairs and community safety committee pushing for beefed-up protections to be built into the Australian Consumer Law.

Committee chairman Labor’s Mark Furner said he hoped the report would lead to new laws in line with other countries around the world: “We hope this can be the trigger for a national lemon law. We need to be brought into the 21st century.”

A recent Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigation into FCA has seen lawyer and former Ford ­in-house counsel Peter George appointed to arbitrate two years’ worth of unresolved complaints.

In his first comments on his progress, Mr George yesterday said “it might be that the process can be sped up”.

That will be welcome news to some owners, who say they have been led to ­expect their disputes will not be mediated until 2017.

Under the deal FCA cut with the ACCC, it is meant to have improved its ongoing handling of complaints.

Fiat customer Jacqueline Rose says that isn’t the case. Ms Rose, of Bellevue Hill in Sydney’s east, owns a 2013 Fiat 500 which has spent the past five-and-a-half months under repair, in which time two replacement gearboxes have been installed, along with other major parts, all to no avail.

“It seems plain that, despite their new stated commitment to the ACCC to improve service, my experience is quite the opposite, if not worse,” Ms Rose said.

FCA said it was “continuing to work” with Ms Rose to resolve concerns.


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