Monday, June 06, 2016

There is a human face to our Governor-General

I have a good mate called Gary Mayer who was Lt Peter Cosgrove's sig in Vietnam, in fact he was with him when Lt Cosgrove won the MC.

As we all know, Lt Cosgrove is now General Sir Peter and seemingly a good bloke at that.

But my mate Gary, who now resides in Maleny, has a battle with cancer and all efforts to halt the dreaded killer are near exhausted.

Last weekend he got a call from his old skipper saying that he was in Brisbane and would like to drive up to Maleny for a cuppa.

And he did just that.

An unmarked BMW with 2 fed coppers aboard followed by a 4-wheel-drive with more feds made the trip up and a fair bit of bullshit was relived over the cuppa.

About 2 hours later, the General was on his way back to Brisbane for the VIP flight back to Canberra.

Now is that a fair dinkum good bloke or what???

An email received via army contacts

Salim Mehajer's disgraced Auburn council 'told parking rangers not to book cars around a Muslim school'

Parking rangers were told not to issue fines to vehicles outside a Muslim School under Salim Mehajer's disgraced Auburn council, a public inquiry has heard.

Former council ranger Dianne Laing told the inquiry on Wednesday staff were ordered not to issue notices at Al-Faisal College, in Sydney's west, and were threatened with suspension if they did.

'We were told not to issue notices there,' Ms Laing said, according to The Australian. She told the court that the school was left to 'self regulate' parking offences.

Despite there being at least 20 other schools in the area, Ms Laing said staff were only told to waiver tickets at Al-Faisal College.

Stefanie Griffiths, a former Auburn Council team leader, said the ruling had come 'from the top'. She told the court she was worried councillors cancelled tickets on behalf of friends, family and associates.

Ms Griffiths said she had kept a record of all instances she believed to be amiss, the publication reported.


White teen attacked by black gang in Melbourne

A mob of teenagers have been caught on camera kicking a teenager in the head before relentlessly bashing him as he cowered on the floor.

Footage shared on Facebook shows Haydyn Wilson, 14, being set upon by a group of five older teenagers in the unprovoked attack at Woodgrove shopping centre, in Melbourne's north-west, on Wednesday.

The victim narrowly avoided serious injury after suffering a brutal kick to the face and then a flurry of further attacks on the floor, Herald Sun reported.

Eyewitness Joel Hamilton said Haydyn tried to flee his attackers before the sent him onto the floor and assaulted him again.

'He was on the ground bleeding so much, his nose was all pushed back it didn't look too nice,' Mr Hamilton said.

The video was shared by one of the attackers on Facebook, where it amassed 64,000 shares.

One of the attackers has not been back to the school since police began investigating the incident.


Sri Lankan refugees intercepted trying to board boat to Australia in India

Chennai, India: Indian authorities have intercepted a truck in Tiruvallur near Chennai where they found 33 Sri Lankan refugees missing from four government-run camps. The refugees, including six women and six children, were planning to take a boat to Australia, police said.

It prompted refugee activists to call on the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to ease restrictions on Sri Lankan refugees living in guarded camps.

Over 100,000 Sri Lankans are estimated to have sought refuge in southern India, particularly Tamil Nadu, during the conflict between separatist rebels and the Sri Lankan army which lasted a quarter of a century and ended in 2009.

The Tamil Nadu government runs 109 special camps, housing around 60,000 refugees. They receive an allowance, food and education. Some have been in the camps for two decades and many were born there.

The refugees say if the Indian authorities won't grant them citizenship they should at least be given the right of free movement in the country.

"The journey they were going to embark on is very dangerous. They are just being duped by agents, who have been arrested and will be booked under both trafficking laws and the national security act," coastal security group head Sylendra Babu told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Police said there had been four or five similar attempts by refugees to board boats to Australia in the last three years.

Smugglers charge 100,000 rupees ($1502) for a one-way journey to Australia, according to investigating officials.

India has hosted many refugees from neighbouring countries over the years but it has no law to define refugees and the status of the Sri Lankan refugees remains ambiguous.

Most refugees have refused to go back to Sri Lanka saying the government there has not come up with a clear plan for their reintegration. Many lost everything in the war and cannot see how they would restart their lives. [But they could restart their lives in Australia, where they don't even speak the language?]


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