Sunday, July 03, 2016

Federal election result: Dr Goebbels lives on in the ALP

The ALP have received a swing their way on the back of their central campaign theme that Mr Turnbull would privatize Medicare.  No matter how often and how vehemently Turnbull and other Liberals denied it, Shorten kept asserting it.  He has obviously learned from Dr. Goebbels: "Tell a big enough lie often enough and people will believe it".  And Hitler applied that specifically to the Left.  He described his Marxist adversaries as "lying with a virtuosity that would bend iron beams".

Australia has been ranked as one of the most tolerant and inclusive countries in the world in an international survey

A major reason why it is tolerant is that our government has immigration under control -- unlike Britain and Europe.  So Australia does not have to put up with the foul  behavior seen in Europe from Muslim refugees

It also scored highly in personal rights - a measure of freedom of speech, movement and political rights - and is the fourth most 'socially advanced nation' behind Finland, Canada and Denmark, reported the Daily Telegraph.

The Social Progress Index, developed with the Harvard Business School, compared Australia to 132 other nations on 53 indicators.

Australia also rated well for access to advanced education, with 35 globally-ranked universities.

The tolerance and inclusion ranking, with Australia coming in seventh place, measures the country's tolerance for immigrants and religious acceptance.

Social Progress Imperative executive director Michael Green said it was clear from the results that Australia is one of the best countries in the world to live.

'On personal rights, in particular, Australia is a world beater,' Mr Green said.

Sydney University immigration expert Dr Stephen Castles told the Daily Telegraph new Australians with a good work ethic could still arrive and carve out a great life.

'Clearly there are some areas where people have a negative attitude and asylum seekers is one of them. But on the whole it’s a very positive picture,' he said.

Despite rating highly in some areas, Australia placed near the bottom of the table for obesity, placing 124th place, behind the UK and Germany.

Australia also scored a low ranking for its suicide rate and ecosystem sustainability, including greenhouse gas emissions, water withdrawals as a percentage and biodiversity and habitat.


'Disgraceful lie': Turnbull breaks his breakfast TV ban to savage Bill Shorten's 'Medi-scare'

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has appeared on Sunrise - just one day after host Sam Armytage critcised him for refusing repeated interview requests.

On the eve of the federal election the PM took aim at Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's 'Medi-scare campaign' calling it 'a disgraceful lie'.

It comes a day after Armytage let rip at Mr Turnbull for continuously refusing to appear on the breakfast show saying: 'His office always says 'No'. We ask every day. They decline every day.'

The Prime Minister was given 60 seconds to 'pitch' to the Australian public and convince them why they should vote Liberal, but only used up 45 seconds of his allotted time.

When asked about when the Coalition would make cuts to Medicare the PM denied it and said it was 'guaranteed' and his party would continue the freeze on indexation 'that was started by Labor in 2013'.

'We have continued it in order to ensure that we have more money to put into other areas of health,' Mr Turnbull said. 'If indexation was restored today it would add less than 60 cents to the amount that a doctor would receive for a consultation,'

'We're not talking about dramatic changes here per consultation, we're talking about absolute ironclad guarantee to continue our support for Medicare.

'What Bill Shorten has said about Medicare is a disgraceful lie', the Prime Minister added.

After the Prime Ministers interview Opposition Leader Bill Shorten appeared on the program to give his own pitch to the nation and answer questions from Kochie.

When pushed by the Sunrise co-host on whether Mr Turnbull was being untruthful about Medicare, Mr Shorten stopped short of calling his opposition a liar.


Tanya Plibersek: 'Waleed Aly must be smoking drugs' if he agrees with the Coalition

Tanya Plibersek said she thinks Waleed Aly “must be smoking drugs” if he thinks the Coalition has the superior child care policy leading up to this weekend’s federal election.

Aly came down in favour of the government’s approach in a segment on last night’s episode of The Project, deeming it the better long-term fix.

“We need to listen to the experts,” he said.

“They say that the current system is a total mess and it can’t be fixed just by tweaking a rebate here or increasing a cap there. It needs a major overhaul if we want to improve services and costs for all Australians in the long-term.”

Speaking to Mamamia in a Facebook Live session this morning, the deputy Labor leader said she couldn’t understand how Aly could possibly have come to that conclusion.

“I think he must be smoking drugs,” said Plibersek, “Seriously, there is no way anybody could suggest that.”

“Our policy actually increases the childcare benefit for everybody who gets it by up to $1600 a year, so everybody is better of on childcare benefit.

“And then a lot of people also get childcare rebate, and we’re increasing the childcare rebate cap from $7500 a year per child to $10,000.

“We’ve also said that we support the building or expansion of childcare centres in high demand areas, so that there will be more places available. We’ve also said that we’ll support extra out of school hours care.”

Plibersek said the fact that the government has spent just $9000 of the $185 million set aside for its nanny pilot programme, demonstrates that the Coalition is “incompetent and incapable of managing child care”.

“We need more places and more affordable places and we still need to focus on quality,” she said and this government’s been really trying to undermine the quality framework that we set up in government.”

Mamamia invited a member of the Coalition to participate in this morning’s Facebook Live session, but they were unable to provide a candidate.


Muslim Grand Mufti DEFENDS controversial Islamic preacher who says Allah will kill homosexuals with 'terrifying diseases'

The Mufti is right to do so.  In Romans 2:9, the apostle Paul says much the same thing.  And the emergence of AIDs, which is mainly a disease of homsexuals, is seen by some devout Christians as a confirmation of God's will
Australia's Grand Mufti has defended a controversial Islamic preacher who said God will punish homosexuals with disease.

National Imams Council president Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman said in 2010 that Allah will give gay people 'diseases that they have never experienced before'.

'And most of the diseases these days - if you speak to a doctor - he'll tell you the most terrifying disease come from what? 'From sexual activities... or also homosexuality that is spreading all these diseases,' said Shekh Shady, who controversially dined with Malcolm Turnbull at a function at Kirribilli House last month.

Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed has defended the Sheikh's comments and said he had 'simply conveyed a religious ruling'.

'Despite Islam's long standing position on homosexuality, which no person can ever change, no matter who they are, I would like to state the following,' Dr Mohammed wrote in a two page statement.

'That which Sheikh Shady has said regarding homosexuality is simply a conveyance of a religious fact which is known to every practicing person in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths.'

Dr Mohammed said Sheikh Shady had been singled out by Australian media outlets which have 'been involved in a type of terrorism of ideas against those who disagree with them' and are 'igniting fires, dividing our society, and spreading hatred'.

'We cannot describe those who disagree with homosexuality, or simply communicate a religious ruling that one firmly believes in, that such a person does not respect or accept others.


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Paul said...

WESTERN disease of (promiscuous) homosexuals. Africa remains the hotbed of (promiscuous) heterosexual spread, as does Asia. Maybe Allah mis-programmed his disease-a-tron, or collateral damage is OK if inflicted by a deity.

Anonymous said...

Australia has been ranked as one of the most tolerant and inclusive countries in the world.

Truly a wonderful country, with much to be proud of. And yet so many educational sociologists, and clinical psychs and counsellors continue to tell Australians that "We have so much to be ashamed of".

Its men that they are referring to of course, not women, white men, and white men know the reference to shame applies to themselves, not to women. Depression associated with guilt and shame (as it so often is) naturally takes on applied guilt, particularly guilt from loved ones, authoritatively applied guilt and most particularly socially applied guilt. Applied guilt compounds personal guilt and shame. Socially applied guilt and shame can easily push depressed men over the edge to suicide. Feminist psychs know this very well, that an emotional state is exacerbated by applying more of the same state, yet they continue to drop the line or the concept whenever they get the chance, to students, to the public through social change/shame programs, and to clients. Feminist psychs want more male suicides.

Anonymous said...

Male homosexual sex is widespread in Africa. Men use it to make other men subordinate and obedient, particularly to join revolutionary and warlord action, to get a man to do what he may not want to do. After being raped he must do as he is told, and he does.