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Andrew Forrest says the Greens are the ‘party for paedophiles’ for not supporting the cashless debit card

It's a credit to him that Twiggy really cares about the suffering brought to Aboriginal communities by alcohol  Most people, even governments, seem to have given up the Aboriginal situation as "too hard" but Twiggy hasn't given up.  Below is an old Greenie bag nemed Rachel Siewert who rejects Twiggy's concerns.  But Greenies don't care about anyone, black or white.  To them "people are pollution"

BILLIONAIRE Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has labelled the Greens “the party for paedophiles” for failing to support a cashless debit card for welfare recipients.

Mr Forrest has long supported such a card believing it would stop welfare payments being spent on drugs and alcohol. This week he travelled to Canberra to show Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten CCTV footage of unconscious children being assaulted.

The Greens refused to attend the screening for reasons Mr Forrest dubbed “human rights horsesh*t”.

“I have to hold the Greens accountable here; the Greens might as well be the party for paedophiles, the party for child sex abusers — you’re the party of human rights and you’ve forgotten the human rights of children, just call yourself the party for paedophiles,” he said, according to Fairfax Media. “While we play politics, Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, the cross benches, kids are dying and the instant someone plays politics, you literally consign another life to being molested, to being abused, to being kept from school, or worse, committing suicide.”

“I’m asking the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition to put wedge politics aside and come out and strongly back the little children in vulnerable communities, because quite literally, while Australia dithers on this, children are dying,” he said. “I want the government to listen to the communities. Governments are flat out listening to everyone else from the community from academics, to green politicians to people who don’t go to these communities, don’t care about these communities, and reckon they’re an authority on them, whereas we should just give the cashless debit card to those communities who are begging for it.”

The cashless welfare card is being trialled at two sites — East Kimberley, WA and Ceduna, SA.

The government has announced plans to expand the trial to two more sites.

The trial has shown a reduction in alcohol and drug abuse and some homelessness but about half of the participants say the card made their lives worse.

Greens senator Rachel Siewert dismissed Mr Forrest’s comments.

“Andrew Forrest tends to run bizarre commentary against people who do not agree with his ideas and this is just another example,” she said. “I will not be bullied into supporting the cashless welfare card and will not be dignifying his absurd and offensive comments any further.”


'My rights are not a game!' Outrage as Sportsbet offers odds on outcome of Australia's postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage

It's one of the most important issues in Australian politics today - but should gambling agencies really be having a bet each way?

Members of the LGBT community and supporters of same-sex marriage have expressed outrage after discovering Sportsbet is now offering odds on the results of Australia's controversial postal plebiscite.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed the plebiscite on the issue after the Senate rejected the same-sex marriage vote for a second time.

The Sportsbet wager poses the questions 'Will there be a postal vote on SSM?'  Odds are at $1.27 for 'Yes', there will be, and is paying out $3.50 for 'No' there will not be a vote.

The postal vote is understood to cost tax-payers $122 million and could happen as early as September 12.

A Victoria man was quick to call out the bet citing it was a 'curious' moment when he stumbled upon the bet.

Matt Davis said gambling is known to be a commercial form of entertainment to make a game more enjoyable for participants by creating 'an active element for the spectator'.

'Queer rights aren't a game, nor have human and civil rights ever been a game,' he told Daily Mail Australia. 

'It's outrageous to bet on the odds of something like that and potentially creates an unconscious bias.'

In a post on Facebook he said: 'My rights - my friends' rights, my family members' rights - are not a game; our (the Queer community's) rights are not a joke for you to gamble on.'
The postal vote is understood to cost tax-payers $122 million and could happen as early as September 12

He urged his friends to enrol to vote with the Australian Electoral Commission to voice their stance on the matter. 'Please take this debate seriously. Our rights aren't a silly game for you to play with.' 

One Twitter user who noticed the bet took to the social media platform to claim: 'This is probably one of the worst things I have seen all week.'

In addition to 'Will there be a postal vote on SSM?' there was also opportunities to bet on 'How many votes cast in SSM postal ballot?' with answers ranging from less than 5 million, to more than 13 million and 'How many in favour of SSM?'

James Kennedy, a member of the LGBT community, who is in favour of the same-sex marriage proposal, told Daily Mail he felt the bet was taking away from the seriousness of the issue but wasn't disheartened by it. 'I think it's trivializing the issue,' he said.

'It's really sensitive to the LGBTI community - however the probability is providing a bias I'm not offended by.

'Hopefully the odds are in our favour and the gays will get married soon enough.' 


Far-Left Melbourne municipality to turn itself into a slum

Thanks in part to a peculiar election system, the council is run by a prize collection of Green/Left nuts

A city council's plan for the future will allow the homeless or vulnerable to camp in the street and neighbours to go through each other's garbage bins.

Moreland City Council in Melbourne have drafted a general local law plan which has proven to be quite controversial.

The rubbish law will allow people to pick up items from the side of the road in the annual hard rubbish collection days.

This appears to be a popular move however it would also mean people would be free to rifle through the contents of their neighbours' bins.

People would also be allowed to use anyone's wheelie bins if theirs were full.

'No people should not touching your own bin at all. With hard rubbish yes to people taking away your hard rubbish for a few reasons its saves the rate payers money cos there is less to pick up and people rubbish can be someones gold so play on,' one local said. 'I don't pay rates for my bins to be communal bins,' said another.

'It's funny how attached we all seem to be our possessions even the ones we deem rubbish! Of course one should be able to reuse something that is left out for hard waste.

'One mans trash is another mans treasure after all. As for wheely bins - once it hits the kerb it's public property. I have no problem with anyone using my bin especially if the alternative is littering,' one woman said.

The new draft plan also means changes to who can camp in the street.

Moreland Counci spans from Brunswick East near the CBD to Glenroy near Essendon airport in the west and Fawkner in the east with the Metropolitan Ring Road marking the northern most boundary.

If the local law is passed homeless people could spring up tent cities in the area.

The proposed law states camping must be limited to prescribed council areas unless a person is homeless or is in need of secure accommodation or they are experiencing challenging circumstances and need support.

The proposed plan has been met with some opposition from locals.  'No don't do it, all the homeless people will permanently live in the parklands.....look at Hawaii,' one woman said.  'No ... homeless people will move in and then be hard to move on!' said another.

'No. No rate payers on Moreland will be camping out. But homeless and backpackers will at the expense of ratepayers who pay for the Parklands,' said another.

But others agreed with the proposal. 'Yes. If homeless people find somewhere safe to stay, ... that is a good thing,' one woman said. 'If they're not hurting anyone I don't see a problem,' said another.

The council will make a decision on the plan after August 20.


Ex-presidents demand Australian Medical Association retracts support for gay marriage

Five former state presidents of the Australian Medical Association are among almost 400 doctors who have signed a petition asking the nation’s peak medical body to retract its support for same-sex marriage.

The rearguard group, led by former AMA Tasmania president Chris Middleton, delivered a letter to AMA national president Mich­ael Gannon yesterday accusing him of making “false and misleading claims” about why same-sex marriage should be treated as a health issue.

“In the six days since the ‘medical critique’ was made public a further­ 368 of us, including 26 professors and associate professors and five past state presidents, have added our voices to this sincere expression of concern,” Dr Middleton wrote in the letter.

Among the signatories was Howard government minister John Herron, also a former president of the AMA Queensland.

Former AMA West Australian president Paul Skerritt also signed the petition, along with former AMA Tasmanian presidents Haydn Walters and Michael Aizen. Four of the five past presidents who signed the petition are AMA fellows, which is one of the body’s highest honours.

The Weekend Australian revealed­ last week that Dr Middleton and five other AMA members had compiled a report savaging the body’s processes in choosing to support same-sex marriage.

The report was critical of the AMA for not consulting the membership before it made its position statement on same-sex marriage, as it had done for other controversial issues, such as euthanasia.

The report said the AMA used flimsy evidence to argue children of gay couples had the same health outcomes as those raised by their biological mother and father. It also criticised evidence used by the AMA to claim legalising same-sex marriage would improve­ the health of gay people.

Dr Herron, who was Aboriginal affairs minister from 1996-2001, said the AMA should have consulted its membership base, rather than agreeing to pursue the policy after a meeting of state presidents at the AMA’s federal council.

“It didn’t do any polling on the membership of the AMA,” Dr Herron told The Weekend Australian. “And I don’t agree with the statement because a child deserves a mother and a father, not two mothers and two fathers.”

Dr Gannon said he understood why some members were disappointed with the AMA’s position on same-sex marriage, which was announced earlier in the year.

“I respect their right to have an opinion and it is natural that the AMA will produce position statements which are divisive,” he said.

“I expected a portion of our membership to be unhappy about our statement on marriage equal­ity and I was prepared for some resignations on it. But I am very happy to defend the process.

“It was worked out through a working group made up of federal councillors and other experts.”

He said the body would review whether it should have polled its membership base. “That is something we will reflect on,’’ Dr Gannon said. “We gave ourselves a lot of pats on the back when it came to our process on the physician-assisted­ suicide (position statement), the way we did it so carefully and went to the membership and surveyed them.

“So I think we will reflect on whether we got this one right. But it … would be fair to say that the respon­se ... has been overwhelmingly supportive in terms of our position on marriage equality.”


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