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Melbourne mother gets shamed for including a LAMINGTON in her child's lunchbox

A Lamington is an iconic Australian treat.  It is anti-Australian to ban it as well as being an arrogant know-all.  A lamington consists of a small pieces of sponge cake coated with chocolate icing and sprinkled with dessicated coconut.  I would like to see proof that any of those are unhealthy.  There is no such proof. It is just poorly-founded and now obsolete theory.

A Melbourne mother has been slammed by a school after she packed a lamington in her child's lunchbox.

The tasty treat was returned to the mortified mother uneaten along with a note from the kindergarten, Seven News reported.

The note said the lamington 'did not comply with the school's nutrition policy'.

The mother was told never to include a lamington in her child's lunch again.

This comes a year after a South Australian mother was left mortified when her three-year-old child's preschool sent home a note about the contents of the lunchbox she had packed that morning.

She had included a piece of chocolate cake for her child to eat during the day, which she quickly learned was against school policy.

People took to social media to express their shock at the policy.

'That's bad, Australia getting too PC!! It's a bloody lamington,' one person wrote on Twitter.

'Kindergarten needs to keep their noses out of kids lunch box! If the parent gives it to their child it's none of their business!' said another.

When her child arrived home, she came with a note featuring an oversized, red frowning face image.

'Your child has chocolate slice from the red food category today,' the letter read.  'Please choose healthier options for kindy.'


Senator and retired army major-general Jim Molan counter-attacks Greens MP Adam Bandt

By attacking Jim Molan, the Greens attacked not just the man, but the uniform and it highlights just how invested the Greens are in hating our country, who we are, and what we stand for. Bandt is just an old Trot who hates the world

Liberal Party Senator Jim Molan has threatened to sue Greens MP Adam Bandt unless he apologises for accusing him of being a war criminal.

Senator Molan, the father of sports presenter Erin Molan, said he had lawyers and financial backing organised ready to sue Mr Bandt for defamation if he didn't make a public apology.

The Greens MP said Mr Molan, who has a decorated 40-year military career, would 'probably be up for prosecution' if an independent inquiry was launched into his actions in the Iraq War.

'I would invite Mr Bandt to offer me a public apology,' Mr Molan told The Australian on Wednesday. 'If he publicly apologised to me for the statements that he made, then that would end the problem.'

Speaking to Sky News earlier in the week, Mr Bandt condemned Mr Molan for sharing videos by far-right UK group Britain First on Facebook. The retired major-general and now NSW Liberal senator shared the videos in March last year which purport to show Muslim violence in Europe.

Senator Molan has since described the Britain First group as 'scum' but has not apologised for sharing the videos.

Senator Molan told parliament on Monday he was not racist or anti-Islam and had shared the videos because he was against violence and anti-social behaviour.

Mr Bandt said Senator Molan was 'a coward' for refusing to apologise. 'When you share white supremacist videos and then you justify it by saying 'Oh, I'm doing it to stimulate debate', and that is the line that came out of his office, you are a coward, you are a complete coward,' he said.

'If there was a proper inquiry, in an independent inquiry into the war in Iraq in Australia, like there has been in other countries, I think you would find Jim Molan would probably be up for prosecution rather than praise for his role in the atrocities in Fallujah.'

The Fallujah campaign was heavily criticised for its indifference to civilians.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale earlier accused Mr Molan of committing war crimes.

He made the comment in Parliament on Monday night, and was therefore protected from defamation by parliamentary privilege.

His colleague Mr Bandt made his comments about the war veteran outside parliament and is therefore not protected from defamation.


Bill Shorten proves he is soft on people smugglers, says Peter Dutton

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says people smugglers will be back in business if Bill Shorten wins the next election.

Mr Dutton leapt on Mr Shorten’s opposition to the government’s move to cut welfare to about 70 asylum seekers from today, forcing them to quickly get a job or go back to Nauru or Manus Island. “I see Bill Shorten’s out there saying it’s outrageous, that they should remain in this taxpayer funded housing,” Mr Dutton told 2GB this morning.

“If Mr Shorten was elected prime minister people would come here from Manus and Nauru. The people smugglers would be rubbing their hands together and the boats would restart. That’s the reality.”

Mr Shorten yesterday described the government’s plan as “cowardly and cruel” and Malcolm Turnbull’s “weakest move yet”.

Mr Dutton this morning stridently defended the move to pull welfare from asylum seekers, arguing they were only supposed to come here to receive medical treatment. They remained in Australia because of legal injunctions lodged by social justice lawyers which prevented the government sending them back offshore, he said.

“These are the people that have paid money to people smugglers. They’re part of the 50,000 people who came on the 800 boats under Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard,” Mr Dutton said.

“They’ve required medical assistance or they’ve been supporting someone who requires medical assistance. The medical assistance has been provided and there is no need for them to remain in Australia and yet through these legal moves, they’ve found themselves a way.”

Treasurer Scott Morrison said Mr Shorten’s opposition to the move showed that “Labor never, ever gets it”. “This is a targeted change to around about less than 70 people who gamed the system to get to Australia, now are trying to lock themselves out of being sent back to Nauru or Manus, and to stay here at taxpayers’ expense and taxpayer-funded housing and Bill Shorten thinks that’s okay,” Mr Morrison said.

“He just doesn’t get it, that’s why Labor can never, ever be trusted on border protection. I know first-hand the calls you have to make to keep borders strong in Australia and I can assure you, he can’t do it. He doesn’t get it.”

Mr Dutton said the legal injunctions which kept asylum seekers in Australia were part of a politically correct culture, which was also responsible for calls to remove statues in Sydney of Captain James Cook and Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

“It extends into some of our major law firms where part of their social justice agenda is for pro bono work to be provided,” Mr Dutton said.

“So there are lawyers across the country who are providing pro bono support to people in this situation and they lodge their papers in the High Court and it costs the taxpayer tens of millions of dollars to defend these actions each year.”

Under the government’s plan, welfare could eventually be cut to up to 400 asylum-seekers who came to Australia for medical assistance. The move cuts the $200 a fortnight they were receiving and gives them three weeks to find their own accommodation.

Labor and the Greens have said they will consider moves to prevent it from happening.

Mr Shorten said yesterday: “Kicking people on to the streets with no support is needlessly cruel and really, really dumb. It won’t fix anything. It’s just hurting vulnerable and sick people for the sake of it. This act has nothing to do with strong borders or stopping people smugglers. It’s a weak Prime Minister trying to look tough. That’s it.”


Brainless transport minister in NSW

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance has announced that one of six new Sydney ferries, named "Ferry McFerryface", will be renamed, following revelations his unpopular choice was a captain's pick rather than a public favourite.

On Tuesday afternoon it was announced that the vessel would be renamed after one of the other nominees, Australian children's book illustrator and author May Gibbs.

Gibbs, who died in 1969, is best known for her books featuring the Gumnut Babies, including her popular 1918 Tales of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

Mr Constance, who favoured the name for its comical appeal for children, said in a statement that this wouldn't change under the new title.

"This will retain the vessel's appeal to our youngest customers while also recognising an Australian icon with a long connection to Sydney," he said.

"She was an amazing Australian talent and a generous soul to Sydney, NSW and all of Australia and I am proud we have found a small way to honour her contributions on Sydney Harbour."

Ferry McFerryface attracted just 182 votes in the $100,000 survey of 15,000 participants, according to documents obtained

Clean Up Australia founder Ian Kiernan, on the other hand, received more than 2000 votes.

As Fairfax Media revealed in November when the announcement was made, Mr Kiernan said he had been told several weeks earlier that his name would be on one of the new ferries. He said the decision was suddenly revoked when the minister changed his mind.

Mr Constance said at the time that the most popular names were Victor Chang, Catherine Hamlin and Fred Hollows.

He said "Boaty McBoatface" - the name that topped a British competition - and Ferry McFerryface were "the next most popular".

Mr Kiernan said the decision left him "deeply disappointed".  "If they think I'm not worthy why did they pick me in the first place?"

He wasn't the only person angered by the snub in favour of the minister's joke.  The Maritime Union of Australia called it "an insult to the iconic history of Sydney Harbour and Sydney ferries".

And it went down like a ton of bricks on social media.

The minister also tweeted on November 14, "It is not everyone's cup of tea, but the people voted for it so we listened."

On Tuesday afternoon, NSW opposition transport spokeswoman Jodi McKay said it was time for Mr Constance to stand aside as he had lost all credibility.

"He flat out lied about the competition repeatedly saying Ferry McFerryface was the popular choice when he knew it was anything but," she said.

An event was held last month to "welcome" Ferry McFerryface to the Sydney fleet.


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