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It’s rape if a woman does not say yes: Pru Goward

To be authentically Australian about it, one is inclined to ask if Pru has ever had a good root? There would be a very large number of mutually enjoyed sexual encounters that would be criminalized by this airy-fairy nonsense

Sex will be deemed rape unless a woman gives vocal consent, a minister in Australia’s most populous state has proposed.

Pru Goward, New South Wales minister for the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault, said: “If you want sex you have to ask for it, and if you want that sex, you have to say yes.”

Ms Goward said the state was seeking to enshrine the requirement for a woman’s audible consent in law, and that its main law advisory body had been tasked with reporting on how the legislation should be drafted. “Often you don’t say no. You say nothing, and that’s why you need to say yes,” Ms Goward said.


Banning plastic bags 'will drive up greenhouse gas emissions and HARM the environment': The government report that exposes supermarkets

Banning plastics bags could harm the environment by increasing greenhouse gases and causing more waste, a government report has revealed.

The little-known federal government report from 12 years ago warned of the unintended consequences of forcing consumers to reuse canvas bags if the supermarket giants banned single-use plastic sacks.

The Productivity Commission sounded an alarm bell about this environmental policy, more than a decade before Coles and Woolworths this month prohibited plastic bags from the checkout.

The 500-page Waste Management report, published in October 2006, argued reusable shopping bags took up more space in landfill than single-use plastic bags.

It also quoted a report which said banning plastic bags would increase greenhouse gas emissions because it took more energy to produce paper and canvas bags.

'The greenhouse emissions in producing a paper bag have been estimated to be around five times greater than those producing a plastic bag,' it said.

The Queensland and West Australian governments have banned single-use plastic bags since July 1, bringing these states into line with South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

The New South Wales government is letting the supermarkets decide on a plastic ban policy while Victoria is phasing in a ban from next year.

The Productivity Commission also raised concern about the inconvenience the policy would cause consumers and the extra costs it would impose on grocers.

'Banning certain types of waste and recyclables from collection and disposal could inconvenience householders and impose additional costs on them by requiring a trip to a transfer station or a chemicals disposal facility,' the report stated.

'Collection requirements could also raise collection costs. For example, systems with more than one bin require additional collection trucks and labour requirements.'

City of Canterbury, Bankstown Council and Randwick Council in New South Wales have banned drinking straws, cups, bottles from their events from July 1.


Blogger seeks relief from serial litigant

The NSW Supreme Court will be asked to prohibit the state’s Anti-Discrimination Board from referring any new complaints initiated by serial litigator Garry Burns against a conservative Christian blogger to the administrative ­tribunal.

Brisbane-based blogger Bernard Gaynor, a former army officer and father of eight, has spent more than $200,000 fending off legal complaints from Mr Burns, forcing him to sell his house.

Mr Gaynor has been the subject of about 36 homosexual vilification or victimisation complaints to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, resulting in at least 18 NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal cases, and litigation in the NSW Local Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court.

At the moment, he is the subject of three Local Court matters and one NCAT matter, and seven other complaints may be referred by NCAT to the Local Court. He wants the Supreme Court to issue a writ of prohibition to prevent the Anti-Discrimination Board from referring any more complaints initiated by Mr Burns to NCAT or the Local Court, and wants NCAT and the Local Court to be stopped from hearing the disputes already ­before them.

The Local Court last week agreed to put its matters on hold to enable Mr Gaynor to seek the prohibition order.

In April, Mr Burns faced a major setback when the High Court ruled the Constitution prevented tribunals that were not proper courts from resolving disputes between interstate residents. It threw out complaints filed by Mr Burns against Mr Gaynor and Tess Corbett, a former Katter’s Australia Party candidate from Victoria.

Mr Burns has filed more than 100 complaints over the years against individuals including radio personality John Laws and entertainer Rob Mills.

Despite the High Court ruling, the Anti-Discrimination Board has continued to refer further complaints about Mr Gaynor to NCAT, which has in turn referred them to the Local Court. This is because the NSW government in December passed legislation giving the Local Court power to ­resolve NCAT disputes between interstate residents, over concerns the High Court ruling would affect landlords and tenants.

However, Mr Gaynor will argue the Anti-Discrimination Board has no power to refer the complaints to NCAT. The NSW Court of Appeal last year found there was “no operative power” for the Anti-Discrimination Board to refer complaints about interstate residents to NCAT, or for NCAT to determine them. The decision was upheld by the High Court.

He said it was “outrageous” he had been forced to take additional legal action, at further cost, against the president of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board to enforce the unanimous court rulings. The “anti-discrimination industry” was “out of control”, he said.

Mr Burns declined to comment.

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman has said the “door is never closed to reform” of anti-discrimination laws, after it emerged Mr Burns had also lodged about 77 complaints against former Newcastle cab driver John Sunol, who has suffered a brain injury, leading to about 24 tribunal or court matters.


Bill Shorten spells it out: businesspeople are enemies unless they pander to the ALP

A telling moment this week, extremely brief, but concerning enough. Perhaps you won’t quite see it, but for me it was as clarifying as Mark Latham’s aggressive handshake with John Howard back in 2004.

To many, an aside made by Bill Shorten on Wednesday may have seemed peculiar but harmless. After news broke that a Tasmanian business lunch featuring the Opposition Leader was going to be poorly attended, Shorten said: “If some Liberal businesspeople would rather listen to their Liberal leader than the Labor leader, I don’t take it personally.”

There were 80 luncheon tickets for sale, you see, and only 30 had been sold. And so, in anticipation of an embarrassing moment, the prime minister-in-waiting showed himself displeased.

It was more than a glib aside or a snide throwaway line directed only at the Devonport business locals who didn’t buy tickets to the event. Shorten’s remark should be taken as a carefully considered and targeted threat to all businesspeople in the country.

Further, the comment reveals what we business types would be subject to under Labor. We would be serfs under the rule of the political equivalent of the “jealous and vengeful God” you sometimes hear about from overzealous Christians.

To understand, one must first appreciate the mindset of the typical Labor/union operative; and this is neither criticism nor praise but simply observations of union culture, gleaned from spending more than a decade working as an official within three unions.

In the Labor/union world every person one comes across is only one of two things: a firm friend or an enemy. Anyone who appears neutral is still regarded as an enemy because they are merely an enemy-in-waiting.

The motto is, if you’re not with us, and we don’t have hard evidence of this right now, then you’re against us and with them.

The way these people think is this: you are on our side, the side of unions and Labor, or you are on the dark side, the side of the bosses, the Liberals.

We are on the side of good and everyone who is not on the side of good with us is on the side of evil, and we must destroy evil before it destroys us.

And so for those who won’t come into the friendship circle, who won’t have “a relationship”, who won’t do what they’re told or who won’t meekly come to heel, conflict is initiated against them.

Then the colour and movement of the battle feeds the anarchists, the hatred satiates the angry, dysfunctional and disordered, and the prize, being power, is drunk by the narcissists, the war lords and the tyrants.

Shorten classifies all businesspeople in the Devonport area who haven’t bought tickets to his event as “Liberal businesspeople”. He is therefore saying, you people who haven’t bought tickets to my event are not my friends so therefore you are friends of the Liberals and my enemies.

Notice Shorten referred to “their Liberal leader”, not “the Liberal leader”. To Shorten, if you are not with him in the friendship circle, getting greased up and ready, ticket to lunch in hand, eagerly anticipating the benefits of a “relationship” with Labor and the unions, then you are against him, and if you are against him then look out.

Of course, it doesn’t occur to Shorten that the vast majority of business owners are too busy and possibly don’t even know the stupid lunch is on.

The vast majority of people are not interested in politics, and businesspeople, in particular, are both not interested and time poor. And, yes, likely, some don’t feel inclined to spend their hard-earned money on lunch with a man who is going to put their taxes up.

However, Shorten thinks that all those business owners who didn’t come to his event are classified now as part of the Liberal Party, which is why he refers to Malcolm Turnbull as “their” leader. And it follows, then, that these enemies of Shorten definitely do not deserve tax relief or any other help. In fact, the opposite, so people should anticipate, then, that if the government falls to Labor that a line will be drawn in the sand, choices will have to be made about whose side you are on, and for those who fail to make the right choice, punishment will be meted out.

One of the most depressing things I learned from my time in the labour movement is this: the union movement is a hotbed of hatred. People within an individual union hate each other, then as a union they hate all the other unions, and in their ALP activism they hate all the people in their faction only marginally less than all the people in the other factions.

Then, if the union movement is a hotbed of hatred, the ALP is the mutual hate society, and the only thing all of these haters have in common is that they hate the bosses, the Tories, the Liberals and their stooges slightly more than they hate each other.

And this week, the present king of this gargantuan, putrid heap of steaming hatred just revealed himself for what he really is.


The blackout State again

ADELAIDE’S coastal suburbs bore the brunt of severe wind squalls as a winter storm swept through across the state overnight, damaging homes and uprooting trees.

Emergency service volunteers from the SES and CFS were busy attending dozens of fallen trees across suburban Adelaide and the hills and roof damage to numerous homes.

One house on the Esplanade at Grange had part of its roof and veranda torn off and sheets of metal were strewn across the road around 3.45am.

About 5000 properties across the Adelaide metropolitan region were without power at 11am according to SA Power Networks — including Marryatville Shopping Centre.

By 4pm, power had been restored to all but about 1000 people.

Power outages were spread across the state with 130 properties without power on the coast near Mount Gambier, almost 300 near Tanunda and 59 in the Mid North near Burra.

SA Power Networks estimates that most affected areas will have power restored by late Saturday afternoon. However some areas may be without power until late into the evening.


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