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Vicious false rape accuser jailed at last

An email from Bettina SArndt

For years I have been following a terrible case where a young prison officer was sent to prison following false rape accusations from his ex-partner. Today that young woman, Sarah Jane Parkinson was sentenced in Canberra to 3 years in prison, with two years non-parole. 

I’ve made a video with Dan, the young man whose life she destroyed. It is the most extraordinary story – I’m sure one day it will end up as a movie. It starts with Parkinson having an affair with a policeman which leads to Dan breaking off their engagement. Boy, talk about the wrath of the scorned. Parkinson, with the help of her crooked cop boyfriend and his mates, embark on a crusade to destroy Dan and his family. False domestic violence accusations, AVOs, alleged breaches and then a doozy of a fake rape scenario where she smashes her own head with a brick, plants empty condom packets (very considerate rapist, using a condom, eh?) and then claims the cat ate the condom.

But then the cavalry arrives, good cops led by a female detective who’s onto the corrupt antics of the Parkinson’s police mates. “Don’t fucking touch anything!” the good cops warn the bad guys. Yes, I know… It reads like a very bad script for The Bill. But it is all totally true.

Dan is immediately sent to prison following the fake rape allegations – the earlier violence accusations meant no questions asked. He’s in a maximum security prison at Goulbourn, a very scary place for a young prison officers who knows screws get a very bad time inside. He spends four months in an isolation cell for his own protection, suicidal and knowing he faces up to 15 years if convicted on the trumped up charges.

Meanwhile, with Dan taken care of, Parkinson goes after Dan’s family with false violence accusations against his dad, planting stolen goods, all manner of shenanigans. But little does she know that the good cops are running a sting on her and her copper mates, tracking their movements. So it goes on – for five long years.  

My interview with Dan is pretty long but I hope you will agree it is an amazing story. And, thankfully for once it has a good ending. Not that Parkinson’s prison sentence is any consolation for Dan losing his reputation, his job, and having to move to another state, while his parents blow their life savings paying legal bills.

Please like the video and help me circulate it:


Ten Reasons for Australia to Exit the Paris Agreement Now

by Viv Forbes

It is urgent that all Australian politicians understand the dangers in the Paris Climate Agreement. Here are TEN REASONS to EXIT PARIS NOW:

The science is NOT settled - hundreds of scientists in Australia and thousands more throughout the world reject the theory that human production of carbon dioxide is driving dangerous global warming. And the 102 computerised climate models have always predicted more warming than has occurred. (They got it right once, 39 years ago.)

There is no unusual global warming. Since the last ice age ended there have been warm eras hotter than today’s modern warming – the warm peaks are getting lower, not higher. Climate has always changed in response to forces far greater than human activities. The endless procession of man-made scare campaigns about cooling, warming, ice melting, sea levels, ocean acidity, cyclones and droughts have all proved false.

Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant – it is an invisible natural gas that supplies the whole food chain. More carbon dioxide is beneficial to the biosphere - forests, grasses and crops grow better thus benefitting all animal life that relies on plants.

The populous world nations are unlikely to curb their CO2 emissions – China, India, Russia, Brazil, USA, Japan, SE Asia, Indonesia, Africa and the Arab world will ignore Paris limits.

Despite 20 years of favourable promotion, subsidies, taxes, targets and propaganda the contribution of the intermittent energy producers (wind and solar) to world energy supplies is trivial – about 3% (see if you can find “solar” in the graph below.)

Australian energy policies, taxes and targets are making electricity more costly and less reliable, hurting consumers and driving industry off-shore. And once they have ruined electricity and coal their next targets will be agriculture and motorists.

With no nuclear power, no geothermal power, limited hydro potential and increasing barriers to gas exploration, Australia has few options except coal for cheap reliable grid power, and oil products for transport.

With a huge continent, a small population and heavy reliance on exports, each Australian will be heavily penalised by the Paris Agreement for the emissions associated with exports consumed by others.

Compliance with the Paris Agreement will destroy industries and jobs, encourage bureaucracy and transfer controls and money to affiliates of the United Nations.

Should the world experience even modest cooling in the decades ahead Australia will urgently need increased supply of reliable power for homes and industry and the global atmosphere will need more carbon dioxide plant food.


Radical new plan would force cyclists to wear licence-plate style 'ID tags' so drivers can report them for breaking road rules

Cyclists can be very aggressive and obstructive so should be held to account

Disgruntled drivers could soon be able report bike riders for breaking road regulations, as a new proposal would force cyclists to wear licence-plate style 'ID tags'. 

The controversial idea has been proposed by the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council, who claim that compulsory identification would stop cyclists from ‘unreasonably obstructing traffic’.

The proposal, which has presented to Tasmania’s Road Safety Advisory Council, was announced on TMC's Facebook page, yesterday.

It suggests all cyclists over the age of 18 should wear a number on their clothing or helmet so if they're caught breaking road rules they can be easily identified and punished.

The council, which represents motorcyclists throughout Tasmania, says the new initiative would target certain cyclists who show disdain for the rules, which they say is due to lack of ‘education and enforcement’.

Paul Bullock, President Tasmanian Motorcycle Council Inc, issued an accusing statement which alleged some cyclist’s conduct on the road puts other road users' safety at risk.

It read: ‘While the majority of cyclists obey the law there is an element within the cycling fraternity that continually do not.

'They obstruct vehicles travelling on the road; while travelling in a group doing far less speed compared to other vehicles, they will not move into single file to allow vehicles to pass.

‘Cyclists use the excuse that they are entitled to ride two abreast on the road, while failing to accept that they are unreasonably obstructing traffic, which is illegal,’ it said.

‘Despite it being legal for cyclists to travel two abreast and laws allowing other vehicle to cross double lines to pass when safe to do so, irresponsible and discourteous rider behaviour puts cyclists and other road users at risk,’ the statement signed off.

Alongside the statement, a lengthy list of traffic offences for cyclists were noted as well as the subsequent fines, if caught.

It was also suggested that the identification scheme could be funded through the road safety levy.

Bicycle Network, a charity which works to encourage more people to cycle, rebutted the idea, rebuking it as ‘poorly thought out’. Taking to it’s official Facebook page on Tuesday, the organisation wrote: ‘Every now and then a media commentator or member of the public will make call for bike registration or licencing.

‘It is usually made in response to an incident involving a bike rider and is put forward as a magical solution that will forever put an end to crashes and conflict,’ it said.

In conclusion the statement said: ‘But it is always poorly thought out, registration won’t stop crashes and registration doesn’t pay for roads. It would, however, stop people from riding bikes.’


Mark Latham's vow to end transgender self-identification and rejection of 'gender fluidity' as part of his One Nation senate campaign sparks outrage

One Nation candidate and former Labor MP Mark Latham's vow to ban people from self-identifying as transgender has sparked outrage.

Mr Latham, who is running for the New South Wales' upper house, announced the policy on Sunday - claiming it would prevent 'abuse of the school education system and official government documentation'.

The ex-Labor leader also said he rejects  'gender fluidity'.

'While there only 1,300 Australians who officially identify as transgender 'you would think there were 13 million,' he wrote.

But supporters of sexual minorities have criticised the announcement, including Queensland Federal Labor MP, Graham Perrett. 'He has nothing constructive to say about about Australian society,' he said.  'This is simply a shock tactic to extract more votes. 'I'm one of the parliamentary convenors for LGBTI and we take matters like these very seriously.

'Frankly I wouldn't give that guy oxygen. He is an embarrassment and I don't want to think about what he has to say – I'd rather watch the tennis.'

LGBT activist and Change.org Australia Executive Director Sally Rugg said government documentation for transgender people was already very strict. 'Transgender people already require comprehensive medical documentation to apply for new documents, AND extremely expensive surgery,' she wrote.

The activist included a link to Service NSW's website, where it states those looking to have their sex updated officially must provide proof from two different medical practitioners. 

Another Twitter user with the LGBT rainbow next to her name called the policy a 'sad open-letter attempt to appeal to the uneducated'.

Mr Latham said schools in the state were increasingly straying into the realms of mental health assessment - and teachers who spoke to students about them self-identifying risked losing their job.

'One Nation supports the introduction of a government rule across-the-board prohibiting individual self-identification,' the political candidate said. 'No-one in NSW should be able to change their gender at the drop of a hat.

'NSW One Nation believes in supporting biological and medical science, rather than radical left-wing propaganda.'


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