Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Boy, 13, horrifically killed after being emptied from a dumpster into a garbage truck

<i>The boy was Aboriginal so could be expected to not be very bright.  Low IQ has consequences</i>

A 'cheeky' teenage boy killed when an industrial bin he was sleeping in was emptied by a garbage truck was living rough because he 'hated his foster home'.

Spencer Benbolt Junior, known as to his loved ones as Budda, and two other Indigenous children, aged 11 and 12, were inside the dumpster near McDonald's in Port Lincoln on South Australia's west coast when it was emptied at 5.20am on Tuesday.

Police say the 12-year-old managed to escape the bin and frantically started banging on the window to stop the driver, but his two friends had already fallen into the truck.

Spencer suffered extensive injuries and died at the scene, while the youngest was unharmed.

Spencer's friend Dylan Fox said the teen was sleeping in the dumpster because he wanted to get away from his foster home.

'They did not like it in the foster homes and stuff, from what I knew. He just hated it,' he told 9News.

Superintendent Paul Bahr said the boys, who are not believed to be related, had beds they could have slept in.

'It's fair to say that the boys had somewhere to stay,' he said on Tuesday.

'I don't think it'd be fair to classify them as homeless.'

He said police had spoken with the 'traumatised' surviving pair but had not been able to establish why they were sleeping in the bin.


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Paul said...

I recall an incident long ago outside Kuranda where three Black kids, after a big night nearby were starting the walk back to town when two of them lay down on the road for a sleep (yes, the Kennedy highway), because why not? One thought this was a bit foolish so he lay himself down on the verge instead. When the car breasted the hill and saw the bodies it took evasive action and veered onto the verge, and guess who finished up his life in ICU?

They are not rocket surgeons.