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Nearly all of Australia's coral reefs are at risk of being wiped out in less than two decades

There is NO evidence given for this. It's just a Warmist claim, possibly based on models but that is guesswork, not evidence

The idea that warming is bad for corals is completely unscientific anyway. Barrier reef corals are most diverse in the Torres strait, which is the WARMEST part of the reef. Like most living things, corals LIKE warmth

SHOCKING evidence has been released claiming that nearly all of Australia's coral reefs are at risk of being wiped out in less than two decades.

The report by the World Resources Institute claims that by 2030, 90 per cent of Australia's reefs will suffer from the overwhelming effects of climate change like warmer seas and acidification.

It also outlines the threat to the rest of the world's coral reefs, with research suggesting that many could be obliterated by 2050 due to pollution, climate change and over-fishing.

The report encourages Australia not to waste any time in fighting the prediction, particularly because of the impact reef degredation will have on tourism and the economy.

Dr Clive Wilkinson, the United Nations sponsored Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network coordinator, urged Australia "to be part of the global solution to climate change, as our reefs will suffer like others around the world and this will threaten the $5 to $6 billion per year that the Great Barrier Reef means to the Australian economy."

"Australians have no right to be complacent as the vast majority of our reefs will be seriously threatened by rising sea temperatures and increasing acidification in less than 20 years," he said.

Today, 40 per cent of Australia's reefs are under pressure from rising sea temperatures and other threats linked to climate change.

However, 75 per cent of the reefs are in marine protected areas, which is a contributing factor to the improvement in fish numbers and reef resilience.


On Lizard island, the reef is as good as scientists have ever seen it

I have reproduced below just a few factual bits from an article heavy with global warming prophecy. There is a feeble attempt to say that the thriving corals around the Lizard Island research station are not typical but no evidence is adduced to show that. It's just assertion.

Clearly, from the actual reports below, the various "bleaching" events have not significantly harmed the reef. The prophesied doom has not eventuated. The reef has been in existence for millions of years, surviving all sorts of weather events, so it has acquired the ability to bounce back from occasional harm

There’s a friendly atmosphere as researchers mingle at the station, often alongside large taps that run salt water into the fish tanks. The marine biologists talk about their research projects and plan when they’re next hitting the ocean. One of the best places to sink below the surface is North Point – about a 20-minute boat ride from the centre in rough wave conditions – where PhD candidate Matt Nicholson and Durham University Assistant Professor Dr Will Feeney are filming fish behaviour.

Between dives, the pair say the reef is as good as they have ever seen it. Five years ago, this area was severely impacted by mass coral bleaching and cyclone events. Now, it teems with wildlife: parrot fish with their distinct beak-like mouths nibble at bits of coral, schools of blue-green and yellow damsel fish dart around, while Feeney spots a group of six harlequin filefish fighting. They stand out among the other fish because of their aqua and orange spot colouring and long, snout-like faces. Not long ago, it would be rare for Feeney to have spotted any.

Another sign that the reef is recovering is the branching coral that appears every few metres or so. Its budding branches give scientists hope this patch of the reef is slowly recovering from the past six years which have been filled with four mass coral bleaching events since 2016 and tropical cyclones. The 2021 and 2022 summer was the first time the reef had bleached during a La Nina year.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) listed the outlook for the reef’s health as “very poor” in this year’s annual report, with the agency’s chief executive, Paul Hardisty, saying the increased frequency of mass coral bleaching events was “uncharted territory” for the reef following the fourth mass bleaching in seven years.

WWF Australia head of oceans Richard Leck said the recovery of the reef was patchy. In areas that had bounced back, including Lizard Island and the northern parts of the reef, recovery had predominately been of fast-growing coral which limits biodiversity. Some corals can take up to 100 years to grow and so as climate-induced events become more frequent, the diversity of the reef diminishes.

“This type of coral-dominated recovery is one that is highly susceptible to threats like coral bleaching and storm damage from cyclones. It is susceptible to Crown of Thorn starfish too.

However, he says the recovery in some parts of the reef should give people hope that the reef is resilient and that efforts to protect it are working. He adds that the government should also consider investing its next round of funding into limiting the environmental damage from pollution and sediment run-off from agriculture.


Australian-Croatian TV presenter’s heartbroken response to Nazi salutes at Australia Cup

A bit of context might help here. The countries of the Balkans have been fought over many times. As a result, their people have tended to develop strong national loyalties.

In WWII the Balkans were divided in their loyalties. The Croatians sided with the Nazis and the Serbians with the Communists. So Croatians tend to remember that division and are not as negative about Nazism as are most others. So the "Nazi" salutes complained about below were in effect pro-Croatian salutes by young Croatians

Australian TV presenter Lucy Zelić has called for lifetime bans and a mandatory educational course for those involved in the “devastating and embarrassing” scenes during the Australia Cup final.

A loud chorus of boos could be hear during the Welcome to Country and also throughout the playing of the national anthem on Saturday night.

When the game got underway the Network 10 broadcast captured fans in attendance appearing to be doing Nazi salutes.

Zelić, who was a sports presenter for SBS until she left the network last year, took to Twitter to express her horror.

“I’m a proud Croatian. I was raised by two immigrants who lost friends and family in the war – my Aunty Tereža was tragically killed after stepping on a rogue mine right near her home,” she explained. “Our history is laced with much struggle, grief and loss but immense resilience.

“Growing up with an ethnic background, I knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of racism and was often told, ‘f*** of back to Croatia wog’. I was confused because Australia was my home and we were so, so proud of it.

“I was born in the 80s and was never raised to be a fascist, racist or antisemitic – it wasn’t an option. We knew what being treated differently because of your ethnicity, and losing loved ones in senseless war felt like.

“What happened at last night’s @AustraliaCup Final was shocking and simply devastating, and I didn’t want to believe it. It was the first time I felt embarrassed by the actions of my fellow countrymen and I wasn’t alone.”

The final was between Macarthur FC and Sydney United 58, which was formed as Sydney Croatia in 1958 by Croatian-Australians in the area and later renamed in the ’90s.

Zelić said the fans’ behaviour was not a true representation of Croatians or the football club, but its reputation had been tarnished.

“ … many of them appeared to be teenagers who simply don’t know how deeply the ramifications of their actions run,” she said.

Zelić, who is a mum of two, said she wanted those guilty to “face the full arm of the law” and also be required to take a “mandatory educational course on history”.

“Show them photographs from the Auschwitz concentration camps,” she said.

“Make them listen to countless stories from survivors so that they won’t pass on these indefensible beliefs to their children. Change, after all, comes from a place of acceptance and understanding and you cannot change what you don’t know.”

Other sports presenters also slammed the behaviour as an “embarrassment”.

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies have called for “strong action”, including lifetime bans.

“These vile symbols and salutes have no place in modern Australian society,” CEO Darren Bark said in a statement provided to

“They represent the ultimate manifestation of evil – an evil which led to the murder of millions of innocent civilians during WWII, including six million Jews and thousands of Australian Diggers who lost their lives fighting against the Nazis during WWII.

“Reprehensible conduct such as this causes immense distress to the victims of Nazi crimes and their descendants, whilst undermining our cohesive multicultural society.

“The fact that the Welcome to Country and national anthem was also booed last night underlines the contempt these people have for Australia and our Diggers.”

Football Australia said “there is absolutely no place for anti-social behaviour in our game” and promised “strong and swift action” would be taken.

FA said it was working with NSW Police and holding discussions with Sydney United 58 FC about the behaviour of certain fans, “which could lead to both individual and club sanctions.”

On the night, eight people were evicted from the stadium.


Aborigines are NOT "indigenous"

Prior to the threatened rewriting of the Australian constitution can we stop re-writing the English dictionary and the meanings of our words to suit the re-write of what being an Australian is?

Perhaps it is all part of the demise of our education system but no human is indigenous to Australia as Australia didn’t even come with a backstory of mammals let alone primates from which came the many iterations of the upright, bi-pedal, Homo species (Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo floresiensis, Homo Heidelberg, etc) and, ultimately, us Homo sapiens. All of whom were indigenous to Africa.

The first out-of-Africa population movement of Homo sapiens started some 130,000 years ago and travelled up along the east coast of Africa, crossed what was then a land bridge over the Red Sea heading to Sri Lanka, India, Southeast Asia and to a land mass called Sahul. Sahul was Australia, with Papua New Guinea still attached, that had been the last land mass to fracture from the Antarctic continent of Pangaea and head north until it collided into south east Asia.

At this point the slowly migrating African indigenes could cross (sea levels were 150 metres lower than today) in tribal groups to what is now Papua New Guinea then into our gulf country or, via the island of Flores, further south onto the northern coast of what is West Australia. That journey from Africa took small hunter-gatherer groups multiple generations until first reaching what is now Australia some 45,000 years ago.

That remarkable journey makes these slow trekking, out-of-Africa indigenous hunter-gatherer tribes, the first human species to be introduced to the Australian land mass but it does not make them or their descendants indigenous to Australia. Aboriginal – yes, but indigenous – no.

Marsupials are indigenous to Australia but humans are not. So, can we rephrase the call to arms regarding the Voice and delete the ignorant attachment of the appellation ‘indigenous’.

That said I would like to recommend a song and two voices that say it all when it comes to the human migrations into Australia. The voices belong to the late, great Judith Durham and her co-singer Bruce Woodley and it is The Seekers song ‘I am Australian’ that says it all and, with lines such as ‘We are one but we are many and from all the lands on Earth we come’, it should be our anthem. If it were, the call to divide Australians into self-identification groups might fade to oblivion as we all take personal pride in wearing the name ‘Australian’. It would also be good to be able to ditch the current ‘land girt by sea’ anthem.

We are all mentioned in that Seekers song. From those of the Dream Time and dusty red soil plains, to sailors on tall ships and iron-chained convicts on prison ships, to the journey from convict to free man, to land clearers/settlers/farmers/bushies, to gold miners and those battlers during the Depression, to Aboriginal artists and legendary horsemen through to bushrangers and to a swagman Waltzing Matilda. They are all there as Australians who have left their past behind in identifying with and belonging to this large continent under one federal government.

Is that the problem for some? Do they seek separation of the Australian government into race-based legislatures and parliaments? What gain is there in dividing us by ‘indigenous’ ancestry claims that may not have significant DNA support? Anthropological research from universities ranging from Copenhagen to the US, UK and Australia now estimate that of those original aboriginal tribes there are only approximately 5,000 people left carrying that pure-blood African DNA. That they arrived in their various tribes over some 45,000+ years before Sahul separated from Malaysia and Australia separated from New Guinea is an amazing feat of human resilience and venture.

But, now, those identifying as aboriginal are – just like most of us – a mix-and-match batch of racial identities under the umbrella title of Homo sapiens (aka mankind). To identify as belonging to only one caste of your ancestry is appallingly disrespectful to all the other allelic influences on your DNA from other ancestry that make up who you are.

Much simpler, surely, to just be proud of being an Australian that comes with the right to vote for what you want and who you want to deliver this under the one flag. That is all the ‘voice’ we need.




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