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Outrage after Novak Djokovic's dad posed with fans wearing Putin's 'Z' symbol and allegedly said 'long live the Russians' in Serbian

Some background is needed to understand this. There has long been a big-brother/little-brother feeling between Russians and Serbians. Russia once started a world war in defence of Serbia. And that feeling is not going to be cancelled by Putin's great folly.

And whence free speech if that feeling is not allowed to be expressed? I have always admired the enduring Russians, even while deploring the Soviets. I also have a patriotic Serbian girlfriend so may be a bit biased because of that

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Ukraine's ambassador to Australia has demanded Novak Djokovic's father be banned from the Australian Open after he posed for photos with fans waving Russian flags which are banned from the tournament.

Srdjan Djokovic was seen on video posing with fans waving Russian flags emblazoned with President Vladimir Putin's face on the steps of Rod Laver Arena.

He was standing next to one fan wearing a t-shirt with the Z symbol of the Russian military and appears to tell him in Serbian: 'Long live the Russians.'

The star's father was warned over his conduct by Tennis Australia bosses, but Ukraine's ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko has demanded he be banned from attending the Open and branded the incident 'such a disgrace.'

He wants Djokovic's father kicked out of the tournament, and at least the player's box, with an apology from his grand slam legend son.

He said allowing Djokovic's father to sit in the high-profile player's box for Friday night's semi-final against Tommy Paul would send the world the wrong message.


It takes the Left to transform a relaxed celebration into an outpouring of hate

They are good at organizing demonstrations. As you can plainly see it is whites, not Aborigines, making all the fuss

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Dramatic scenes have erupted at Invasion Day rallies across the country, with Greens senator and Indigenous rights campaigner Lidia Thorpe declaring 'this is war' to a packed crowd.

Protesters took to the streets in marches organised in every state and territory on Thursday as many are choosing not to mark the national holiday and are protesting January 26 as Australia's national day of celebration.

In Melbourne, Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe addressed cheering crowds at the Victorian Parliament around midday under scorching heat.

Ms Thorpe, who is an Indigenous woman and the star of Melbourne's treaty movement, declared war, in her latest example of overheated rhetoric.

'(It was) a war that was declared on our people more than 200 years ago,' Senator Thorpe said in an extraordinary speech, in which she said black women were still being raped by 'them'.

'This is a war. They are still killing us. They are still killing our babies. What do we have to celebrate in our country?' Ms Thorpe said.

The crowd responded to Ms Thorpe's comments with loud shouts of 'shame' as she addressed the massive crowd.

The Greens Senator labelled the federal parliament a 'poisoned chalice' while calling on protestors to help rid the country of racism.

The rally in Sydney was countered by pro-Australia Day demonstrators - wielding 'I Support Australia Day' signs - who were quickly moved on from Invasion Day protesters.

Police also intervened and asked the group to disperse and said they would be issued with a direction, if they didn't obey the request.

Speakers in Sydney made calls for Indigenous sovereignty and criticised the referendum for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

'We have a voice, those bastards in Parliament haven't been listening. What we want is justice, what we want is self determination and sovereignty.


The hate continues

A divorce lawyer and prominent TikToker has been targeted by vicious trolls just for telling her 131,000 followers about a restaurant's Australia Day deal.

Fidan Shevket - who posts as Fidan_tok - recorded a paid restaurant review on the social media platform and revealed its free prawn cocktail deal for Australia Day.

She says in the video: 'This Australia Day, January 26, if you book a table at Kickin' Inn restaurants, any of them, you will get a free shrimp martini on the house.

'I have to inform you of that as it's part of the collab-thing - full disclosure.'

Thirty seconds later in the video, she shows the starter and adds: 'This is the shrimp martini. Look at the size of this f***ing thing! 'You get one of these for free if you book for Australia Day, okay?'

But that was the trigger for a brutal hate campaign where she was branded a racist and personally attacked, and her law firm targeted with hateful one-star reviews.

'I am not a racist and my casual comments have been taken out of context,' the Sydney mother of twins told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday.

But just the mention of Australia Day and promoting the free deal at the Crows Nest Kickin' Inn cajun restaurant on Sydney's north shore sparked a furious backlash.

'You fat ignorant COWWWWWW!!!! Get your ass back on Tiktok and APOLOGISE! You w** looking s**t,' one told her.

She then recorded a second video to try to explain she was simply using the name of the holiday that's on the calendar...but that fired up even more furore.

'I didn't come up with the day Australia Day, okay?' she said in the now-deleted video. 'It is Australia Day on the calendar. I didn't make it up. That's just what it's called.

'Now, it's not called Invasion Day on the calendar. It's called Australia Day. So I'm allowed to call it that.

'Secondly, it's a public holiday. I'm allowed to celebrate a public holiday. I'm all for the public holiday. I love my public holidays, and it's a family day.

'So I will spend the day with my family and have a good day.'

Her Fox and Staniland law firm was then targeted by the trolls with a rash of one star reviews on Google where the lawyer was again personally attacked.


Most Australians enjoyed their holiday in the traditional way

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My day was very relaxed and pleasant. There is an account of it here

Revellers have let their hair down and celebrated Australia Day in style by getting out and soaking up some of the gorgeous sun, sand and surf the country has to offer.

Despite endless debate surrounding keeping January 26 as our national day and rowdy Invasion Day demonstrations attracting thousands in all capital cities, millions opted for parties not protests - taking the public holiday as a chance to relax and enjoy some picture-perfect weather.

Partygoers on the Gold Coast weren't going to miss the opportunity to have a little fun on Thursday as they caught up with friends and celebrated what makes us The Lucky Country.

Photos show Aussies enjoying the scorching 32C weather on the Gold Coast in their beach gear - most capital cities were in the high 20s except nearby Brisbane which also had a scorcher.

Peaceful beachside barbecues, boat rides and even out-of-vogue Aussie flags were in abundance.




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