Thursday, January 01, 2009

The juvenile Left in action

How amusing! There is an intermittent Australian Leftist blog called (for no obvious reason) "Grodscorp". Perhaps that means something to Leftists. And I have been honoured as a theme on it! See here. In good Leftist style, the blog is 100% abuse and mostly fiction.

I suppose I could object to them putting words into my mouth that I did not say but their hostility is so obvious that I can't imagine anyone taking them seriously. All they have is hate.


Maybe I should direct the attention of the emotional infants over at Grodscorp to the latest entry on my personal blog. A pleasant happy comfortable life in tune with its surroundings is anathema to Leftists so I am sure they will find something to mock there. They will undoubtedly have to Google Pickelhaube to find out what that is, however.

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Anonymous said...

Fame comes from when and where it comes. Do not question. Notoriety is always to be savoured.