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Offensive Muslim officer in the Australian navy being cosseted

Note the Muslim headgear.  A believing Muslim cannot fully integrate into mainstream Australian culture and it's just a pretence to present her as having done so. Both she and Christian Maj. Gaynor disapprove of homosexuals.  Maj. Gaynor was fired from the army.  He must be watching this with great interest

The military establishment launched into a flurry of alarmed and secretive activity over incend­iary social media posts by its most senior Muslim officer late last year, with Chief of Navy Tim Barrett ordering a subordinate to ­investigate and “keep close hold”.

Emails between senior officers, released under Freedom of Inform­ation laws, reveal they considered whether Captain Mona Shindy should be sacked, with a legal assessment comparing her case to another in which a ­reserve officer had been expelled from the service for speaking out.

The crisis reached the top, with the Chief of the Australian ­Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin, asking “did she ­actually say what is alleged?” and “did she really re-tweet this?”.

The moves followed a wave of controversy, detailed in The Australian, over articles, tweets and re-tweets by Captain Shindy, who is Vice-Admiral Barrett’s strategic adviser on Islamic affairs.

The tweets included remarks mirroring claims of Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed after the Paris terror attacks in November, in which he said factors such as Western foreign policy in the Middle East, the media and lack of ­opportunity were fuelling Islamic extremism. Captain Shindy mocked Tony Abbott after the leadership coup in September by pointing to pro-Muslim statements by Malcolm Turnbull, and tweeting: “Looking forward to a #PM that unites #auspol & #OZ”.

The emails, released on the ­Defence website following an FOI request, show Air Chief Marshal Binskin took an intense interest in the issue, often seeking updates, with one email asking: “Any feedback?”

In another email in relation to a letter of complaint about Captain Shindy, Air Chief Marshal Binskin wrote “any answer is going to have to be well crafted”.

The emails show that apart from having her official ­Defence Twitter account closed down, and being “counselled”, Captain Shindy has been cosseted by ­Defence spin doctors in her role as Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year, so that on the speaking circuit her message can be, in Vice-Admiral Barrett’s words, “cleared and controlled”.

The emails also include ones from Captain Shindy to her ­superiors in which she attempted to ­explain her actions, complained about a “bombardment” of ­adverse emails and social media attacks on her, which she ­described as “ill informed, misguided and offensive ranting”, and asked for a personal assistant.

In an email with the subject line “External Email Bombardment and Request for Support” to Vice-Admiral Barrett and his chief of staff, dated December 4, Captain Shindy wrote: “I would very much appreciate a dedicated media, communications savvy personal assistant who can help me selectively accept high-impact engagements, assist with speech writing and effective messaging, help manage my diary to balance work commitments and my personal wellbeing, and protect my personal and professional interests when it comes to managing me as a ‘commodity’ and addressing the inevitable vitriol.”

Captain Shindy also once wrote in a published article that Western governments had a “double standard” of not bringing ­Israel to justice over its occupation of Palestinian territories while being quick to go to war in Iraq, and retweeted Mufti Musa Ismail Menk, the top Islamic cleric of Zimbabwe, who had taunted gays as being lower than animals, ­describing him as “always a source of wisdom”.

The documents show Captain Shindy sent an email to Vice ­Admiral Barrett, saying she had “no idea” about the “totality” of the Mufti’s Twitter feed, and that now that she knew of his comments about homosexuality being “filthy” she did not agree with them.

But she said a line she quoted from Mufti Menk following the Paris attacks, which said in part “the noise around us often makes it hard to know what’s going on ... So speak less & listen more”, was “to my mind ... a pretty harmless piece of commonsense”.

Captain Shindy is a respected 26-year veteran of the navy and until recently the head of its ­Guided Missile Frigate Program.

The documents include what appears to be a legal assessment comparing Captain Shindy’s case with that of a reservist officer whose name was redacted, but who is thought to be Major Bernard Gaynor Jnr, who was sacked for what Defence said were unacceptable remarks relating to gay and transgender people.

Major Gaynor won a wrongful dismissal case, which Defence is appealing. The assessment says that in both cases, “Defence determined that public comments were being made and social media used that was not in accord with ­Defence Policy” and the officers were ordered to stop making them.

But it says a key difference is that while the unnamed officer “did not desist from making further comments”, Captain Shindy “has ceased making inappropriate public comments”. The assessment concluded that no further action against her was required.

In another email Vice Admiral Barrett wrote of the “need (for) a review of our own social media products”. A Defence spokesman said yesterday a communications manual that would include policy on social media use was under ­development.


NSW cop  who 'blew almost three times the legal alcohol limit while driving a police car without a valid licence' has kept his job

A senior police officer who allegedly blew almost three times over the legal alcohol limit has kept his job despite being caught drink driving with an expired licence.

Senior Constable Craig Andrew Sear was driving to a detectives training course in an unmarked police car from Nowra, south west of Sydney, when police claim he recorded a blood alcohol concentration of 0.138 in March, the Daily Telegraph reported.
It was also discovered that the 41-year-old's drivers licence had expired a month earlier in February.

He did not make an appearance at Nowra Local Court on Monday when his case was mentioned, but according to court documents he did attend a serious traffic offenders course on Saturday.

According to the South Coast Register, Senior Constable Sear was previously in the Navy and had spent eight years in the fire brigade.

His case will be heard again in court on May 3.

Senior Constable Sear, who has been in the force for eight years, has continued to perform 'restricted duties' for the Shoalhaven local area command, despite his active criminal proceedings


Stupid "organic" woman who refused whooping cough booster becomes newest advocate for immunisation

An anti-vac advocate who refused immunisations during her pregnancy is now speaking out in favour of vaccinations after infecting her newborn daughter with whooping cough.

Identified only as Cormit, the Gold Coast woman discussed her regret at not agreeing to the vaccine in a video posted to the Facebook page of Gold Coast Health.

"Being the healthy, fit, organic woman that I am, I said ‘Leave me alone, I don’t need this’," Cormit said in the video.

"I’ve been a very healthy pregnant woman – no problems, no complications, worked, worked out, went to the gym every day, ate healthy, had no deficiencies, had a natural birth and somehow through the last two weeks of my pregnancy I’ve managed to get whooping cough."

Following her natural birth, Cormit went to the doctor about a persistent cough and discovered she had contracted whooping cough - which she had also passed on to her newborn daughter, Eva.

"Within two weeks the cough became pretty scary – horror movie, coughing to the point of turning blue, flopping in my hands, can’t breathe, running into hospital," Cormit said. "A lot of suffering for a little tiny, little cute thing that you love so much."

Having been at Gold Coast Hospital for three and a half weeks, the new mother said that if she could turn back time she would have gotten immunised.

"I got over it very quick, it was nothing for me. But she is into week four and every hour I have to stay here watch her going blue, watch her go blue, watch her cry, and give her oxygen," she said.

Australia is currently facing a whooping cough epidemic, with the number of reported cases quadrupling in New South Wales between April and December last year. In Victoria and the ACT, the number of reported cases doubled.

The federal government recommend the whooping cough vaccine for pregnant women, babies and children. A booster shot is recommended during the third trimester of pregnancy, as antibodies can transfer to the newborn baby through the placenta.


Residents say they aren't racist, they just don't want new mosque

A group of residents in Melbourne's southeast are adamant that they are not being racist by protesting the proposed building of a new mosque in the area.

At 25m tall and able to accomodate 500 worshippers, the super-sized site could become the biggest Islamic place of worship in Australia.

The multi-million dollar development proposal also includes plans for an Islamic school for 1000 students.

The City of Casey have already received more than 100 objections to the development.

Terry Ryan lives next door to the site and is concerned that his family home will be overshadowed by the building.

"It's got nothing to do with religion, it's just not a particularly pretty building," Mr Ryan told A Current Affair.
A group of residents in Melbourne's southeast are adamant that they are not being racist by protesting the proposed building of a new mosque in the area.

After an anti-mosque banner was smuggled into a Collingwood versus Richmond football match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Friday night, residents like Mr Ryan feel like it has become even harder to voice their legitimate concerns over the mosque.

"If it was a Catholic building, if it was a big Jewish building, if it was a supermarket, I'd be complaining about it," Mr Ryan said.

But residents in Melbourne's southeast are already fearful of radical Islam. In September 2014, terror suspect Numan Haider was shot dead by police at nearby Endeavour Hills.

Residents say there is no need for another mosque in the area - with one on the same road three kilometres away and another one in a neighbouring suburb, a ten minute drive away.

But Waseem Razvi from the Saarban Islamic Trust, the group behind the proposal, says residents should not fear mosques being erected in the area.

He argues more mosques across Australia will help to "stamp out" radical ideas.

"Mosques are at the forefront, are the frontline against extremism and terrorism," Mr Razvi said.

"Having a mosque in the area would actually make it much more safer than without having it."

The City of Casey are expected to vote on the mosque's development application in May.


Sydney University students claim they were left 'heavily traumatised' after they were 'violently pushed and viciously assaulted' by police during a library protest against fees

Defiant student protesters routinely claim police brutality when the police bring them under control

A group of students were left 'heavily traumatised' after police 'violently pushed' them out of The University of Sydney library during a protest against the deregulation of university fees.

Footage of the incident was posted online by the university's newspaper, Honi Soit, and showed officers grabbing students by the arm and pushing them through glass doors.

One of the protesters, Georgia Mantle, said police 'put me in a wristlock and pulled my hair and lifted me up by the ankles'.

The incident took place before the arrival of Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham who was due to adjudicate the Liberal Club's annual John Howard Debating Cup.

Students had been chanting and delivering speeches for about 15 minutes before police surrounded them and forced them out, according to Honi Soit.

But one of the protesters, April Holcombe, said no-one had provoked the response as everyone was 'peacefully standing outside the venue when police came and violently pushed everyone out of the building'.

She said police had 'viciously assaulted' an Aboriginal woman as well.

Another student Liam Carrigan added fellow protesters were 'nearly trampled' during the incident.

As a result, a security door at the library was damaged.

In footage of the protests, students can be heard chanting: 'Simon Birmingham get out, we know what you're all about: Cuts, job losses, money for the bosses.'

One protester says over on a loud speaker: 'We're education activists and we're here because there's a Liberal education minister in this building and he has the gall to step into this university when he wants to deregulate university fees.'

'Officers attended the Sydney University campus where a small student protest was taking place,' she said.

'There were no arrests. However a small number of protesters were moved on after allegedly breaching the peace.'


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