Friday, October 21, 2016

NOTE:  My normal posting time has come, only to find me  under the influence of both health and cable problems.  The cable problems seem by now to have been banished but too late for me to read much. There is a fair chance that I might be back in normal action by this time tomorrow.

My health problem is a post operative infection in the wound site -- most probably golden staph.  I am on 300 mg of clindamycin 6 hourly so that should help. I can control the pain with di-gesic pretty well but I have to be cautious about sepsis so my next recourse may have to be a vancomycin drip.

Either the infection or the remedies seem to be making me very drowsy so I sleep for long periods, which is probably a good thing on the whole.

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Frank from the Outback said...

Many years ago people only went into hospital as a last resort, it normally ended up as a pit stop on the way to the cemetery. The killer was hospital infections. For expectant mothers Childbirth Fever was a common killer and you caught it in hospital from the Doctors. Our ignorance of bacteria, and where it came from, was the cause. When the cause was recognised it heralded in safe hospitals with a distinct possibility of going home at the end of the stay. Basic hygiene has saved more lives than all the drugs put together. A few generations later the hospital is once more the place to catch a nasty infection that you can die from. I asked myself what could have caused this? My answer, which could be wrong, is once again hygiene. We have people working in hospitals who have never even heard of hygiene, and they make up the majority of the cleaning staff. The bacteria has got in once more, and like any living life form, has adapted to survive. It doesn't matter now what we do we have allowed the wolf into the fold. I don't want to depress you so get well soon John.