Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Furious motorist drives down a bike lane to hurl abuse at cyclists taking up an entire road

There is huge self-righteous arrogance among cyclists -- leading to a lot of obstructive riding

A furious driver who veered onto a bike path to hurl abuse at cyclists hogging the road has been hailed as the 'Australian of the Year' for his foul-mouthed rant.

The irate motorist was driving down Swamp Road, between Dunmore and Jamberoo on NSW's south coast, when he came across the two cyclists using the road rather than the bike path running next to it.

'What's the point of us spending this money if you're not going to use it, you f**king d***heads,' he shouted at the pair while zooming down the bike path.

But despite the foul-mouthed nature of the angry rant, locals took to social media to defend the driver - claiming the government authorities have spent thousands of dollars building the bike path.

'Who else thinks this guy deserves Australian of the year?' One local declared on Facebook - and dozens lined up to defend the driver.

'Totally agree with the guy in the car... there’s a great expensive bike track put in place, they are just being difficult bike riders,' added another.

'Cyclist should also be fined for using the road when a designated bike path is there,' added a third.

The video, which was posted to Facebook page CarMafia and credited to Thomas Harris, has racked up over 1.5million views in less than eight hours.


Hipster hotel sparks controversy after BANNING patrons from wearing anything bearing the national flag on Australia Day

I would celebrate if someone fire-bombed these self-righteous Leftist pricks.  Comment from a reader:

I don't like hipsters. They like to wear short back and sides haircut, full beards and try to look manly, but they are piss weak hollow replicas of their grandfathers who were real men and who understood strength, honour and self sacrifice. Hipsters are men on the outside and feminist women on the inside. It is not how they dress that annoys me, but that they all adopt the same mindset and pc attitude. The essence of manhood is to be your own man; is to be able to think for yourself. Hipsters do not do that. Their need to copy each other in looks, attitude and opinions shows that they are not men. Not admirable men anyway. Who can admire a man who just wants to be like the crowd, and be liked by the crowd. Honour does not need to be liked.

A pub barred its patrons from wearing any attire bearing the Australian flag on Australia Day.

The Newtown Hotel, in Sydney's inner-west, left some scratching their heads on Saturday when a sign out front informed customers they'd be turned away if the flag was displayed. 'Newtown Hotel respectfully declines to be part of the 26th of January as the land was not ceded,' the sign reads.

'Today there is a dress code and that involves no Australian flag attire and accessories.'

Some punters online were less than thrilled with the decision, saying it was 'un-Australian' to ban the flag. 'Can't wear the Australian flag in Australia? Ridiculous,' one wrote.

'But [it] will have a colonial style building on Aboriginal ground profiting money selling alcohol?' another asked.

Adversely, many were in favour for the move, sharing messages of support with red, yellow and black heart emojis, representing the colours of the Aboriginal flag. 'Big UPS (sic) to these guys!!' one person wrote with the hashtag 'always was, always will be'.  'That's awesome,' wrote another.

The stance is the latest in a series of political statements the Newtown Hotel has made in the past couple of years. Most recently, they decided against broadcasting last year's Melbourne Cup as a sign of solidarity against the horse racing industry.

Management at the Newtown Hotel declined to comment.


UPDATE: Hipster Sydney pub boycotted for controversial Australia Day ban

The great battery conjob exposed

Craig Kelly

To keep the subsidies flowing and the public hoodwinked, green-rent-seekers have peddled the delusion that the intermittency of solar/wind can be solved with ‘’big batteries’’.

This conjob was first sold in South Australia, as with their experiment of a 50% Renewable Energy Target descending into a costly farce, and to cover-up the fact they needed spend several hundred million on emergency diesel generators to keep the lights on just before the state election, with Hollywood fanfare SA announced they were installing ‘’the world’s largest battery’’ to save the day.

And unsurprisingly, the green useless idiots of the left have swallowed this hook, line and sinker - as rent seekers continued to go laughing to the bank to cash their millions from subsidies.

Well the performance of the ‘’world’s largest battery’’ last Thursday exposed what a complete con job it’s been - and delusion that we can power our economy on solar panels, wind turbines and big batteries is as dangerous to the economy as rabies is in a dog.

Let’s look at the evidence from 24th Jan ...

As wind power collapsed into the afternoon, prices in South Australia surged to $14,500 Mwh (they averaged around $40 Mwh before all these ‘cheap’ renewables flooded into the grid) at around 4.30pm ‘’the world’s biggest battery’’ started to dribble in 30MW to the grid.

The 30MW was less than 1% of South Australia’s total demand, and less than 0.1% of the National grid’s demand.

The world’s biggest battery continued to dribble out around 30MW until 7.30pm, then it ran flat, rendering it completely useless as peak demand hit at 7.30pm.

Meanwhile the emergency diesel generators (chewing through a reported 80,000 litres of diesel an hour) were doing the real work in SA, pumping out over 400MW at a time on demand - and they continued to so as demand peaked at 7.30pm, when the world’s largest battery had given up the ghost.

So at peak demand, in the renewables paradise of South Australia, 97% of their electricity was coming from fossil fuels.

Over the afternoon, I estimate the ‘’world’s biggest battery’’ delivered only around 100 Mwh of electricity - compared to 2000Mwh by the diesel generators.

The facts should be clear from the evidence that it’s a dangerous delusion that Australia can run the economy with solar/wind backed up by big batteries.

But sadly once leftists have been radicalised by green propaganda - evidence, engineering & economics no longer matter, because their belief is a semi-religious one based on feelings and emotions and their minds are closed to rational thoughts and logic.


Black teens terrorise staff, customers in Coles store rampage

A group of 14 teenagers believed to be African Australian have terrorised staff and customers in an early morning rampage at a Melbourne Coles store.

The large group of youths stormed the store at Taylors Hill in northwestern Melbourne just before 6.40am.

The youths then reportedly stole products and pushed some customers to the ground before fleeing.

“Police believe there has been theft of items, but no reports of injuries,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

There were no reports of damage to the store and the youths remain on the run, a spokeswoman said.


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I'm sure Africans in Australia could be sorted out with a 50/50 mix of Dettol and water.