Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Why are they hiding this violent attack from you?

Footage has emerged of a 16-yr-old girl being brutally attacked by a gang of eight Africans in Melbourne.

I have to warn you, the video you’re about to watch is confronting, it’s graphic, and if you have a heart, it’ll break it to bits.

But I have to show it to you, and you need to pass it on because everyone needs to see what happened to this defenceless 16-yr-old girl on Sunday at Southern Cross Station.

To think this gang was so proud of the cowardice behaviour that they shared it on Snapchat makes me sick to my stomach.

The scary thing is it happened in the middle of the day, in front of bystanders who did nothing to help the defenceless child.

How could you witness such a thing happening to a little girl and refuse to intervene?

I’ve spoken to the victim’s mother, and she says the worst part of it wasn’t even shared, moments later they dragged her daughter off the bench and stomped on her.

They hospitalised their victim who sustained numerous injuries, including broken ribs.

The terrified 16-yr-old is too scared to make a police statement in fear of retribution.

Police said they couldn’t open an investigation without a victim statement.


Comment from a Melbourne reader:

That a group of African females will attack a lone white girl is to be expected in Melbourne. It is also expected that the Africans would attack her in a public place on a city central railway station in front of rail staff and numerous commuters. For Melbourne's African gangs will attack whites anywhere, day or night. It is also to be expected that ABC radio and tv, The Project, and other news programs will refuse to report on such a crime, for those in mainstream media are committed to pushing the leftist narrative that whites are racist and blacks are victims. That Melbourne's police will not charge the Africans is to be expected too. And what is also to be expected, or at least likely, is that not a soul will step forward to stop such an attack by Africans on a defenceless white girl.

Australians were once strong, brave, generous. Now we are weak, cowardly, selfish, pathetic. Made heartless, braindead, emasculated, by decades of browbeating by leftist propaganda.

The girl will be affected for the rest of her life. Not by African punches, kicks and stamps on her face and chest, her facial injuries and broken ribs, for those things are superficial, but by the deep intense loneliness of being bashed in clear view of other people who could easily help her but do not. Her soul silently screaming for help while those around her do not help. That lesson will stick with her. That even her country's media will not support her will also stick with her. That Melbourne's spineless police force will not charge the Africans will also stick with her. And in future if she shows reluctance or anxiety around Africans she will be called racist and ostracized by self righteous whites.

Yes such Africans are savages, but those who did not help the white girl have the greater shame, the greater misuse of heart and power, for they know better and they had the power to stop it. They did not stop it because they did not want to. At least not enough.      

"Mr Incorrectness" strikes again

Polarising media personality Sam Newman has sparked further outrage after  describing COVID-19 as the 'Chinese virus' as he called for the official AFL season to be cancelled.

His comments came 48 hours after the former Footy Show host parted ways with Channel Nine, ending a 35-year partnership.

No stranger to controversy, Newman suddenly left the network on Friday following an extraordinary tirade about George Floyd during an online podcast.

The AFL season was thrown into chaos on Saturday after Essendon Bombers player Conor McKenna tested positive to coronavirus.

Newman weighed into the debate about the season after Essendon's round three clash against Melbourne was postponed, with Bombers players ordered to self-isolate until they can be tested again this week.

'Let’s face it. The AFL 2020 comp is a farce. How can a table ladder be set, when games and players are postponed. Cancel the official season and just play on to entertain the TV audience,' the Geelong Cats great posted on Twitter on Sunday, adding the hashtag 'Chinese virus'.

It was the second time within 24 hours he had referred to coronavirus as the 'Chinese virus'.

'Due to the Chinese corona virus, Essendon and Melbourne won’t be on TV this weekend. I know how they feel. Boo boo. #ChineseVirus,' he posted on Saturday.

His latest tweet divided the internet and sparked disagreement among his followers.  'You’ve deadset lost it mate. Take a spell!,' one man commented.  Another added: 'Wrong wrong wrong... Get a life.'

'I like you Sam for calling it for what it is! ChineseVirus,' one said.

'You should take over the AFL Sam and in addition start the Sam Newman Footy Show and let loose. I miss your antics and your full frontals, let em rip again Sam,' another wrote.


'There is so much fear in the lyrics': School children are forced to learn a chilling song about the killer coronavirus

Parents are furious after children as young as seven were forced to learn a disturbing song about 'people dying alone' from COVID-19 .

Year two students, aged between seven and eight, were taught the 'COVID-19 song' at Bogangar Public School in Tweed Heads in northern NSW for a month.

Outraged that children were learning the distressing song, Brenda Steel shared a picture of the lyric sheet to Facebook on Sunday.    

'This (the song lyrics) was pulled out of my friend's son's bag. They are learning this for assembly. YEAR 2. This is nothing but mind control to instill fear and conformity,' Ms Steel captioned the post. 

The song's morbid lyrics describe 'people dying alone, connected to family only by phone' due to social distancing restrictions. 'News was scary tonight, the future is not so bright. Invisible killer stalking its prey, message was clear, stay home today!' the lyrics read. 'We've been forced into the ring against this pandemic monster thing - officials set out to control, protecting the young and the old.'   

After building up fear, the end message of the song is for children to practice social distancing by not congregating and isolating when possible.

Mother Rachel Mathison said she was 'shocked' her year two son Kash was learning the song for a month before she found out.

'It's a very depressing song, there's so much fear in the lyrics,' Ms Mathison told The Daily Telegraph. 'I felt awful when I read it so I can only imagine how an eight-year-old would feel not only reading it, but having to memorise it.' 

'The song's made up by the school should now be sent to parents for feedback – it's actually a very sad day when you need to start monitoring the activities that go on at your local school.'

After considerable backlash from parents, Bogangar Public School Principal Muriel Kelly apologised to parents in a letter. 'It has come to our attention that the Year 2 song students have started learning is a sensitive topic,' Mrs Kelly wrote in the letter.

'The students were entering the Australian Children's Music Foundation singing and songwriting competition. 'To enable this to continue, a new song is being co-written with year 2 under the guidance of their teachers.'


Did Australia's Black Lives Matter protests cause a spike in COVID-19 cases?

Of course not.  Most of the demonstrators were young and the virus mostly strikes the elderly

It's been more than two weeks since tens of thousands of Australians gathered for Black Lives Matter protests and the country has not experienced a major spike in COVID-19 cases linked to the events.

Despite strong warnings in the lead-up, so far only four people who attended the Melbourne protest have tested positive to coronavirus and experts say it is unlikely they spread it to other demonstrators.

"We've seen more cases, but they don't appear to be linked to the protests," Professor Peter Collignon, an infectious diseases expert at the Australian National University, told SBS News.

State and federal health authorities echoed this on Monday.

The nation's chief medical officer Brendan Murphy told reporters "we probably were lucky to have not seen major transmission at any of these events".

And Victorian chief health officer Brett Sutton said the protests had not contributed to a rise in cases around Melbourne.

"I don't think the Black Lives Matter protest has contributed. We're not seeing people who've clearly acquired it there," he said.

The protests were held on 6 June and Department of Health material says the incubation period for COVID-19 can be up to 14 days.

In the lead-up to the protests, politicians and health authorities issued strong warnings and instructed people not to attend.

"Our message is very clear that the health risks of gathering in such large numbers and in close proximity are real," Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.


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Paul said...

Those who did not help the White girl were possibly:

#1. Diversities themselves in which case the "not my business/problem" approach would apply (Asians notable here, this is Melbourne after all).

#2. Could see that they were going to be outnumbered and probably be attacked and beaten themselves (and expecting no support from #1 for their greater fear of #2).

3#. Probably drug-related...deserved it etc etc (not my problem). or most likely...

#4. Don't want to be accused by the vagocracy in media and academia of being a racist/supremicist and potentially be pursued through social media and other channels, be dragged into a Courtroom (vagocrat Judge), lose job/marriage/home etc., or even on the day be arrested (VicPolice remember) and investigated for "hate" i.e. become the greater villain.

Paul said...

If the BLM nonsense didn't cause a COVID spike, then the whole idea of locking everything and everyone down is flawed, and should not have been permitted to happen as it did.