Thursday, June 17, 2021


There is no end to the perverse relationships that one reads about. There are innumerable relationships between men and women that depart radically from the "happily ever after"

I thought I might mention two such relationships that struck me as particularly perverse.

The first concerns the lovely lady below who was recently abandoned by her husband. She is Emily Jane O'Keeffe, a radio star on the Gold Coast.

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It completely bemuses me that any man could split from such a woman -- good-looking, bright, intelligent and completely in love with her man. She did everything to get him back but he was adamant.

There were even two gorgeous children involved. You can read all about it here

The second case has not made it into the media but occurred among people I know. It is just about the opposite of the case above. A wife had been very dissatisfied with her husband even though he was in most ways a perfectly nice man and very supportive to her.

She became more and more destructive in her behaviour as a means of expressing her dissatifaction. Then one day while he was out she burnt their house down!

So did he take the hint? Not at all. He was all concern for her and promptly arranged alternative accomodation for them. His rationale? He still loved her!

It's all beyond me.

And now for something completely different:

Police have charged a 53-year-old Kangaroo Point woman with murder after she allegedly stabbed her ex-husband to death in a Brisbane street last night.

Police will allege the woman stabbed him multiple times when he returned to his home in Ward St, Newmarket, about 7pm.

It is understood the stabbing occurred in front of the 51-year-old victim’s child, who is reported as being 10 years old.

Police will allege the woman stabbed the man in the back and neck, before he stumbled down Ward St and collapsed.

Neighbours rushed to his aide but he died at the scene. The couple split in 2013

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