Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Perth's October rainfall record broken after storm moves over west coast, bringing hail

Why is this of note? Because leading Warmist Tim Flannery predicted in 2004 that Perth would cease to exist because of prolonged drought. Another Greenie false prophecy. Perth is in fact thriving

Perth has recorded its wettest October since records began, after a low-pressure system delivered heavy downpours and hail to the south-west corner of the state last night.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), which takes its official records from its Mt Lawley site, the previous record for the month was 96.4 millimetres, set in 1999.

The Perth site officially surpassed that figure during the night, with total rainfall for the month currently at 119 millimetres, and there is more to come.

BOM forecaster Pete Klegg said it was the wettest October in more than 50 years if taking previous measuring stations into consideration.

"It's the wettest October, if we're looking back at previous sites, since 1965," he said. "So if we're going back that far, then it's obviously quite an unusual situation to get that much rain in the month," he said.


Scott Morrison ‘rejects’ Attenborough, CNN, Atlassian climate criticism

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected criticism from famed environmentalist David Attenborough, CNN and Atlassian over Australia’s climate change policy.

Speaking on Sunrise, Mr Morrison was asked if he was “embarrassed” by Attenborough’s comments that accused the Federal Government of being more worried about saving money than saving the planet.

“I’m not embarrassed at all when it comes to doing what is right by Australia,” Mr Morrison said on Sunrise. “Everyone else who doesn’t understand Australia, alchemy and the challenges we have. “We are getting results,” Morrison said. “We are getting it done. Our emissions are down.

Michael Cannon-Brookes, the Australian tech billionaire and co-founder of software giant Atlassian, also weighed in, describing it as “inaction” and “misdirection”.

But Morrison said he “rejects” the criticism. “We have already achieved more than 20 per cent emissions reductions and grown alchemy by 45 per cent”. “So we’re getting this done. They might like how we’re doing it but we are getting results,” Mr Morrison said.

“Australia’s actions and results speak more than the words of others and we are getting it done, Australians wanted done but they don’t want to throw their livelihoods away.”

The British prime minister tweeted that he looked forward to welcoming Mr Morrison to Glasgow next week.

“Great to see Australia commit to reach net zero by 2050. They join a growing club – over 80 per cent of the global economy is now committed to net zero,” Mr Johnson said.

Meanwhile, the EU Commissioner’s Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis called Australia’s net zero commitment a “positive signal”.


COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to be available in supermarkets from November

The tests, which can deliver a result in around 15 minutes, will be available in-store and for delivery from November 1.

In a statement, Woolworths said the kits could already be pre-ordered and would sell for between $10 and $15 per test.

"Rapid antigen testing is helping protect our distribution centre team members across Australia from COVID-19," a Woolworths spokesperson said.

"We're now looking to stock at-home self-test kits, which have been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, in selected stores from early November."

A Coles spokesperson said the tests would initially be stocked in all states except South Australia and Western Australia.

Rapid antigen tests are already used widely in Europe and the United States. They are cheaper but less reliable than the PCR tests which are currently used.

The TGA has already approved 33 rapid antigen tests for use under the supervision of health professionals. They are already being used by some businesses.

In September, federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said home testing would be available in Australia from November 1.


Australian regulator wants Facebook to censor a political party

Australia’s medical regulator has written to Google and Facebook to ask for the removal of “seriously misleading” posts from Clive Palmer’s political party.

In a letter, the boss of the Therapeutic Goods Administration asked the digital giants to remove the content from the United Australia Party, citing their selective use of the regulator’s data on adverse vaccine events.

“As you may be aware, the TGA has expressed concern about material promoted on social media, including YouTube by the United Australia Party which we believe provides a seriously misleading picture of the safety of Covid-19 vaccines and could discourage individuals and their families from becoming vaccinated,” Adjunct Professor John Skerritt wrote.

“Extracts of information have been selectively taken … and have been presented in such a way on social media that many could conclude that the vaccines have been responsible for several hundred deaths in Australia.

“Over the last couple of years the TGA has worked successfully with YouTube to remove advertising that allegedly was in breach of the Therapeutic Goods Act and Code, such as promotion of fraudulent products that claimed to treat Covid-19.

“While for the reasons described above, the communications from the UAP do not fit into the category of advertising, I would ask you to consider removing such communications as they undermine Australia‘s vaccination campaign and are not in the public interest.”

Professor Skerritt tabled the letters during a Senate estimates hearing on Wednesday.

The TGA’s request is yet another escalation in the ongoing back and forth between the regulator and the UAP.

Just last month the TGA launched legal action against UAP leader Craig Kelly for unsolicited text messages containing similar misleading information.

“It is alleged that extracts were selectively taken from the Database of Adverse Event Notifications on the TGA website by the United Australia Party and used by the United Australia Party in text messages to members of the public,” the statement said.

In a tweet, Mr Kelly taunted the TGA to “bring it on fellas”.

Mr Kelly’s Facebook page was removed from April for repeated breaches of the social media giant’s misinformation policy.




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Paul said...

The TGA is deeply corrupted and has set vaccine reaction criteria that excludes most cases from reporting. This is no accident.

If doctors are to report what they are witnessing they will find themselves referred to APHRA which as a star-chamber-type organisation that will destroy their careers. One doesn't even have to be found negligent for anything. The fact of their having been an APHRA investigation has a chilling effect on employment prospects. This has already started happening, and this is why vaccine injuries are being grossly under-reported. Medical practice has been completely subsumed by the State via the registering body and the corrupt "Best Practice" model of care, meaning doctors don't use their training, they just look up the official algorithm. These shots would not have passed first-round testing, in normal s, is their appalling side-effect profile. As it is now, the risk-benefit analysis favours catching COVID over taking the shots for younger, currently healthy people. Young people with obvious cardiac complications from vaccines (chest pain, tachyarrhythmias) are being dismissed with an "anxiety" diagnosis. Nurses in EDs around the country are seeing a handful presenting every shift, and they say that the doctors refuse when they ask them about reporting to the TGA. It is far worse than everyone thinks, such is the state of our worthless, corrupt media, and deeply corrupted ruling classes.