Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The moral vacuum that is the Left

Their claim to care is revealed as mere pretence. Just as they once excused Soviet slaughter, they now excuse Muslim slaughter

Recent events in the Middle East and the limp-wristed response by some of our most senior elected representatives to the slaughter of the innocents that took place in Israel at the hands of Hamas show that

The response by Labor frontbenchers such as Tony Burke and Chris Bowen was muted at best and fell well short of outright condemnation.

It’s no coincidence that their electorates contain a significant Muslim population, so was it with an eye of the next election and their political survival that they failed to denounce the atrocity in the strongest possible terms lest it cost them votes?

The response of the Greens and teals was just as odious, with some hiding metaphorically under their desks and declining to offer any comment at all when asked.

We have as a nation just emerged from one of the darker periods of modern times with millions of us accused either directly or indirectly of being racists.

We shredded these accusations at the ballot box by declaring that we regard all Australians as equal, thus ensuring that in the words of Bob Hawke that “in Australia there is no hierarchy of descent; there must be no privilege of origin.

“The commitment is all. The commitment to Australia is the only thing needful to be a true Australian.”

Why is it then that while people will swear that they have never entertained a racist thought and denounce racism as one of the great evils, when it comes to calling the cold-blooded massacre of people murdered on account of their race and religion out for what it is, there are those among us who would look the other way?

Events in Sydney, with pro-Palestinian protesters chanting “gas the Jews” and preaching genocide have revealed that there are malevolent elements in our society that have no respect for our rule of law and who applaud wholesale bloodshed in the name of their religion or political beliefs.

These are the people who are not true Australians. They have no commitment to our country.

They abuse the freedom of speech and assembly our democracy grants them.

Civil libertarians have been quick to claim that the demonstrators have a right to protest, but when you incite people to murder Australian citizens – and it is absolutely clear that this what happened – you lose that freedom.

Can you imagine the outcry if a mob was to start yelling “kill the Poms”, “kill the Italians” or “kill the Catholics”?

The members of our political class would trample each other underfoot in their stampede to demand that the offenders be dealt with harshly, but when it comes to anti-Semitism and calls to kill Jews, be they be living in Australia or elsewhere, the outrage is filtered.

In Sydney, to their eternal shame, the police stood by and did nothing.

In Germany in the 1930s, the police stood by and watched as Adolf Hitler’s Brownshirts smashed and burnt Jewish businesses, dragged their owners into the street and beat them. Much worse was to follow.

Those who fail to denounce anti-Semitism are either blind to history or choose to ignore it.

Wokeism, alas, does not extend to anti-Semitism. It is not seen as worthy of attention by the virtue-seekers.

Will Qantas paint an Israeli flag on the tails of its aircraft to signal its abhorrence of anti-Semitism or will the corporate elites, who in the light of last Saturday’s result have gone strangely quiet, denounce it? Never.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was fond of warning us that if we did not pass the referendum, the world would think less of us.

I can assure him that images of crowds referring to the gas chambers of the Holocaust and the systematic murder of more than six million people will have well and truly damned us in the eyes of many in the international community.

It’s easy to dismiss those responsible as a bunch of ignorant clowns, but it would be dangerous to do so.

The Jews have an expression that encapsulates the horrors that they suffered in Europe 80 years ago. It is “Never again.”

It falls to those of us who regard ourselves as true Australians to make sure it never does.


Australian Medical Society Investigating Excess Deaths—Suspects the Population Faces a doctor-caused Crisis

The Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) recently launched an inquiry into Australia’s excess mortality: Unveiling an overlooked crisis. Throughout the medical system, the political system and the media, the fact that there are too many Australian people dying is being ignored. And the group of providers seeks to change that. The group has commissioned studies and expressed concern that mass COVID-19 countermeasures have led to excess mortality.

Recently, the society was in touch with TrialSite, sharing updates on imminent activity and events involving the controversial, but important topic.

This Wednesday, October 18, in Parliament House, Canberra, the AMPS holds an inquiry, addressing the alarming rise in excess mortality in Australia since 2021. This timing is of deep concern given the mass vaccination scheme occurred right at this time.

This inquiry aims to uncover the most pressing question: What is causing Australians to die at unprecedented rates? Why has the death rate rocketed? In response to the Senate's extraordinary decision on 23 March 2023, against investigating this sudden excess mortality, a committed group of Australians, in collaboration with international colleagues, has undertaken the investigation that, unfortunately, Australian political and medical authorities thus far have refused to pursue.

Delving deeper into the regulatory failures hindering the proper analysis of preclinical data concerning experimental COVID-19 vaccines, the Australian Medical Society reports serious shortcomings, potential data discrepancies, and alarming signals of harm being overlooked.

It is hoped that this investigation will in fact shed light on the inadequacies within the Therapeutic Goods Administration's (TGA) pharmacovigilance systems. The TGA regulates drugs and vaccines in Australia.

The analysis conducted by AMPS indicates that Australia is facing an iatrogenic crisis – one that has resulted from policies based on insufficient evidence. A bombshell of an allegation, AMPS alleges that the COVID-19 mass countermeasure response is likely linked to the death signals.

Conclusions from AMPS are documented in a book due for release titled, Too Many Dead – An Inquiry into Australia’s Excess Mortality. In collaboration with peers around the world, the group calls for an immediate suspension of the vaccination rollout, pending a full and transparent investigation.

Invitations have been issued to hundreds of politicians especially ministers; and to health authorities, medical colleges and associations Australia-wide including all members of ATAGI, the TGA, and academics in the health fields.

As a society committed to the well-being of all Australians, AMPS shares its commitment to ensuring accountability, transparency and justice, even when the facts may be unpalatable.


Leftist NSW Premier wary of Indigenous treaty after Voice rejection

Premier Chris Minns says no timeline exists for promised consultation on a treaty with the state’s Indigenous population, warning there were no easy answers following the referendum loss.

He said his government remained committed to a treaty process, which he promised to begin before winning the March election, but conceded “we need to go back to the table” after NSW joined the rest of the states in overwhelmingly rejecting the Voice.

Minns campaigned with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney during the build-up to Saturday’s referendum, and in his first comments since the vote he said he was “really upset” by the result.

But, the premier said, he “respects the judgment of the people of NSW”, and while he stressed he did not want to dictate the way forward to Indigenous leaders, indicated the idea of a state-based Voice, something he has been open to, could now be unlikely.

“There’s no easy answer because we have to make progress, but obviously the majority of Australians did not support that change,” he said.

“I don’t want to front run those discussions, but there are many different models that can show progress, whether it’s a legislative Voice, whether it’s a constitutional change.”

Focus has turned to state-based treaty processes following the referendum defeat, with South Australia insisting it remained committed to its own Voice to parliament. Victoria is also advanced in its own treaty negotiations.

In NSW, Labor promised to spend $5 million on a year-long consultation on a treaty process in the lead up to the March election.

“It’s important to note that a treaty in NSW will require a treaty with 150 different nations in this state. So it’s not a straightforward process,” Minns said on Monday.

“We made that clear in the election that some states had begun the treaty process nine years prior and still hadn’t completed or begun the process, but it was important for New South Wales to start.

“Now I’m starting our process in the full knowledge that it’s going to be complex and difficult. What I’m saying in the aftermath of the referendum vote and the decision by Australians not to support it means that we have to go back to the First Nations people and talk to them [about the process].

“There’s no easy answers when it comes to next steps. I don’t have easy answers.”

Minns cast his vote on Saturday with Burney, whose own southern Sydney seat of Barton sided with the No campaign by 56.4 per cent to 43.6 per cent. The seat overlaps Minns’ state electorate of Kogarah, and when asked if the result showed he was out of step with the community he conceded he might be.

“But politics shouldn’t work that way,” he said.

“And I promise you, my constituents don’t want me or the prime minister or any politician just to hold a poll, and then work out what you believe.”


Judge slams ABC ‘culture war’ mentality in Heston Russell defamation case

And no doubt what side they are on

The ABC Investigations team operates under a siege mentality and approaches investigations into ­alleged war crimes as members of a culture war, according to a Federal Court judge in issuing a landmark judgment finding that the broadcaster defamed former commando Heston Russell.

Judge Michael Lee on Monday awarded Mr Russell $390,000 in damages after the former soldier sued the ABC and journalists Josh Robertson and Mark Willacy over two articles that he claimed, through the use of links and his photograph, implied he was complicit in the execution of an ­Afghan prisoner.

The first article, published in October 2020, relied on the evidence of “ear witness” Josh – a US marine who heard a “pop” over a radio and asserted that Australian soldiers had killed the prisoner.

The second article, published in November 2021, said the Defence Department had revealed there was an active criminal investigation into the conduct of an Australian commando platoon in Afghanistan in 2012.

Justice Lee found Willacy and ABC head of investigations Jo Puccini became increasingly “defensive” about any criticism of their war crimes reporting, especially after Mr Russell outed himself as the subject of the first article and began doing media interviews with rival organisations.

“Mr Willacy and Ms Puccini had become defensive about any criticism of the October article and considered such criticism was emblematic of a broader culture war attack on all the other war crimes reporting of ABC Investigations,” he said.

Justice Lee criticised Puccini for cutting part of Mr Russell’s response from the second article due to her “perception of being part of a culture war”.

He also criticised the ABC Investigations team for getting defensive when the ABC’s own Media Watch program began scrutinising their reporting, instead of undergoing “mature reflection upon whether the reporting was fair”.

In December, Media Watch sent the team questions, including “Why didn’t you interview and quote another US crew member to corroborate Josh’s account?” and “Why didn’t you interview Heston Russell once he outed himself as the commander of November platoon?”

“One might have thought these well-directed questions may have resulted in some introspection and mature reflection upon whether the reporting was open to fair and legitimate criticism,” Justice Lee said.

“After all, these queries were not emanating from sections of the media that could be dismissed by those within ABC Investigations as ‘bottom feeders’ or protagonists in a culture war.

“But the internal communi­cations in evidence reveal defensiveness and a perception that any questioning of the October article or November article undermined the important war reporting of ABC Investigations generally.”

Justice Lee’s ruling on Monday marked the first time the public interest defence, introduced in most states and territories in July 2021, was tested.

Throughout the trial, the ABC argued that even if the articles were not wholly true, they were a matter of such high public interest that they were worth reporting.

However, in reading out a summary of his judgment, Justice Lee partially rejected this assertion.

“On one level, this is obviously correct,” he said. “But it is important to understand that there is not some sliding scale which means the greater the public interest in the matter, the greater the margin for error of what is published.”

Justice Lee said while Willacy was genuinely reporting a matter he believed to be in the public ­interest, “taking his conduct as a whole, his belief was not reasonable in the circumstances.”

He found Robertson had acted “unreasonably” in his interactions with Mr Russell, having failed to “procure all the information he could have reasonably obtained to assess whether what he proposed to publish … was sufficiently accurate.”


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