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PROTECT YOUR KIDS FROM THIS MAGGOT... because Magistrate Saines won't

Larry Pickering

Geelong Magistrate Ron Saines has just thrown out all charges against this Afghan illegal immigrant. Police had claimed he attempted to kidnap a 4 year-old girl by snatching her from her father and brother.

Convicted paedophile, Ali Jaffari (pictured) was allowed to walk free by Magistrate Saines although the repeat offender is certain to resume his sexual addiction to children.

Ali Jaffari was also found guilty last year of child molestation.

Magistrate Saines said he had “trouble” finding Jaffari guilty of the kidnapping charge due to "cultural differences". And those differences could very well be legally considered a "mitigating factor" in his attempt to snatch the little girl.

Magistrate Saines also claimed the case against Jaffari, "fell short of criminality".

According to Police Prosecutor, Sergeant Brooke Shears, Jaffari was loitering at a West Geelong cricket park where a 4-year-old girl was accompanied by her father and brother.

Sgt Shears testified that, when the father wasn’t looking, Jaffari grabbed the child who began began screaming when she realised it wasn’t her father.

Sgt Shears went on to testify that:

The little girl’s father heard his daughter’s screams and turned to see Jaffari hauling her away. The father then yelled at Jaffari, “What do you think you’re doing?” The girl escaped and ran to her father while Jaffari simply walked off.

When apprehended, Jaffari informed police of his cultural view on children: "For us it is not an issue", he said.

Jaffari had been found guilty last August, in the same Geelong courthouse, for indecent assault on a young boy and an attempted indecent assault on another.

After being found guilty of these earlier offences, Jaffari was ordered to comply with a "two-year Community Corrections Order” and to perform community work.

It seems Australian magistrates have more respect for the paedophile cultures of illegal Islamic immigrants than they do for our innocent kids.

I wonder what Magistrate Saines will sentence this degenerate Muslim germ to when he not only rapes, but murders, his next 4 year-old victim.

More community service maybe?


O frabjous joy in Tasmania

Greenies decimated

The Tasmanian Greens are divided over how the party should be run.

Re-elected MP Kim Booth has questioned whether his party needs a leader now it has lost two of its five seats.

Greens leader Nick McKim says he wants to stay on in the role, but will spill the leadership once the state election results are finalised.

Mr Booth says he will meet Mr McKim and Denison Greens MP Cassy O'Connor to work through the matter.

"Effectively you need a leader when you've got a larger team...I'm quite comfortable actually not having a leader," he said.

"We'll just be able to represent our communities and get on without the job and doing what we're elected to do."

The leadership question comes as the Greens look set to lose their status as a parliamentary party.

Mr Booth has taken the fifth seat in Bass, pushing out former Labor Attorney-General Brian Wightman.

The win confirms there will only be three Greens in the new Parliament, which means it could lose its party status and extra funding that comes with it.

The party's Lyons MP Tim Morris has been edged out in the sprawling rural seat by Labor stalwart and former minister David Llewellyn.

Mr Morris says the loss of parliamentary party status would be a blow to the Greens.

"That will be reasonably significant for the party and the way that it operates in the Parliament," he said.

"Yes, that's disappointing but that's what the voters have chosen," he said.

Mr Booth says it is humbling that he will now start his fourth term in Parliament.

"I'm certainly looking forward to getting on with the work that's ahead of me, but it will be an interesting Parliament, that's for sure," he said.

"The Liberals have a got a huge responsibility now to try and look after the economy of the state, they've spent the last four years throwing rocks and being particularly negative."


Brisbane is one of the world’s ugly cities says philosopher Alain de Botton

Funny that there are over a million people who like living in Brisbane.  Philosophers are well known for eccentric opinions.  If you look at the cities he favours, they all have a lot of nice old buildings.  Brisbane has few of those.  So his criteria would seem simplistic

BRISBANE has been singled out as one of the ugliest cities in the world, and an example of “chaotic ugliness”, says one of the world’s leading philosophers.

UK writer and television presenter Alain de Botton, known for making philosophy accessible to audiences around the world, has singled out the Australian city for abuse in his latest musings.

“No one looks at the waterfront of Brisbane, the capital of the Australian state of Queensland, and feels deeply moved by the grace and sweetness of the scene,” de Botton says in post on his website The Philosophers’ Mail .

“While most people find the centre of Paris wonderful and others will delight in the winding streets of Siena, no one on the planet responds deeply to the brutal cross city expressway and chunky stained brown office blocks of the city.”

The problem, de Botton says, is that people have accepted that everyone will have different views of what is beautiful or ugly.

“We have talked ourselves into the belief that taste is always relative,” de Botton says.  “So even though almost everyone on the planet thinks that either Siena or Paris is delightful and everyone thinks that Brisbane is a bit of a mess, we don’t dare to speak.”

But a problem possibly unbeknown to de Botton - is that he used a photograph of Ipswich to illustrate how ugly Brisbane is.

The Swiss-born de Botton is in Brisbane for a talk about his latest book about the media.

In a tweet, de Botton linked to his story with the comment “why Brisbane is the ugliest city in Australia” but has since deleted this as well as a Facebook post that said the same thing.

His article has divided the public with many agreeing but many others defending the city.

However, de Botton also offered solutions. He said planning restrictions in Brisbane focused on health and safety issues such as the distance between street lights, or how tall a building should be, but nothing about whether it should be beautiful, noble, grand or elegant.

“People who have no interest whatsoever in making any city even remotely beautiful or dignified can get away with some truly terrible construction projects free of any fear of being criticised,” he said.  “And that’s how modern Brisbane comes to look the way it does.”

De Botton, who has written a book called The Architecture of Happiness, said that cities which were beautiful like Siena, Paris, Bath and Edinburgh, all had one thing in common.

“In each case the planners in the past hit upon a pretty good basic model and imposed it widely. It wasn’t the same model. But they were all good enough.

“But in Brisbane - and a lot of other modern cities - there was a fatal refusal to select any model at all. So the result is chaotic ugliness - which no one likes.”

But is it that bad? Italian photographer Dario Cali’s timelapse of Brisbane released earlier this week shows the river city in a very different light.

Not only that, hipsters don’t seem to be put off by the city’s looks either, with Lonely Planet describing Brisbane as Australia’s coolest metropolis and GQ Magazine saying it was experiencing a renaissance of coolness.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has also jumped to the city’s defence.

“GQ Magazine and Lonely Planet got it right when they said that Brisbane is the ‘hippest’ city in Australia,” Cr Quirk said.

“Brisbane truly is one of the few cities in the world that has everything. We’ve got great weather, enviable green spaces, lively bars and restaurants, world-class art galleries and premier events.”

He said Brisbane was Australia’s New World City.  “And with the G20 later this year our city will be showcased as it becomes the capital of the world for a week.

“As a city we are distinctively proud of what we are and optimistic about our future.


Union thuggery on Queensland construction sites must be stopped, says Fair Work Building and Construction boss

HEAVY-handed union action is out of control in Queensland and the “rule of law” must be re-established, the head of Fair Work Building and Construction says.

The state has become the worst jurisdiction in Australia for unauthorised industrial action and “union thuggery”, overtaking Victoria and WA.

But FWBC director Nigel Hadgkiss has declared a sweeping crackdown in Queensland, including recruiting more staff, getting them out from behind desks and on to construction sites as well as naming and shaming union officials who try to enter worksites without permits.

The industrial watchdog has 26 open investigations, including 21 into alleged dodgy action by unions. This compares to just three investigations current in Perth.

Investigations include the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre redevelopment site, where CFMEU members were recently banned by the Fair Work Commission from strike action for five months for unauthorised industrial action, as well as 300 workers walking off a significant Sunshine Coast building site two weeks ago.

Mr Hadgkiss, who served as deputy commissioner with the former Australian Building and Construction Commission until 2008, was appointed by the Abbott Government last October to head the FWBC. He said he had grave concerns about union activities and strike action in Queensland but more staff and inspectors were being recruited and would drag contractors and union officials who breached the rules before the Fair Work Commission.

“We need arms and legs on building sites, visibility, rather than sitting in offices,” he said. “I’d much rather see them on building sites, fighting fire with fire as it were.”

Mr Hadgkiss said the agency would start uploading to its websites the names and photos of union officials who try to enter construction sites but do not have a valid right-of-entry permit.

“If they do not have a permit as such, they are a trespasser,” he said. “Contractors have a right to know who has a legitimate right to be there.”

He said Queensland was the worst jurisdiction for unlawful industrial conduct, particularly around abuse of right of entry for “safety” reasons, coercion, intimidation and no respect for freedom of association.

“I’m talking about head contractors standing over subcontractors, forcing them to have a union agreement, throwing off honest workers because they refuse to join. We’re investigating that on a daily basis in Queensland.”

Cold cases shut down by the previous FWBC administration are also expected to be reopened.

Master Builders Association construction policy director John Crittall said “Queensland is experiencing one of the worst periods of unlawful conduct in the past 30 years” and he welcomed the new investigative focus of the FWBC.


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