Friday, March 20, 2015

Good riddance to a pompous ass

Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser, a giant of Australian politics [He WAS tall], has died aged 84.

His office issued a statement confirming the news 'with deep sadness' on Friday morning.   'We appreciate that this will be a shock to all who knew and loved him, but ask that the family be left in peace at this difficult time,' it said.

Mr Fraser was prime minister from November 1975 until March 1983. [Eight wasted years]

He controversially came to power as caretaker prime minister following the dismissal of Labor leader Gough Whitlam by Governor-General Sir John Kerr.

Under his leadership, the Coalition then won the largest landslide of any political party at the 1975 federal election.

Gough Whitlam dubbed Fraser 'Kerr's cur', although the two would have a rapprochement later in life. 

Liberal strategist Grahame Morris told Sky News there has always been some question about whether it was a 'fair dinkum' way to rise to power.

In office, Mr Fraser championed a multicultural Australia, delivered self-government to the Northern Territory and established SBS.

He was a determined backer of the movement to boycott South Africa during the apartheid years.

Following his defeat by Labor's Bob Hawke in 1983, Mr Fraser continued to be an outspoken advocate of asylum seekers.

His opinions often ran against the grain of the modern Liberal party, something highlighted by his consistent tweeting in his later years.

'The night Malcolm Fraser lost his trousers': The former prime minister's most embarrassing moment came about in 1986, when he was found confused and dressed only in a towel at Memphis hotel frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers


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Jools said...

MH became more pompous as he aged. I felt he lost the plot after he left Parliament & he's been a right royal pain in the rear ever since. He has become more extreme left as he has aged - the Greens love him!

I agree with your comment "good riddance". I do wonder how poor Tammie will cope. Maybe she'll be happy he's gone, too!