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It is impossible for homosexuals to form a true marriage

They can at best impersonate a real marriage

In Australia we are currently having a nation-wide postal survey on Australian marriage law in order to determine whether the definition of marriage should be changed to include homosexual relationships. https://marriagesurvey.abs.gov.au/

There is currently a lot of talk about same sex marriage being marriage equality. But is it?  It will in fact always remain fundamentally different

As I see it, by nature, a man and woman are different not equal.  Equality does not enter into it. And that difference brings a diversity of capacities to the marriage -- a diversity that a homosexual union cannot usually have.  No doubt there are, for instance, some homosexual men who are good with children but homosexual men in general cannot give the near-guarantee of being good with children that a heterosexual woman can give.  The diversity of the parties in a normal marriage gives the marriage as a whole a nearly double range of strengths and possibilities.  What one partner cannot do the other might, making the partnership as a whole more versatile.  Division of labour will be much more effecrtive.

And it is presumably specialization and division of labour that have caused men and women to evolve differently in the first place.  A partnership that has far fewer possibilities for division of labour is flying in the face of evolution and can rarely if at all be as strong and effective.

Men and women are necessary to each other, and only in that sense are they equal to each other.  A half plus the other half equals the whole. But a half plus the same half merely equals the same half.

A man and a woman are two halves that make a whole. A man and woman together become one, make life, become part of the ongoing flow of nature. A man and a man, and a woman and a woman, cannot do that without the assistance of the other sex, so their marriage is not equal to the marriage of a man and woman.

But it is no business of the government to ask what anybody does with their private bits.  It is only when the Left asks government to describe something as what it is not that an issue arises.  But in the great spirit of Anglo-Saxon compromise,  there would seem to be no objection to issuing homosexual couples with a certificate naming them and headed: "Homosexual marriage certificate".  That would make clear that the marriage is a special case and not a true marriage -- JR


Leftist diversity warriors are the real racists

What does it matter if someone is white, old or male?  Are they the best person for the job is the only objective consideration.  Bring race into it is racist. The Left are race-obsessed

MAYORS and councillors could have salaries and allowances increased or slashed depending on their training and qualifications as part of changes being considered by WA Labor to shake up local government.

The idea comes as the State Government looks for ways to bring greater diversity to local government, with a report showing councils are dominated by “white, elderly males”.

The Government is also set to look again at the culture of gifts and “contributions” showered upon councillors, often from property developers and big business.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said councils needed to find new ways of attracting women, younger people and individuals of varied ethnicities to serve if they were to be truly representative of their communities.

He pointed to a study by researchers at the University of WA which found just 33 per cent of people elected to WA councils were women and 60 per cent of councillors were aged over 55.

“This census confirms that the white elderly male, or what some refer to as the ‘male, pale and stale’ stereotype prevails within the real world,” the UWA study concluded.

The report suggests councillors be required to undertake a minimum number of accredited training courses so they were aware of their duties and responsibilities.

"Minimum training is important,” Mr Templeman said.“You could link that of course to remuneration ... you don’t get your top level maximum amount unless you have done your minimum requirement.”

As part of long-promised changes, the Government wants powers to sack councillors. Currently, it can only remove an entire council for poor performance.

Mr Templeman also confirmed Labor was looking again at gifts for councillors and how they were reported by shires and cities.

Last week, the State Administrative Tribunal ruled Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi should be banned from office for 18 months after she failed to properly disclose gifts and travel. The Court of Appeal has placed that ban on hold until a challenge is heard, but Ms Scaffidi has agreed not to perform any official duties in that time.

This year, the Corruption and Crime Commission warned that councils were plagued by corruption and mismanagement, and the body had fielded 700 allegations of misconduct in councils over the past two years.

In NSW, political parties are banned from taking donations from property developers. The WA Opposition has also promised to ban property developers from becoming local councillors should it win office.


ANTI same-sex marriage MPs have hit out at a tweet by equality advocate Benjamin Law, claiming his joke amounted to “online bullying”.

COALITION MPs have hit out at a “vile” tweet by gay rights advocate Benjamin Law, claiming his joke criticising anti same-sex marriage campaigners amounted to “online bullying”.

The comedian and TV star posted a tweet 11 days ago that read: “Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate-f*** all the anti-gay MPs in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system.”

It generated almost 300 likes and many replies, including one that reads, “Start with (Andrew) Hastie,” the Liberal and Christian MP for Canning in Western Australia.

Mr Law then tweeted: “[sighs heavily, unzips pants].”

Former army officer Mr Hastie yesterday told The Australian: “Noting my skills acquired in my previous ­career, I’d like to see him try.”

The MP also claimed no one who was against same-sex marriage would get away with such a joke. “If anyone on the No campaign jokingly suggested using sex as a weapon against Yes campaigners, there’d be immediate calls for their resignation and marginalisation. Instead this guy gets a 20,000-word platform from Quarterly Essay.”

Mr Law told the newspaper: “Sure, the member for Canning has decent cheekbones, but he’s a little too clean-cut for my tastes.

“It’s cute Andrew Hastie would presume to think I’m talking about him. However, it’s also telling — and worrying — that the member for Canning sees the phrase ‘anti-gay MP’ and immediately ­assumes I’m referring to him. If Andrew Hastie has specific reservations about the contents of my Quarterly Essay on Safe Schools, I’d welcome his thoughts over email or beers.”

Mr Law’s essay, published today, calls for the Safe Schools program to be implemented in every school, and criticises the $122 million postal survey on same-sex marriage for accommodating “those who think same-sex romantic partnerships are inferior to heterosexual ones”.

Another reply to Mr Hastie’s tweet read: “Shotgun Bernardi *eyes off George Christiansen’s (sic) whip*.”

Mr Christensen also waded into the discussion, attacking Mr Law’s tweet as “vile filth”.

He added: “It’s ironic that most supporters of Safe Schools say they support it because it’s anti-bullying and yet they engage in some of the worst online bullying you’d ever ­encounter.”


Labor hedges on coal-fired power station

Bill Shorten says Labor won't rule out supporting extending the life of a NSW coal-fired power station, despite comparing it to a 50-year-old car.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg will meet with executives from AGL - owner of the Liddell power station in the Hunter Valley - in Canberra on Monday to discuss keeping the plant open beyond its scheduled 2022 shutdown.

A new report says eastern states risk blackouts if 1000 megawatts can't be found to fill the gap in electricity demand as old coal-fired power is shut down.

Labor says the government needs to think beyond a plan for Liddell and quickly adopt a clean energy target, as recommended by Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, to give investors long-term certainty.

"With the Liddell power station, it's 50 years old. What car do (people) drive that is 50 years old?" Mr Shorten told reporters in Melbourne on Friday.

"If something can be done, which is commercial, Labor is not going to immediately rule that out.

"But ... I hope (Mr Turnbull's) got a little bit more than just that plan."

Mr Turnbull said keeping Liddell open for up to five years was an obvious solution, but not the only one.

"That's one option, there will no doubt be others," he told reporters in Samoa, where he was attending the Pacific Islands Forum.

NSW power station operator Delta Electricity had indicated interest in Liddell, and the prime minister imagined other energy companies would also examine it.

Labor climate spokesman Mark Butler said he did not accept the premise there would be a shortfall in electricity generation.

"We don't have a problem with old plants closing, the problem is that we don't have a plan to replace them and I know that if we put a clean energy target in place ... we would see substantial investment flow," he said.

The Australian Greens oppose lengthening Liddell's life, and are instead calling for the orderly retirement of coal-fired power stations.

The Greens say supply issues can be addressed by boosting dispatchable renewable power, improving storage such as batteries and better managing demand.

Treasurer Scott Morrison said it was important to keep Liddell and other coal-fired power stations open.

"(Mr Shorten) needs to be straight with particularly the many, many Labor Party supporters who have relied on the Labor Party up there in the Hunter Valley for their jobs and they're walking away from them," he told reporters in Sydney.

"They've put up the white flag on coal-fired power in the Hunter Valley and they're selling them out."


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