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Changing the rules for working women

 IEU represents more than 30,000 teachers, principals and support staff in Catholic and independent schools, early childhood centres and post secondary colleges in NSW and ACT

The rules for working women are broken, with women earning less than men on average, ending up with less superannuation, being more likely to be in casual or part time work, bearing the brunt of caring responsibilities and less likely to be in leadership positions. [Rubbish!  The difference has nothing to do with rules.  It has to do with the different choices women make]

The IEUA NSW/ACT Branch will challenge and discuss these norms at its 2018 Women’s Conference on 24 August, which will highlight how these issues impact on the teaching profession.

One example of such inequity being challenged by the IEUA is the Equal Remuneration Order case before the Fair Work Commission to remedy wages for early childhood teachers.

The case argues that early childhood teachers receive lower salaries because they are in a female dominated profession. [Rubbish.  They are paid less because they are doing work that any woman could do]

Keynote speaker Naomi Steer, founding director of UNHCR will discuss her work supporting girls and women globally, and how improving the lives of women improves societies as a while.

Ros McLennan, General Secretary, Queensland Council of Unions and a former teacher, will explore what it takes personally, industrially and politically to champion women in leadership positions and support working women more broadly.

“We need to change the rules to ensure the professional experience of colleagues includes secure work, fair pay workforce rights that can be enforced and more power for working people rather than big business,” McLennan said.

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Radio jock uses old-fashioned expression

Being a bit of a tease, I sometimes use the expression.  It was common in my youth. These days, however, I say: "African-American in the woodpile"  I seem to get away with it

Alan Jones has labelled Matthias Cormann the 'n***** in the woodpile' and vowed 'not to yield' to those who find the 19th century phrase offensive.

The radio host used the term to describe the WA Senator as he discussed the Liberal leadership crisis, while calling on Malcolm Turnbull to resign and advocating Tony Abbott as the next prime minister.

'The n***** in the woodpile here, if I can use that expression, and I'm not going to yield to certain people who tell us that words in the language are forbidden, the person who's playing hard to get is Matthias Cormann,' Jones said. 

The term has similarities to the colloquial phrase 'skeleton in the closet' and was used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to describe a person who is the cause of a problem. 

Jones later apologised.

'We all make mistakes. This morning on 2GB and 4BC I spoke about the covert actions of some political operatives in the current leadership challenges within the Liberal Party,' he wrote on Twitter.

'I used an old and offensive figure of speech that I regret saying. People should be honest and forthright in their actions and that is not happening in the Liberal Party right now. I will have more to say on this tomorrow.'

Although usage of the phrase has declined dramatically since the early 1900s, Jones has repeatedly used it on live radio.

In 2013, then Deputy Premier of Queensland Jeff Seeney was labelled a 'n***** in the woodpile' - and the previous year so too was Mr Turnbull.  

He used the term in 2011 to describe former Australian cricket captain and national selector Greg Chappell.

In 2007, he said on air: 'The Commonwealth is a bit of a n***** in the woodpile here'.

'N*****' is considered one of the most derogatory terms in the English language and 'is strongly racially offensive', according to the Oxford Dictionary.


Tax officers are forced to take 'racist' test that asks them to label pictures of Aboriginal and white Australians as either 'bad' or 'good'

This old BS has no validity at all.  It sounds  like a version of the IAT, which serious researchers abandoned long ago as telling you nothing certain

Tax officers have been told to take a 'straight-up racist' test asking them to label pictures of Aboriginal and white Australians as either 'bad' or 'good'.

With the test, the Australian Tax Office is gauging employees' unconscious bias, levels of prejudice and even what political party they vote for.

When asked how important they believed the Aboriginal heritage was to Australia, employees were told to choose between 'strongly agree, neither agree nor disagree' and 'strongly disagree'.

The test also asks employees to reveal how 'bothered' they would feel if 'many Aboriginal Australians moved to my neighbourhood in a short period of time' and altered the 'ethnic composition'.

Incorporating photos of white and Aboriginal Australians, the test forces participants to make a split-second decision about whether the person is 'good' or 'bad'.

When introduced in July, ATO officers slammed the test as 'straight-up racist', The Daily Telegraph reported.

While the ATO warned employees the test could trigger 'unexpected emotional reactions' it defended the test and said it was important to build an inclusive workforce.

Based on their results, employees were told whether or not they held 'unconscious bias' and were offered training accordingly.

A spokesman for the ATO said staff could opt out of the training, but were urged not to. He denied it was racist and denied it inappropriately probed employees' political leanings.

The spokesman said the course was a step in the right direction to 'maintain a workplace free from unrecognised biases'.


Time to Clean the Stables in Canberra

Viv Forbes

Australia is facing an energy/infrastructure crisis caused by years of bipartisan stupidity and driven by a global green agenda. This mess becomes worse and more obvious every day. The Canberra stables are full of horse manure and need cleaning.

Fix Real Infrastructure, Dump Green Grandstanding

Here are two messages for Canberra:

Firstly, Australia does not have a problem with too much carbon dioxide going to the sky – we have a problem storing enough of the water coming from the sky.

Secondly, Australia does not have a shortage of wind and solar “farms” - we have a shortage of water, stock feed and low-cost electricity on real farms.

Politicians fritter our money on dubious “research”, climate propaganda, foreign adventures and handouts for trendy, vote-seeking green causes. But they have not built a serious water supply dam since the 1980’s, and the last big coal-fired power station was opened 11 years ago. For a country with a growing population, abundant supplies of coal and uranium, and a history of severe droughts, these are serious omissions.

The Snowy Mountain Scheme (opened nearly 50 years ago) was a visionary project that produced large volumes of low-cost water for irrigation plus reliable hydro-power for industry.

The new Snowy 2.0 Scheme is a fraud – it will produce no extra water and will be a net consumer of power. Its sole purpose is to try to plug the holes and fluctuations in electricity supply caused by a bi-partisan love affair with expensive green energy toys producing unreliable, intermittent electricity.

Cease this baseless war on carbon fuels. Carbon dioxide does not drive global warming – it is driven out of sea water by ocean warming.

Australia should cancel Snowy 2.0, withdraw from all Paris and Kyoto Climate Treaty obligations, dump the NEG “plans”, remove all green energy subsidies and start building some real power stations and real water supply dams and pipelines.

No matter what the weather does, we will need more cheap, reliable water and electricity.


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Paul said...

Morrison and (of all people) NEG architect Frydenberg. I knew by his sudden silence and the media embargo on his name this past week that he was being lined up for a high-level position. Nothing will change but the words. We will continue to be sold out to the (((Globalist))) agenda.