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Sky News slammed for hosting 'neo-nazi' Blair Cottrell on channel - before profusely apologising and deleting the interview from social media

NOBODY should be silenced unless they are advocating violence.  He was opposing Muslim immigration, which is probably a mainstream view.  What is really noxious is the claim that to be broadcast your views have to coincide with the views of the broadcaster.  Goodbye diversity!

Sky News has been forced to back pedal and issue a grovelling apology after hosting infamous far-right extremist Blair Cottrell on one of its programs.

The outrage followed an appearance by the former United Patriots Front leader for an in-studio interview with former politician turned-host Adam Giles.

Despite the initial invitation, just hours after the interview, the controversial 24-hour news channel admitted it was 'wrong' to give the convicted criminal air-time.

'It was wrong to have Blair Cottrell on Sky News Australia,' the channel's News Director Greg Byrnes was credited with saying in a tweet.

'(Cottrell's) views do not reflect ours. The interview has been removed from repeat timeslots and online platforms.'

The chorus of regret was soon added to by other Sky News employees who agreed the decision to host Cottrell the wrong one.

'I have just arrived back in the country tonight to be met with the understandable outrage over this,' wrote Sky's Political Editor David Speers in response to the interview.

Similarly, presenter Janine Perrett added: 'Blair Cottrell should not be described as an activist but for what he truly is - a convicted criminal with a dangerous record.'

Cottrell has gained infamy in recent years for a string of Islamophobic behaviour.

Last year the 27-year-old was the among the first people to be found guilty, convicted and fined for a criminal offence under Victoria's racial vilification laws.

The conviction came after he and two others staged a mock beheading outside the City of Bendigo offices in protest against building a mosque in Bendigo, Victoria.

And after Sky News' retraction of support, Cottrell was quick to take aim at the news channel, claiming it had bowed to pressure from progressives.

'Lol so Sky News caved already to Lefist abuse,' he wrote on Twitter. 'I suppose my ideas are so irrefutable, that the only recourse is to silence me. How pathetic.'


Some fun

The guy in this video looks a typical Middle-East Muslim.  He actually is ancestrally from Yemen.  But he is Jew who was born in Australia and who has served in the Israel Defence Force.  And  what comes out of his mouth is classical free speech advocacy.  It's just absorbing to see such anti-Muslim speech coming out of such a Middle-Eastern mouth.  He is completely right in what he says. He is Avi Yemeni.  There's a story about him here,/a>

Australian Defence Farce: Army personnel banned from saying 'him' and 'her' to avoid 'gender bullying'

The armed forces should NOT be used to push a minority ideology.  They are traditionally non-political

Australian Defence Force personnel have been instructed to avoid terms like 'him' and 'her' in favour of more gender-neutral language.

A new LGBTI guide has recently been developed for the Australian Defence Force Academy, which trains future members of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The guide, aimed at ADFA staff, stresses the importance of being 'mindful of respectful and disrespectful behaviours or language in relation to LGBTI members'.

Staff have been told to consider 'avoiding stereotyping' and using 'the correct pronouns and preferred name of sex or gender diverse members wherever possible'.

The guide also encourages the use 'gender neutral language when referring to relationships or gender identities' and 'the mental health and welfare of members'.

Staff are told to apologise to fellow personnel 'in the event they make a mistake'.

'All ADFA personnel need to appreciate that the deliberate use of non-inclusive language, exclusion and bullying due to gender diversity are some of the behaviours which can affect LGBTI members,' the guide says. 

The guide warns that 'unacceptable behaviours' will not tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly to maintain a learning and working environment which is inclusive.

Brigadier Cheryl Pearce, Commandant ADFA, wrote it was her intent the guide would become a valuable resource for staff making decisions regarding LGBTI members.

The release of the guide last year reportedly sparked concerns of a move towards political correctness.    

Defence sources told The Daily Telegraph a 'directive' was set to be issued requiring gender-neutral language to be used by staff.

But a spokesman for Defence said that was not the case. 'There will be no Defence directive on the use of gender neutral language,' he said.

The Australian Defence Force Academy is a partnership between the Australian Defence Force and the University of New South Wales, based in Canberra.

News of the guide comes a week after Australians reacted with outrage to a Navy tweet promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

Royal Australian Navy personnel painted their fingernails to support Women and Leadership Australia's '100 days for change campaign'.

In a Twitter post, Defence Australia posted an image of a man wearing pink nail polish but people were quick to respond with anger to the post, suggesting Navy workers should be focused on keeping the country safe.


Unions to prosper under lapdog Bill Shorten

Want to know what the unions have in mind for Australia under a Bill Shorten government?  Recently, the ACTU held its national congress. A 209-page manifesto outlines its cunning plan in draft form.

The policy says “current work rights are not adequate to protect and enhance the wages and conditions of working Australians”. This is a “major contributor to historically high levels of inequality” and “there is now a pressing need for fundamental change” with a “broad scope to cover all current and emerging forms of work, including the gig economy”.

It appears that someone who does any form of work, including someone who may agree, for instance, via an app to deliver your takeaway, mow your lawn, babysit your pets or clean your house, will be entitled to the workplace arrangements normally reserved for employees of companies.

There will be 10 days’ paid domestic violence leave for everyone. The final goal is 20 days’ paid leave for all but, in the meantime, as much additional unpaid domestic leave “as necessary” is to be made available. Everyone must have six months’ paid parental leave, too.

People who perform “temp work” for labour hire companies must receive the same pay and conditions as the workers who are employees of the host employer, if they are doing the same work. Labour hire workers must have the right to claim unfair dismissal if the host employer doesn’t want them any more and the right to a permanent job with the host employer after six months’ work.

Host employers must be responsible for keeping employment records of all their labour hire people and are to be made responsible for their unfair dismissal claims and any underpayments.

This plan dovetails nicely with the unions’ demand for a national labour hire licensing scam, er sorry, scheme for labour hire businesses. No one will be able to operate a labour hire company unless deemed a fit and proper person, they have a certain amount of capital (the manifesto doesn’t say how much) and they are issued with a licence.

Watch out for the emergence of a new category of union-owned business: labour hire companies. It is a brilliant plan, really. The unions can start these businesses and get their lapdogs in government to give them the licences. Then they can profit by operating a labour hire outfit while passing on all employment obligations to the host employer.

A national portable leave system is to be established. Every employer in the country will pay their employees’ leave entitlements (long service leave, annual leave and so on) into this system, and we must assume the unions will run it. When employees wish to take their leave, they will claim it from the system instead of the employer. This scheme would be a staggering cash cow, and the dollars involved would see it soon dwarf union-owned superannuation.

All business owners will have a “positive obligation” to “facilitate worker access to union representation” and issue a statement to every person they hire, telling the worker about their right to join a union, and a union official will be entitled to be present at that meeting.

Union officials will be able to enter any business they like without giving the 24 hours’ notice in writing now required. They don’t think they should have to hold entry permits for this privilege; unions should be able to send anyone as long as they are “authorised by the governing body of their union”.

In the workplace, every employer must recognise any union delegate, provide them with facilities (office or desk) and give them paid time to do union work and paid union training leave.

Enterprise-level enterprise bargaining has proved all too difficult; it is too “resource intensive and inefficient”. Worse still, “in many industries, enterprise-level bargaining can encourage competition” and so “the development of industry-based councils” will occur (employer body stooges again) and these can bargain for agreements that cover entire industries. Where there is disagreement, the Fair Work Commission can bang the gavel and impose any decision on the quantum of pay rises or conditions sought.

Employers should not be able to terminate expired agreements unless “on application by unions”.

Workers must be able to strike without secret ballots, and employers will not be able to respond with lockouts, which will be prohibited. If the workers are on strike, the employer will not be allowed to engage replacement labour and no minister should ever be able to terminate a strike. The policy doesn’t prohibit a business owner from shutting their business permanently where it is unprofitable and everyone is on strike — no doubt this is just an oversight.

There are plans to “establish an active presence in schools” and sign the kiddies up as young unionists, with easier joining methods, including free memberships. When these kiddies get older and graduate from university, they mustn’t be able to be taken advantage of with unpaid internships. These are “problematic because they are increasingly viewed as a necessary qualification for young people to get their foot in the door of their chosen career”.

Of course, unions are employers too, and the policy says unions must not engage unpaid interns either, except when the arrangement is part of an accredited course (which is easy to arrange). How very big-hearted of them.


Labor ‘endorsing higher power bills’

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has seized on comments by a Labor environmental group which appeared to endorse higher power prices, amid rising pressure on the Turnbull government to seal a deal on its national energy guarantee.

The Labor Environment Action Network, which won support for a 50 per cent renewable energy target at the last ALP national conference, told followers on Twitter that “high prices are not a market failure — they are proof of the market working well”.

The Turnbull government needs state Labor governments to sign up to the national energy guarantee at a crucial Council of Australian Governments meeting next week, or its hopes of reforming the energy market will fail.

But the Andrews government faces a backlash from the Left at the coming Victorian election if it agrees to the plan, with at least two seats — Brunswick and Richmond — under threat from the Greens.

Mr Frydenberg lashed out at federal Labor, using the LEAN tweet to declare “the cat is out of the bag”.

“In a startling admission the federal Labor Party thinks that high power prices are a sign that the market is working well,” Mr Frydenberg said.

By prioritising emissions over price, Labor was “selling out jobs and hurting the hip pocket of Australian families”.

However, LEAN co-convener Felicity Wade said the tweet reflected the group’s distrust of the market-based electricity system.

“It is hardly surprising that a system that’s key organising principle is maximising profit delivers the highest profits it can — and in a natural monopoly situation — this means high prices for consumers,” she said.

Opposition energy spokesman Mark Butler branded suggestions Labor wanted higher power prices “absurd”, arguing more renewable energy in the grid would bring down energy costs.

“If the minister wants to demonstrate his commitment to lower power prices, he will adopt an emissions reduction target for the NEG that will support new renewable investment,” Mr Butler said.

He cited analysis by Reputex showing an NEG with a 45 per cent emission reduction target would deliver 25 per cent lower wholesale power prices than the government’s 26 per cent target.

“As long as the government is beholden to its anti-renewable rump, Australians will pay more for their electricity than they should,” Mr Butler said.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann became the latest cabinet minister to confirm the government was working on an “NEG-plus” plan to ease concerns over the policy on the Coalition backbench.

Resources Minister Matthew Canavan told The Australian this week the “plus” element to the plan would include the government’s response to the competition watchdog’s recommendation that the government underwrite new dispatchable power.

Senator Cormann said the NEG was just one measure among many the government was pursuing to bring down power prices. “We’ve always had a national energy guarantee plus, plus, plus approach,” Senator Cormann told Sky News.

“The government has been doing a whole range of things in the energy space to bring down electricity prices, including of course, making sure that we had adequate supplies of gas into the east coast market and various other things that have helped to bring down electricity prices.”


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